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October 2015

Welcome to the October edition of the Discovery in Action monthly leadership tips!

Thanks to those of you have been sharing our 'Monthly leadership tips' with your colleagues and those in your network. This month we were very excited to be approached by Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Senior Consultant for Leadership Development in the USA, to use some of our blog content in their award winning Leader to Leader program! Isn't it wonderful how the internet can facilitate connections with people and organisations and allow us so easily to share our work with people from all over the world!

This month, we share :
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Paul and Melanie Eyres

Leading with Lollipops? How you are making a difference…

Are you comfortable with the term ‘leader’ when talking about yourself? When we think of the term leader, we often think of people who do amazing things, who have made a positive difference and in some way; changed the world.

So if this is how we see leadership – we might think that these amazing things are the only ones worth celebrating.

A recent DiA participant reminded us of an inspirational 6 minute TED talk by Drew Dudley, that helps to redefine the definition of leadership, and helps you to think about leadership at a much more personal – and powerful level.

Click here to view the video.

Click here to see our info graphic summary of key points we should all remember!

Ted Talk D Dudley - Leadership impact (lollipop)

The power of noticing good things at work

A topic that is sparking lots of interest at the moment is wellbeing and resilience. Last month, we published our info graphic and blog on how to fuel positive emotions.

A recent Harvard Business Review article published last month by Bono and Glomb shared more research about this important topic. As they write in their September 2015 HBR article, ‘The power of noticing good things at work’,

‘Over the course of a typical workday, negative and positive things inevitably happen to you. If you’re like most people, you tend to focus mainly, or even exclusively, on negative experiences. They’re what you ruminate over, what you talk to your friend about as you’re driving home, what you discuss with your partner at night. It sometimes feels good to talk about the negatives — it feels therapeutic.’

They write, ‘If someone were to tell you to focus only on the positive experiences in your day, you might be annoyed. People tend to associate Pollyanna-type positivity with inexperienced managers trying to squeeze a little more work out of frontline employees, or with the “keep smiling” wall posters in the call centre.

What most people don’t realize is that positive experiences — even small ones — provide you with valuable resources that can be used to reduce stress, including physical symptoms such as headaches or muscle tension. They make it easier for you to detach yourself from work at the end of the day.

So what can you do? Click here to find out!

Helping to re-motivate yourself or others...

It doesn’t matter who you are, but each and every one of us will reach a moment (or two…!) when we get a bit flat…when we question what we are doing, and whether we are satisfied with where we are at. It can come after a period of intense pressure and we are tired; it can come after we’ve achieved a long sought after milestone; it can come on the way towards creating something important; it can come out of no-where…

We often ask our DiA participants – Do you think you can motivate someone?

Most say – ‘sure’, ‘we can do XYZ’. ‘I’ve done ABC and this has helped turn a person around’. Leaders do have such a powerful impact on the environment in which their teams are operating. Yet, sometimes we just can’t get the same vibe from all our team members. When someone poses this frustration, we often share a well known  metaphor…one we all know, but with a small twist!

You can lead a horse to water…but you can’t shove their head in!!

As leaders, we can do all we can to make the ‘trough’ as attractive as possible, but ultimately, it is up to the individual to make the ‘choice’ to be motivated.


This blog by JD Meier shares an interesting take on motivation – and identifies 15 ideas on factors to consider. These are ideas for you if you have lost the ‘spark’, or may give you some ideas to explore with a team member – and may help make that trough sparkle!

Click here to view this blog.


Once you had read it, you may find it helpful to reference our info graphic capturing these ideas.


15 ways to motivate yourself and others


DiA : Practical ways to create role clarity

In recent DiA sessions, and in coaching conversations with our 1:1 coaching clients, the challenge of role clarity has been a hot topic of discussion.

A major driver of individual morale and confidence is the extent to which individuals are clear about what is expected of them, how their work makes a contribution and the degree of autonomy they have in performing their roles. An important discipline of leadership is to assist individuals achieve high levels of role clarity. Of course, role clarity on its own is not sufficient to help people perform to their optimum, however it is often recognised as an important factor. It is sometimes said that you don’t manage people, you manage boundaries – this is at the core of building role clarity.

We have prepared a ‘tips and hints’ style document that gives you 2 pages of practical ideas that could help you higher levels of role clarity. Click here to download this document.

Some recent assignments

  • Ran a 2 x half day program called 'Enhancing your resilience'
  • Finished another Discovery in Action program
  • Undertook an organisation review for a internal service provider team
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