Myths and Legends: What are those Bards peddling now?
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Myths and Legends

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Most believe that, once upon a time, only one jabberwock existed, a creature of such great power that nothing could hurt it. Nothing, that is, save for a legendary sword forged for a mortal hero by a now-forgotten artisan or god. So epic was this battle that it created strange echoes throughout reality, and as a result, these echoes, in the form of the vorpal swords and jabberwocks known today, can be found on many worlds.

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What's New with Legendary?


  • Legendary Fighters
  • Legendary Gunslingers
  • Crisis at Falling Spring Station by Brian Suskind
  • One-player adventures! The second chapter in the series is The Smuggler’s Seal

Legendary Planet and Worlds

Legendary Planet compilation cover art by Ralph Horsley!

Legendary Worlds - A whole line of ready-to-use planets for use with space-faring Pathfinder , Starfinder, and 5th Edition games, complete with:
  • Planetary gazetteer
  • A new monster or race
  • New feats, archetypes, spells, magic items, equipment, poisons, diseases,  hazards, and more unique to that planet


  • Pirate campaign compendium Kickstarter September 2017
  • Demon crusade Campaign compendium Kickstarter Early 2018 for Pathfinder and 5E
  • Mythic Mania 2 Team-up Kickstarter with Rogue Genius Games, creating 2 new mythic compendiums, the Mythic Creature Compendium and Advanced Mythic Guide, featuring new paths, feats, spells, monsters, and more from the Advanced Class Guide, Horror Adventures, Occult Adventures, Ultimate Intrigue, Ultimate Wilderness, and more!

More Mythic

•Mythic Magic: Wilderness Spells (for Ultimate Wilderness)
•Path of the Bound – for characters who have sold their souls to achieve ultimate power
•Path of the Esoteric – for characters who have mastered mind over matter and plumbed the depths of the psyche
•Mythic Monsters 50: Celtic

More New Products!

Fort Scurvy
•High-level invasion adventure, infiltrating or assaulting the fortified, inhabited fortress home of the Pirate King!
•An ideal supplement for the official Pirate AP for Pathfinder
•Large-scale use of the troop subtype and special rules for dealing with ship-to-ship combat between characters and crews in a dynamic environment against intelligent, prepared foes.

Ultimate Armies
•The Troop Template
•A “bestiary” of sample troops, from artillerist batteries to press gangs, and monsters from war trolls to wereshark shark-riders!
•A “bestiary” of armies and units using Ultimate Battle/War rules, including for battle scenarios in official published APs
•New rules for logistics and supply, trench warfare, and more
•Random mercenary band generator!

Conquest: Rage of Wyrms

A massive new adventure saga and campaign setting featuring dragons, the dream-time, and the conquest of two worlds! Discover A Lost Continent and uncover a deadly past then Watch your future die!

Paizocon 2017

New Products Available Now! 

Don't let the rogue get their fingers on them

Legendary Planet
The Depths of Desperation
Beasts of Legend
Fairy Tale Creatures 5E
Beasts of Legend
Fairy Tale Creatures 5E
Legendary Planet
Legendary Villians
Dark Druids 5E
A Feast of Flavor
Premium Cards

Who let the Gnome talk?

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Loren Sieg, Mike Welham and Jason Nelson deliver one of the installments in the series that perfectly shows why I love this series. The upgrades for the creatures take the respective roles of the creatures perfectly into account; we have an increased emphasis on mythological abilities and an emphasis of unique and powerful abilities that help the respective beings, making them universally cooler. In short: This is a great supplement and with its amazing critters, makes for a must-ow installment of the series. My final verdict will clock in at 5 stars + seal of approval.

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Only a wizard could produce such magic!

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