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Unlike George Orwell's merciless "Big Brother," taking control of The Midnight Sun Performance Space this weekend, OLY ARTS has nothing but your best entertainment interests in mind. Remember to book tickets for continuing runs of Alice in Wonderland at Olympia Family Theater and The Understudy at Harlequin Productions, as those shows are likely to enjoy sold-out performances. Also, watch for An Evening With Chopin at SPSCC's Minnaert Center for the Arts, Caspar Babypants at Tumwater High School and an Olympia Poetry Network reading at Saint Martin's University. This OLY ARTS newsletter is your cultural digest for Thurston County, March 23-29.



Based on the iconic novel by George Orwell, 1984 brings us the story of Winston Smith, a cog in the giant machine state of Oceania. Physically and mentally under the omnipresent eye of Big Brother, Winston has been caught struggling for scraps of love and freedom in a world awash with distrust and violence. With the brutal “help” of four party members, Winston is forced to confess his thoughtcrimes before an unseen inquisitor. This is a ferocious and provocative adaptation of one of the most prescient works of literature of the last century. Cast: Mark Alford, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Xander Layden, Gabriel McClelland, Morgan Picton and John Serembe.

When: 8 p.m. Thursday - Saturday, March 23 - April 8;
2:30 p.m. Sunday, April 2

Where: The Midnight Sun Performance Space,
113 Columbia St. NW, Olympia

How much: $12-$15

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James Patrick
The Trip to Bountiful

This play about family relationships, loyalty and love hits the OLT stage under director James Patrick. Set in 1940s Houston, Bountiful centers around Carrie Watts, an elderly woman trapped in her apartment and desperate to revisit her childhood home in Bountiful, Texas. Watts struggles to get out from under the thumb of her overbearing son and daughter-in-law, both of whom believe she’s too fragile to make the trip. What happens next is best left to the creative vision of the director, who praises playwright Horton Foote: “He wrote the screenplay to one of my favorite movies and plays, To Kill a Mockingbird...and I saw the film of The Trip to Bountiful (and) I was just blown away by it.”

When: 7:25 p.m. Thursday – Saturday, March 24 - April 8;
1:55 p.m. Sunday, April 2, 9

Where: Olympia Little Theatre,
1925 Miller Ave. SW, Olympia

How much: $11-$15

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Black Violin

Black Violin

Classic violin meets hip hop! Black Violin is classically trained violinist Kev Marcus and violist Wil B., who combine their classical training and hip-hop influences to create a distinctive multi-genre sound often described as “classical boom.” The band's major label debut, Stereotypes (featuring Black Thought of The Roots and MC Pharoahe Monch), debuted at #1 on the Billboard classical-crossover chart and #4 on the Billboard rhythm-and-blues chart. Black Violin has shared stages with Aerosmith, Tom Petty and Kanye West, and has collaborated with the likes of Alicia Keys, Wu-Tang Clan and Wyclef Jean. Kev and Wil emphasize education and performed for over 100,000 students in North America and Europe last year.

When: 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 28

Where: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts,
512 Washington St. SE, Olympia

How much: $14-$50

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