Myths and Legends: What are those Bards peddling now?
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Myths and Legends

What are those Bards peddling now, oh,
it's free??

We've included some free Pathfinder content for you, our valued fan, to enjoy. This month Jason Nelson offers you the Elder Signs, an excerpt from Mythic Monsters: Mythos.

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News and Updates!

Unrighteous Villains with Legendary Logue

The first product we created for the Righteous Crusade AP Plug-Ins was a packet of pregenerated characters by Neil Spicer, Righteous Heroes. Coming soon, it’s the bad guys’ turn, as Legendary Games proudly brings you Unrighteous Villains! Carved from the deepest recesses of blighted hatred, insensate evil, and irrepressible caprice, these villains are richly detailed in personality and motivation, designed to connect with the existing Adventure Path and its primary plotlines but easily portable to any campaign where you need a villain that is over the top and out of the ordinary. These malevolent menaces are brought to you by the fervid imaginations of Todd Stewart, Clinton J. Boomer, and the newest addition to the Legendary team, that estimable emissary of evil himself, Mr. Nick Logue!

The idea behind Unrighteous Villains is to make bad guys that are really, REALLY BAD. Not just vicious combat monsters that put you in fear of your character’s life, but insidious, vindictive, schemers and plotters that put you in fear of your character’s soul. From a bound demonic horror that appear at first as a humble quasit to a sibilant shadow demon that may lurk in your own shadow your entire life, these villains have plans both large and small, and all of them awful for one and all. We showed you the artwork for Mons-Verix last time around, so it only seems fitting that we give you the inside scoop on what this villain is all about. Read more about this product here.
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And We've Got More Mythic!

First up, Jason just turned over for proofreading the latest installment in our Mythic Monsters series… Mythic Monsters: Inner Planes!

A dozen and one denizens of the elemental and transitive planes ready to bedevil, bewitch, and possibly behead your favorite PCs! We've listed the full table of contents below as well as some of Chris McFann’s artwork. To the left is his delightful depiction of dueling desert dwellers!

CR/MR Creature
5/2       mythic genie, janni
6/2       mythic genie, djinni
6/2       mythic ghul
6/2       mythic mercane
6/2       mythic tojanida
7/3       mythic salamander
7/3       mythic xill
7/3       mythic xorn
8/3       mythic invisible stalker
8/3       mythic genie, shaitan
10/4      mythic genie, efreeti
10/4      liminal hound
11/4      mythic genie, marid

Amongst these familiar friends and foes you will find an entirely new mythic monster from the mind of Jonathan Keith, the liminal hound.

You may have spotted him, but you can be sure he’s already spotted you. Watching. Waiting. Quietly. Peacefully. Patiently. Until finally, fatally, he strikes…

Secondly, we bring you a new menagerie of mythic monsters from dimensions where primitive concepts such as reality, logic, and sanity have no place. Matter is mutable and physics flexible when you enter the realms of the Mythic Monsters: Mythos! 

A dozen and one alien horrors from beyond the stars await within these pages to bring such pain to your PCs as they never knew existed, unleashing horror and madness wherever they roam. Brought to you by the terrific (and terrorizing) team of Tom Phillips, Jim Groves, Jonathan Keith, and Jason Nelson, Mythic Monsters: Mythos opens up brand-new realms of monstrous mayhem for you. Table of contents below and artwork by Chris McFann’s. Read more about this product here.

Table of Contents by CR

CR/MR Creature

4/1       mythic cerebric fungus
5/2       mythic faceless stalker
6/2       mythic gibbering mouther
8/3       byakhee
9/3       mythic hound of Tindalos
10/4      mythic denizen of Leng
10/4      mythic neh-thalggu
10/4      mythic shantak
12/5      mythic gug
13/5      mythic gug savant
13/5      mythic moon-beast
18/7      mythic Leng spider
23/9      mythic shoggoth
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Get Your Freak On...

***** Mutant Manifesto (PFRPG) PDF

Mutant Manifesto is a PDF from Legendary Games in their Adventure Path Plug-In line covering mutations that twist the mind and flesh. It runs 21 pages, with one for the cover, one for credits, one for the table of contents, two explaining what the line/product is as well as some words on Legendary Games and what can be found in the PDF, two pages showing what else LG offers, and one blank back cover. That leaves 13 pages for the twisted goodness within, so here we go!

Read Full Review Here

In all, I really do enjoy this PDF. The archetypes, spells, mythos time, and everything else, all have that lovely creeping feeling this sort of a subject should have. My sole major complaint is that it allows you to summon some monsters which haven't even been released as yet, and in a book which may be out of the price range of some buyers. That is however a minor quibble when compared to everything you can use, with the PDF having hotlinks for anything and everything other than the new monster spell and material from the main Pathfinder rulebook. If you want some mutants in your game you'll want this PDF. I'll make it 4.5 stars for the reasons I listed, rounding it off to 5.

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Who let the Gnome talk?

It's only funny until someone loses an eye!

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