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October 2013

Welcome to our latest Discovery in Action newsletter. Thanks again for the positive feedback. Typically 1-2 topics in each newsletter resonate most for people - depending on their current context and challenges. Feel free to forward the newsletter on to other people leaders in your network - you never know what issue is pressing for a colleague right now - these themes might help them jump a hurdle or remove a roadblock, or even just plant a seed...

Themes that have been common in discussions we have had with people leaders over the last month have centred around topics such as :
  • asking more effective questions
  • tips to becoming a better leader
  • managing for performance rather than managing underperformance
  • simple ways to build learning and reflection into team activities
In this newsletter, we share some guidance on these things, some articles / blogs that have caught our eye, and a recent video link to Daniel Pink's latest thoughts on motivation.

Paul and Melanie Eyres

DiATips for More Effective Questions

'7 killer questions' was a recent theme of a DIA Discoveries post. We have had such a positive response to it, that we were prompted to extend this theme to a practical tips and hints guide. This has been particularly useful in recent DiA meetings.
Practical tips and hints guides are available to all current and alumni participants of the program. We will feature one each newsletter.
Link to 'Tips + Hints'

DiA Discoveries : Managing for performance vs managing underperformance

Reflections from Paul... People leadership throws up many challenges. One of the most commonly expressed challenges is around the issue of managing underperforming staff. Do you manage underperformance - or manage for performance? What is your thinking paradigm?

still to do link Link to DiA Discoveries post

I like...I wish...I wonder...

A recent Linked In post shared a really simple but effective end of week activity to do with a team. Much like a 'retro' concept, each person shares thoughts that start with 'I like...', 'I wish...' and 'I wonder...'. Simple but very powerful. Could you do something like this to improve feedback, encourage learning and contribute positively to your team 'vibe'?
Link to Blog.

DiA Tips - Simple Actions that make a difference

In some recent DiA meetings we have been exploring action plans leaders have identified that have the intention of creating an environment that helps their people to shine. Here is a useful list of practical actions that can make all the difference. Identify what your people need right now and try 1-2 ideas over the next two weeks.
Link to SATMAD tips.

Autonomy a key motivator

Many of us follow the work of Daniel Pink - in particular his research into motivation. Daniel gave some presentations at the REACH conference in August, and this is one video that explores the motivator of Autonomy. He says 'management is the technology for compliance.' The technology for engagement is 'self direction', and the 'fruit' of autonomy is accountability.
Link to Daniel Pink Video

Gratefulness, authenticity and listening...some keys to be becoming a better leader?

We came across an article that gave a refreshing take on the question "What does it take to be a great leader?". An 'ideal' leader or a 'real' one?  3 stand out to us - gratefulness, authenticity and listening. What do you think? If you want to read more, click on this link.
Link to Blog.

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