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February 2014

Welcome to our February Discovery in Action newsletter. By the second month of the new year, most of us seem to be right back in the thick of 'bus-y-ness'! Some of us are energised by this, while others can start to feel a bit overwhelmed, and some of our less effective 'habits' can creep in to our leadership practice.

We encourage you to put aside 15 minutes a week to pause, reflect on what has happened, and invest some time in yourself. Maybe even literally put the time in your diary! And see if any of the topics in this month's newsletter resonate with what is happening for you right now...

In this edition of our newsletter:
  • We highlight some fundamentals that exist in High Performing Teams, and give you a diagnostic to take a 'temperature check' of what is working, and what is not in your team
  • We share over 80 practical tips to reward, recognise, develop and motivate your team members
  • We also share a blog by Daniel Goleman on FLOW,
  • and include a spotlight on the Situational Leadership model.
Thanks for the feedback about the newsletter so far. If there is a topic you'd like us to feature, please drop us a note. And please feel free to forward this newsletter on to other people in your network...

Paul and Melanie Eyres

DiATips for Building a High Performing Team

Participants in the DiA Leading People program often grapple with the challenge of building a high performing team.
'The team just doesn't gel'. 'We all point the finger at others when things don't go to plan.' 'People in my team don't seem to trust each other.'
This tips and hints guide provides practical ways to help improve the effectiveness of your team, and includes a diagnostic to see how your team performs against generally accepted features of high performing teams.
Practical tips and hints guides are available to all current and alumni participants of the program. We will feature one each newsletter.
Link to 'Tips + Hints'

Spotlight on 'Situational Leadership'

Many leaders struggle with knowing the 'right' mix of directive and supportive behaviours to get the best out of their people. The 'Situational Leadership' model created by Hersey and Blanchard in the late 1960's is still a really useful lens to help you choose which leadership style will help move a person through the different stages of their development for different tasks and situations. Click here to access a summary of the model.

Practical ways to reward, recognise and develop your people

Along with factors such as mastery, autonomy and purpose, recognition continues to be one of the most important motivational drivers. And if done well, leadership actions that are aimed at rewarding and recognising our team members can also help them to develop and grow. Click here to access a Link to a practical list of over 80 ideas to reward, recognise, develop and motivate people in your team.

How to achieve a FLOW state

The winter Olympics is a great reminder of excellence, and what you can achieve when things 'just come together'. Remember what it was like when you were last 'in the zone', when you were so engaged in an activity that time stood still and you got lost in the flow of the activity? This is what is means to be in FLOW. For many of us, this is what contributes to a 'great' work day. Click here to see Daniel Goleman's 3 ideas about how to achieve a FLOW state - for yourself and for those you lead.

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