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August 2016

Welcome to our August edition of our Discovery in Action - Monthly leadership tips,  your 'once a month'  'bite-sized' chunks of practical leadership wisdom!

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Paul and Melanie Eyres

Poor Performer? What to consider before taking them off the 'bus'

Most leaders have been there…a team member who just doesn’t ‘cut the mustard’, who fails to deliver what is expected, who behaves in a way that brings the overall vibe of the team down….

Our natural inclination is to think – it is all about them. They are the problem. They need to go…

And for some poor performers, this may very well be true…but as a leader, it is important to stop for a moment, and think about some key questions before we move too far down the path of ‘taking them off the bus’.

Is it a skill issue? Is it a will issue?

Is something else stopping them? (a personal thing? a team thing? an organisation thing? could it be me?)

Have I set them up for success?

Start by checking your mindset

Mindset can play a key role in how people perform. As mentioned in a previous blog, Mindset – Do you mine for Gold?, it is frightening to appreciate the impact your thinking has on you and your dealings with people. What you believe about a person can have a profound effect on what they do, what they don’t do, and even how they see themselves…

It is important to reflect for a moment…have I already written them off as a troublesome employee? Or is there the potential for a little bit of ‘gold’ somewhere there? Yes or No? If yes, am I truly making an effort to look for it….?

As Naomi Smith writes in her blog entitled “Before You Take Them Off The Bus…Consider This”, “the reality is though, that we will generally all be faced with a mixed bag of performance across our team.    A standard bell curve means that around 10% of our team will be low or non performers, 20% high performers and 70% somewhere in the middle.  These may be classified as the A, B & C categories with an objective to move the C’s out, and progress the B’s into A’s.” Before we move the C’s out, it is vital we reflect on a series of other important questions.

Click here to see the full post

What is your 'happiness narrative'?

Jennifer Aaker from Standford University has worked with her team to produce some excellent – short 5 minute videos – that explore a variety of concepts. The one profiled here explores : What is your ‘happiness narrative’?

In this video, she explores these questions :

  • Do you know what makes you happy?
  • What factors lead us to say ‘I feel happy’?
  • And are those factors fixed – or can they be changed?

The research suggests that the meaning of happiness tends to shift in systematic ways every 5 or 10 years, “demarking a set of chapters that tell the emotional story of our lives”.

What is particularly interesting is that these ‘chapters’ are not necessarily set in stone and we can ‘edit’ them. Interested to know more?

Click here to see this intriguing video.

Ideas to help fuel positive emotions

It is so easy to fall into the spiral of negative emotions. Before you know it, you find yourself in a place where you are regularly cursing under your breath, getting annoyed and disappointed in people, thinking like a ‘victim’ (it is just not fair, why me?) or only seeing what is wrong (not what might be right – or even just ok!)

People often baulk at the ‘touchy feely stuff’ like emotions – but they have SUCH a critical impact on your ability to think, the choices you make, your ability to work well with others, to make effective decisions, to perform well – to be your best! (See previous posts on ‘Inner work life’ & ‘The Power of Small wins’).

The thing is the ways to help ‘feel better’ are not rocket science – and most of them we already know. But as we explore in Discovery in Action – there is a big difference between knowing and doing!

Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder…

Melanie has been running some 'Enhancing your Resilience' workshops over the last few months, and this info-visual has been one of the most popular take-aways for people. We published this last year, but thought our new subscribers might like to see it! And it might be a timely reminder for our long standing newsletter recipients - coming out of a cold Melbourne winter!

Feel free to print out this info graphic – and make sure you are doing at least one of these things each day – so you can help to fuel your own positive emotions.

Click here to access this post in a larger size.

How to run a brainstorm for introverts (and extroverts too!)

Laura McClure has a terrific blog post published by TED, that shares some really practical and considered ideas to help facilitate better contributions from all team members when trying to ‘brainstorm’ a way forward.

Entitled : “How to run a brainstorm for introverts (and extroverts too)”, this blog post shares “12 tips on how to run a killer brainstorm for (mostly) introverts”.

Click here to see the link to the original blog post by Laura McClure.

This blog also has links to previous posts exploring the introversion and extroversion preferences.

Some recent assignments

  • Ran another DiA mid-point session interviewing senior leaders about their leadership journey
  • Ran a number of skill development workshops - including Enhancing your Resilience
  • Undertook an evaluation of a mentoring program
  • Ran a 'High Performing Team' workshop
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