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NEW RELEASE - Horns of the Hunted
We've got a new Pathfinder 2E adventure for you: Horns of the Hunted by Matt Goodall, adapted by Jeff Gomez! Chase hoary hunters through a fey realm of ever-changing seasons to rescue the glorious unicorns!

This is just the first of an awesome avalanche of PF2 products perfect for any fey or forest campaign. Folks getting the Kingmaker Anniversary Edition Adventure Path for PF2 later this year definitely should check out this incredible lineup coming soon!
* Faerie Mysteries
* Faerie Passions
* Faerie Bargains
* Treasury of the Kingdom
* Royal Tournaments
* Fey and Forest Options
PLUS, already available:
* Cold Mountain
* Beasts of Legend: Boreal Bestiary
* Beasts of Legend: Coldwood Codex
Plus, don't miss our ongoing Just a Second series of PF2 micro-PDFs - 2 pages of terrific new mechanics and options for just $1!
Enjoy them all and Make Your PF2 Campaign Legendary!

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Last year at Legendary Games we launched SEVEN successful Kickstarters and have fulfilled every one, aside from 5E books for Boricubos: The Lost Isles that are at the printer right now! We are getting ready to launch a new series of killer Kickstarters for 2022. We want to know which one of these are the most exciting to you!
1.  Ultimate Treasury (5E) - An incredible compendium of magic items, spellbooks, treasure-themed monsters, and so much more! 

2.  Ultimate Faeries (DnD 5E, Pathfinder 1E and 2E) - A massive bestiary of fairy tale creatures alongside fey magic and influence on the world, forest and fey adventures, wilderness treasures, and more. The Pathfinder 1E version is a supplement to the classic Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium.

3.  Mechanical Monsters (5E) - The latest softcover bestiary with a metric ton of mechanical menaces, with bonus content for technological player options. Plus we'll be offering an updated version of the Alien Bestiary to add a ton of terrific sci-fi monsters to your game! 


COMING SOON: A Killer Class Expansion for Pathfinder RPG

Legendary Inquisitors is the latest volume in our series of player-focused supplements, offering unorthodox options for the sternest of spellcasters! Enforcers of the church, Inquisitors are divine agents acting as judge, jury, and executioner in fantasy settings where multiple gods and religious factions struggle for power. Already established as one of the coolest classes in the game, this new supplement offers even more ways for the Inquisitor to execute their grim duties. In this book, we offer an abundant variety of new options to customize your character for the role they must fulfil.

With inspiration drawn from history, fantasy, and etymology, these new options include 8 Inquisitorial Offices (powerful alternatives to Judgment), 5 inquisitions, 26 archetypes, 11 feats, 6 spells, mythic rules, the Inquisitor cleric doctrine for Pathfinder 2E, as well as a wide assortment of other options that thematically and mechanically cover your righteous roleplaying needs. Bring judgment to your enemies and let holy (or unholy) justice be done upon them in this apocryphal Pathfinder Roleplaying Game class supplement by Margherita Tramontano, Andrew J. Gibson, and Aaron Hollingsworth and Make Your Game Legendary!

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