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Believe Nothing – Instalment #2: 9/11 – Intelligence Failure or False Flag?

By Rusere Shoniwa on Oct 13, 2022 06:58 pm

In the first instalment of the Believe Nothing series of essays, I described how covid, the most complex deception in the history of mass deceptions, had elicited the need to delve into a history of state deception that would help to understand how and why we were led into the covid hall of mirrors. 

Covid is not an accidental or opportunistic deception and understanding 9/11 provides essential clues to understanding the covid scam. I knew that the second instalment in this series needed to be about 9/11 but how to present it was daunting, until James Corbett released his latest epic three-part documentary in September entitled False Flags: A Secret History of Al Qaeda.

On the 5th of October 2022, I interviewed James to give those interested an overview of how it comes together as one of the best histories of 9/11. Hopefully this short write-up will give an overview of what to expect in terms of the documentary’s quality and depth but also my view of the relevance of 9/11 to what is happening today. I urge you to take the time to soak yourself in the documentary to really understand the how and why of 9/11. Here are the links to the interview and the documentary itself.

Interview link

Documentary link

The first point to emphasise about the documentary is its depth. If you want to understand an epochal event, you need to grasp what came before it. James gives a comprehensive elucidation of the historical prelude to 9/11, starting in the 18th century with British colonial regime change politics in Central Asia to create a buffer between Russia and the British empire’s jewel in the crown, India. From here he traces an arc through waning British colonial power, the rise of American power in the region, the dawn of false flags as a weapon in the toolbox of Israeli, British and American intelligence agencies, and the catalysts for Islamic fundamentalism.

Understanding the US’s involvement in Afghanistan before and after Russia’s occupation at the end of 1979 is crucial to understanding Bin Laden’s rise to infamy. James also recounts a history of CIA involvement in terror attacks in the decade leading up to 9/11 and the significance of these attacks to 9/11. Here the nexus between CIA operatives, assets and terror suspects is richly painted to create a jaw-dropping narrative of the true role of all actors in the event that violently and irrevocably altered the trajectory of global geopolitics. In telling this story, the documentary exposes Al Qaeda for what it really was – a bogeyman constructed out of myths to feed imaginations hungry for nightmares and thus justify a two-decades long reign of US military terror.

When it comes to the quality of evidence, the documentary meets and debunks the official narrative on its own terms by using only material on the official record and first-hand accounts from suspects, intelligence assets and senior ranking government officials. There is no speculation. Only facts pieced together to tell a coherent story of how the CIA actively blocked information from reaching good faith actors while assisting terror suspects in order to create a trail at which they could then point the false flag finger of blame. There is nothing here that peddlers of the official narrative can use to impugn the authenticity of the evidence or, for that matter, the conclusion reached. 

Through an accretion of evidence and the recounting of the bizarre interaction between intelligence operatives, intelligence assets and terror suspects, the documentary’s inescapable conclusion is that 9/11 was made to happen

In examining the aftermath of 9/11 – the War of Terror – the true meaning of 9/11 is unveiled. In many respects, one can’t understand what is happening now unless we understand 9/11 – not just the evidential holes in the narrative but getting to the heart of how the deep state used 9/11 in its aftermath. This is crucial to the whole story because the reasons for 9/11 continue to unfold right now.

The terror myth granted governments license to enact controls and trash civil liberty in the name of “security”. And a public convinced of the myth clamoured for more government control. 

As James succinctly put it:

“What many in the public have failed to realize is that the War of Terror was never really about Osama bin Laden. It was never really about Al Qaeda. It wasn’t about radical Muslims. At base, it wasn’t even about geopolitical goals or reshaping the map of the Middle East. It was about us.”

The terror myth and its accompanying War of Terror served as a tool of domestic control by enabling the construction of the entire surveillance state architecture. By 2019 the public had become inured to the Al Qaeda / ISIL brand of terror. Having wrung it for all they could, by 2019 the stage was set for a new terror accelerant – the war on the virus.  

The covid biosecurity state picks up where the War of Terror left off and is advancing it towards its logical conclusion. The War of Terror gave the state licence to see everything you do. Now the state seeks to be the arbiter of what you can and can’t see; what you can and can’t do. The terror suspects in 2001 all had Arabic names and came from faraway places in the Middle East. Today, if you disagree with the orthodoxy of the day and if you express that disagreement in ways that truly threaten your government’s policies, you are the terrorist – a domestic terrorist.

Governments in the formerly free world are legislating to censor and criminalise dissent and to expand their capability to police your thoughts and actions in the digital sphere and ultimately in the material world.

Governments will never cease to conjure new wars of terror. They will end only when we come to understand the real source of all terror – your government and its pathological need to control you.

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