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Every good Space Adventure needs treasure & magic items. Enjoy these items from the new Treasury of the Machine (5E): Slipsuit, Amnesia Tick, Discipline Chip, Rapture Chip, and Adrenal Enhancement.

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There is not a single boring or simple filler archetype in the whole book; even the engine tweaks do things that are novel and haven’t been done before. The pdf offers something for everybody: Do you like WuXia options? You’ll find them herein. Do you prefer grittier options or something like Kaidan? You’ll find those herein. Want Judge Dee-style intrigue? You’ll find that herein. Want balls to the wall, far-out sentai action? The pdf has you covered and the two different concepts of ia(i)jutsu offer cool options for all types of campaigns.

5 stars + seal of approval. No matter the campaign style you’re looking for, this should be considered to be a must-own addition to your options. 

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