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June 2019
Hello and welcome to the June edition of our 2019 Monthly Leadership Tips: your 'once a month'  'bite-sized' chunks of practical leadership wisdom! Can you believe we are half way through the year? It makes our head spin!

This month's 'Leadership Bite', focuses on a simple model that helps individuals to get more value from the many meetings they attend. Many of you spend a considerable time in meetings and often lament that we don't get the payback for our time. We often see team members disengaged in meetings, and this impacts our sense of value from them. This concept was proposed by Marshall Goldsmith in his book Triggers: Sparking positive change and making it last.  It is based on the premise that all staff in a workplace have a personal responsibility for their own engagement - in meetings, and in broader aspects of their work.  It is not just a leadership responsibility to drive workplace engagement.  Once again, this Leadership Bite uses the simple format of sharing one of our simple info-visuals,  then it provides a brief overview of the concept, why it is useful and how to apply it. This 'bite' can be saved and printed off as a PDF. Feel free to use it in team meetings, coaching sessions or workshops! We then also share two blogs that we think you'll find of value.

This month we share :
  • Leadership Bites - Getting more value from meetings - 4 active questions
  • A summary and visual of a terrific recent HBR article by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall called 'The Feedback Fallacy' - which discusses the importance of focusing on strengths, and
  • One of our Practical Leadership Actions - How do I empower staff and build autonomy?
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Melanie and Paul Eyres
Leadership Bites - Get more value from meetings

Get more value from meetings

Click the button below for a PDF version of this info visual with a description of the concept, why it is useful and how to apply it.

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The Feedback Fallacy - if you want people to thrive and excel, find what is working rather than what isn't

Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall published a great article in Harvard Business Review in March-April 2019 exploring ‘The Feedback Fallacy’ – why feedback rarely does what it’s meant to.

They provide a slightly different take on the issue of feedback. Rather than providing suggestions for better ways to give and receive feedback, they go one step deeper and ask what is the core driver behind our desire to provide feedback. In asking and then answering this question – How can we help others to thrive and excel – they question if telling people what is ‘wrong’ actually helps people to thrive and excel. And their research suggests the answer is NO!

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How do I empower staff and build autonomy?

We have developed a series of practical leadership actions responsive to major themes that have emerged through our work with over 600 Discovery in Action® (Leading People) program participants.  We have observed six major themes that have consistently emerged as participants have grappled with the question: When do people perform at their best?  This is the fourth of those - How do I empower staff and build autonomy?

Click the 'read more' button to access this blog with a downloadable PDF practical tips guide with at least 30 potential actions to spark your thinking.

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Some recent assignments

  • Delivered customised development workshops on leadership and management fundamentals
  • Facilitated a leadership team strategy workshop
  • Facilitated a workshop establishing a ‘culture group’ for a major division of a government department
  • Delivered a Coaching skills workshop
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