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September 2013

Welcome to the second Discovery in Action newsletter. Thanks for the great feedback so far. And welcome to all our new subscribers! We are passionate about helping people leaders create environments that really engage their teams, so we hope you find some useful tips in this and future newsletters. 
Themes that have been really prevalent in discussions we have had with people leaders over the last month have centred around topics such as :
  • building a stronger delegation capability
  • having more effective meetings
  • setting up effective mentoring relationships
In this newsletter, we share some guidance on these things, some articles / blogs that have caught our eye, and Paul waxes lyrical about 'wisdom'!
We encourage you to share the newsletter with others as well - the more people working on their leadership practice the better!

Paul and Melanie Eyres

DiATips for More Effective Delegation

We recently ran a 2hr DiA Alumni session on 'How to delegate effectively' and discovered 'effective delegation' is still a challenge for many leaders. This practical tips + hints guide explores some of the difficulties with effective delegations, and suggests a practical checklist to help you improve your delegation effectiveness.
Practical tips and hints guides are available to all current and alumni participants of the program. We will feature one each newsletter.
Link to 'Tips + Hints'

DiA Discoveries : Do you want to be the smartest person in the room or the wisest?

Reflections from Paul...Ask yourself the question: As a leader are you a knower or a learner?  Are you a teller or a questioner?  Are you a talker or a listener?  Are you smart or wise?  This post explores the different impact either ends of these dichotomes can have on those you work with.  Link to DiA Discoveries post

Developing an authentic leadership voice

One way to ensure consistency in effective leadership behaviours is to ensure they align to your personal values. An 'authentic voice' really matters. If you want to read more, click on this link.
Link to 'HR Daily' post

Helping our colleagues - the single biggest predictor of team success

A recent study by Harvard psychologists suggests the strongest predictor of team success is the amount of help team members give to each other. Do you lead a team of 'givers' or 'takers'?
Link to McKinsey article.

DiA Guidance for Mentors and Mentees

As you progress through your career you might find a need for a mentor, or be asked to mentor someone else. We've made 2 simple guides to help you in either of these situations, one for Mentors and one for Mentees.
Link to Mentoring Guidance.

DiA Tips for More Effective Meetings

In many of the small group discussions held over the last month, we have been exploring the challenging of running more effective meetings. We have put together a new 'tips and hints' guide that provides some practical suggestions about what to do in preparing for, executing and following up meetings.
Link to More Effective Meetings tips.

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