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October 2019

Hello and welcome to the October edition of our 2019 Monthly Leadership Tips: your 'once a month'  'bite-sized' chunks of practical leadership wisdom!

This month's 'Leadership Bite', focuses on a question - Are you putting holes in your stress bucket? Our ability to be our best selves is heavily influenced by our mood and wellbeing. We all get stressed from time to time, but when our level of stress gets too high, it negatively impacts our cognitive performance (our thinking and our decisions), our physical wellbeing and our self control. Following the format of other Leadership Bites, this one also uses the simple format of sharing one of our simple info-visuals,  then it provides a brief overview of the concept, why it is useful and how to apply it. This 'bite' can be saved and printed off as a PDF. Feel free to use it in team meetings, coaching sessions or workshops! We then also share two blogs that we think you'll find of value.

This month we share :
  • Leadership Bites - Are you putting holes in your stress bucket?
  • information about a simple way to help you feel more confident - the 'Power pose'
  • One of our DiA Discoveries posts - The shadow beliefs that drive your actions
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Melanie and Paul Eyres

Leadership Bites - Are you putting holes in your 'stress bucket'?

Are you putting holes in your 'stress bucket'?

Click the button below for a PDF version of this info visual with a description of the concept, why it is useful and how to apply it.

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How the 'Power Pose' can help make you more confident!

Want to feel more confident? Feeling a bit stressed? Well the power pose might be the answer!

Wonder Woman and Beyoncé are some people who have mastered this pose! But this special pose is not just for a select few! There is actually a strong movement, grounded in solid research from Harvard University and the Universities of Oregon and Texas, that supports the many benefits of such a pose, particularly on our confidence and stress levels.

One of the leaders in this space is social psychologist Amy Cuddy. In one of the most popular TED-talks (see link below), she shows how “power posing” – standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident – can affect certain hormone levels in the brain; specifically testosterone and cortisol.

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The 'Shadow Beliefs' that drive your actions

There has been much written about what constitutes good leadership and management practice and what is required to have engaged and motivated staff.  Despite this there is much data to suggest that we are still not that great at it – otherwise referred to as the knowing–doing gap.  This is partly due to the fact that for many people leading others is not a natural actit requires high degrees of selflessness, self-control and conscious attention.  Underpinning our day-to-day unconscious auto-pilot leadership actions/non-actions are potentially some ‘shadow beliefs’ – more self-protective and controlling in nature – that we dare not confront or even say out loud.

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Some recent assignments

  • Hit the halfway point in a new DiA program
  • Ran a customised workshop aimed at improving coaching and feedback skills
  • Ran a workshop to prioritise and select a set of strategic initiatives
  • Ran a series of stakeholder feedback focus groups
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