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December 2019

Hello and welcome to the final edition of our Monthly Leadership Tips for 2019: your 'once a month'  'bite-sized' chunks of practical leadership wisdom!

This month's 'Leadership Bite' explores the difference between Culture and Climate - and whether it matters! Well it does!!

Organisational culture and climate are related but different concepts.  The terms, however, are often used interchangeably in conversation and practice. The difference matters because the strategies to address each are different and may influence where you prioritise your effort.  It can also be important to understand which you are measuring when undertaking staff surveys and related interventions.

Following the same format of previous Leadership Bites, this one also uses the simple format of sharing one of our simple info-visuals, then it provides a brief overview of the concept, why it is useful and how to apply it. This 'bite' can be saved and printed off as a PDF. Feel free to use it in team meetings, coaching sessions or workshops! We then also share two blogs that we think you'll find of value.

This month we share :
  • Leadership Bites - Culture and Climate - similar but different!
  • A link to great TED talk by Manoush Zomorodi that asks 'Want to be more productive and creative?' Then get bored!
  • A link to a DiA Discoveries posts - with some prompts to help you assess how effective you are as a people-leader
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We also use the content we share each month, in the work we do in our consulting practice. Feel free to get in touch to find out more about anything in this newsletter or other blogs on our website.  Enjoy!

Being the last month of the year, we are heading quickly towards the busy Christmas season. Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

Melanie and Paul Eyres

Leadership Bites - Culture + Climate - similar but different!

Culture + Climate - similar but different!

Click the button below for a PDF version of this info visual with a description of the concept, why it is useful and how to apply it.

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Want to be more productive and creative? Then get bored!!

Researchers into 'boredom' have shared some really important research - by doing 'nothing' you can actually become your most productive and creative self! Critical things happen when we allow our brain to move into 'default mode' - and this only comes when we quieten the mind.

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How effective are you as a people leader?

This blog asks you 6 questions to help you answer this question - and offers a simple table to help you reflect on your practice and impact.

As Marshall Goldsmith famously said, For most leaders, the great challenge is not understanding the practice of leadership; It is practicing their understanding of leadership. Or as we say, not just knowing but doing.
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Some recent assignments

  • Ran a customised half day workshop called 'Building Great Workplace Relationships'
  • Facilitated a customised team workshop exploring brand and culture
  • Kicked off a 3 day People Leaders program utilising DiSC
  • Ran a 'fireside chat' with a CEO for a leadership forum
  • Facilitated a 'shared purpose' workshop for a division
  • Facilitated a climate development workshop for a branch
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