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January / February 2020

Hello and welcome to the first edition of our Monthly Leadership Tips for 2020: your 'once a month'  'bite-sized' chunks of practical leadership wisdom! It has been a challenging summer so far here in Australia, and we hope all our subscribers who have been helping support the fires have been keeping safe. We hope 2020 is a fulfilling year for all who receive this email in their inbox, and wish you success in making progress towards the things that matter for you at work and in your personal life.

With the start to the year not being a relaxed as some might have wished, we thought we'd share our 'Leadership Bite' on Mindfulness tips in this edition, as well as a video we've made exploring this topic.

Following the same format of previous Leadership Bites, this one also uses the simple format of sharing one of our simple info-visuals, then it provides a brief overview of the concept, why it is useful and how to apply it. This 'bite' can be saved and printed off as a PDF. Feel free to use it in team meetings, coaching sessions or workshops! We then also share two blogs that we think you'll find of value.

This month we share :
  • Leadership Bites - Mindfulness tips plus video
  • A recent post we've written that gives you tips to dramatically improve your problem-solving abilities
  • A link to a previous DiA Discoveries posts - perfect for those setting new goals for 2020 - making personal changes stick!
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Melanie and Paul Eyres

Leadership Bites - Mindfulness tips and video

Mindfulness tips

Click the button below for a PDF version of this info visual and a short video with a description of the concept, why it is useful and how to apply it.

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How to dramatically improve your problem-solving abilities

This post explores how widening your reading can actually dramatically improve your problem solving abilities. It includes some practical tips as well as a list of essential titles to read in 2020. Paul guarantees that if you read all those books in 2020 it would: 1) Blow your mind; and 2) Significantly make you a better leader (and human being)!

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Making Personal Changes Stick!

So, you’ve identified some changes you want to make to your leadership practice...however you know it won’t be easy to try some new things that are not in your comfort zone. You know it won't be easy to break some ingrained habits or behaviours. This post gives you tips to help make those personal changes stick!
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Some recent assignments

  • We have been on leave for much of January!
  • More to report in February / March :)
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