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February 2015

Welcome to the February Discovery in Action newsletter.

In this edition of our newsletter, we share
  • a link to a great video with some tips to help you to 'get people to do what you want them to do (and have them feel good about it!)'
  • a link to a post with some excellent team building activities,
  • a post that profiles the DILTS Logical Levels of Change model, and
  • a DiA Tips and Hints guide that provides some practical suggestions to help you improve your active listening skills
Thanks to those of you who have been in touch about the content in our previous newsletters. Please feel free to get in touch to ask us questions or to forward on information you think might be useful sharing in future newsletters. And please feel free to forward the newsletter on to anyone in your network who you think may find it helpful...

Paul and Melanie Eyres

DiA Tips ... Active Listening

"The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them." Ralph Nichols

Some time ago we created a DiA Tips and Hints guide on the topic of Active Listening. Some people have been asking about some tips to help them with their active listening, so we thought we'd put the tips in a DiA post.

Reality Check

I am on track if:

  • I remove distractions and make a commitment to actively listen to others
  • I notice what is said – both verbally and non-verbally
  • I paraphrase, summarise and check my understanding

Warning signs are if:

  •  I do more talking than listening!
  • I ‘pretend’ I am listening when I am really thinking about something else!
  • I forget what people have told me or have to ask them to repeat themselves

This tips and hints guide provides some further information about active listening, and provides some practical tips to help you improve this important skill. It also includes a simple self assessment to help you test just how well you listen!

Click here to access the DIA Active Listening - Tips and Hints

Logical Levels of Change - Robert Dilts

There are occasions, either in a coaching context, or as part of an L&D workshop, where we explore the issue of 'identity'. Much research has been conducted into the influence of how what we think, influences how we behave and ultimately, the results we get.

A really useful model that is a helpful lens to explore the challenge of identity, and its link to values and beliefs, is a model called 'the logical levels of change' by Roberts Dilts. (We love this model as it aligns nicely with the framework of thinking we use in the DiA program!)

This DiA blog shares a summary of his work - exploring the relationship of results with identity.

Click here to access this blog, to download a DiA summary on this excellent model, that includes a reflection activity to consider your current effectiveness as a leader, and another that helps you consider what you want for the future.

7 ways to get people to do what you want them to do (and feel good about it!)

Through a LinkedIn group, we came across a great 5 minute video with some simple, yet incredibly effective tips for leaders who wish to influence those around them. Minda Zetlin, an columnist tells her story about leadership practices that she finds very effective in getting people 'to do what you want - and have them feel good about it!' Many tips may seem obvious, but there is a fine line between manipulation and influence! Hearing Minda describe these tips allows you to see the importance of authenticity - that all of her tips come from a good place - one with positive intention.


These are her 7 'secrets':

  • Spend lots of time listening
  • Ask lots of questions
  • Make a human connection
  • Never miss a chance to apologise
  • Try to give people what they want
  • Let people save face
  • Pick up the phone and talk to a person
Click here to learn more...

Looking for Team Building Ideas?

Leaders are often looking for activities they can do with their teams that help to build or further strengthen their teams - but we see that with some team-building exercises, instead of building trust and encouraging communication, they can have the opposite effect! "Rather than bringing them together, team-building activities that make people focus on seemingly-irrelevant tasks (instead of one another) risk isolating less outgoing team members, compounding their differences."

In this link to a Mind Tools newsletter focusing on 'team building', there are a range of activities that help individuals to 'shine and connect, while, at the same time, building essential business skills.' These are split into three categories:

  • Team activities to strengthen creativity
  • Team activities to turn problems into opportunities
  • Team activities to help build communication skills

And please remember the excellent suggestions from 'Managing Teams that Deliver' by Mary Shapiro (HBR Sept 2014 webcast) - taking time on building the infrastructure in your team IS THE TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY!

Click here to

Some recent assignments

  • designed and delivered a development program for emerging leaders in the health and recreation industry
  • ran an Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring program for co-ordinators and team leaders in a local council
  • helped a government department design a performance measures framework

Click here to access the Eyres & Associates website to find out what else we do!

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