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As many in our community have heard, the Los Osos Baywood Park Chamber of Commerce moved out of our location on June 30th. This move came after our long-time landlord and generous supporter, Alex Cosentino, passed away. Like many businesses during this time, we find ourselves in the position of needing to make a strategic change. As a membership organization, and one specifically meant to support people doing business, our Board of Directors decided to pursue a leaner business model.

Rather than searching for a new location, we’re going to shift our focus 100 percent on our member benefits, community communication and growing our organization to better serve those that have supported us for the past 67 years.

On July 2nd, the Board held a mid-year retreat. We took on some significant changes to our structure to better coincide with other Chambers of Commerce as well as adjusting how the business operates from day-to-day. You’ll now see a Chairperson of the Board and a President/CEO running the LOBP Chamber of Commerce.
Bas van Eijk, owner of Cal Coast Orchids is transitioning from President to Chairman of the Board for the remainder of his elected year. Marshall Ochylski (Director, Los Osos CSD) is stepping into the Chairman-Elect Position. Christina Grimm, owner of CG Bookkeeping will be stepping down from the Board and into the role of President/CEO. 

Many may be asking; what’s going to happen next? 

That is a good question.

It was difficult to lose our building. Our Board feels strongly that we can take this situation and transform it into something we’re going to do with intention. Nothing is outside of our control and what happens next is within our reach to accomplish with a quality and attention to detail that our members and community deserve.

Questions are encouraged and welcome. Please direct those to:
We’re still working on the final details of getting out of the building and are looking forward to evolving with our community.  


The sweetest little car show on the bay once again happens in beautiful Baywood Park. The 15th annual car show takes place on Sunday, October 30 at Oktoberfest. Enter you classic car or motorcycle for a chance to win an award for your ride.

For more information about entering the show, contact Dean Sullivan at 805-528-6011 or email

To register online and see past photos, go to



Event Sponsorship Opportunity

Calling All 2022 Oktoberfest Sponsors!

It’s almost time for the 43rd annual Oktoberfest!

The Los Osos-Baywood Park Chamber of Commerce and Kiwanis Club of Bay-Osos are organizing our annual Oktoberfest celebration on Sunday, October 30, 2022. This is the oldest Oktoberfest in the County and attracts well over 5,000 people for the day.

Each year, we work directly with local business owners and citizens to sponsor this event. Funding from the Oktoberfest enables the Chamber of Commerce to continue to reach our mission of supporting the general welfare and prosperity of the people doing business in Los Osos and Baywood Park.

This event allows us to support our membership benefits while giving back to our community. In addition, sponsorships allow the Chamber to work alongside the Kiwanis in funding local schools, the 4-H, Boy and Girl Scout programs, and after-school activities.

As a valuable member of our community and business district, we invite you to become one of our sponsors. Throughout the event, we will be honoring you as our event sponsor in a myriad of ways. As a leader in our community, your involvement allows us to continue to highlight our local people in business, support our community programs, and provide business support and community outreach.

We are extremely grateful for you and your continued support year after year.

For maximum exposure, kindly reply by August 15th

The sponsorship levels are outlined below for your consideration. We greatly appreciate your support.

$500 - Event Sponsorship

  • Extra Large Logo display on banner/signage
  • Top line placement on all flyers, posters, and promotions
  • Logo placement in all newspaper ads
  • Business name recognition in press releases to promote the event
  • Logo display at the Chamber of Commerce booth
  • Promoted on all social media

$350 - Harvest Gold Sponsorship

  • Logo display on stage banner/signage
  • Second line placement on all flyers, posters, and promotions
  • Logo placement in all newspaper ads
  • Business name recognition in press releases to promote the event
  • Logo display at the Chamber of Commerce booth
  • Promoted on all social media

$250 - Bountiful Silver Sponsorship

  • Third line logo placement on all flyers, posters, promotions
  • Logo placement in all newspaper ads
  • Business name recognition in press releases to promote the event
  • Logo display at the Chamber of Commerce booth
  • Promoted on all social media

$150 - Autumn Bronze Sponsorship

  • Business name on flyers, posters, and promotions (fourth line)
  • Business name on display at the Chamber of Commerce booth
  • Promoted on all social media

Chose Sponsorship Levels and Payment Method or Ask Questions


Please see the job offering at the bottom.



Grocery Outlet stores are independently owned. Our local store, Los Osos Grocery Outlet, affectionally known by locals as “LOGO,” is owned by Malia and Duane Cross. Their children go to school here and their staff are our neighbors. Ever since they opened on Veteran’s Day 2016, they’ve been giving great deals to locals but behind the scenes, they’re helping our community in innumerable ways. 

With a strong drive to prevent food waste and a passion for helping others, Duane and Malia believe that what they give away will eventually come back in other ways. 

Every year, the month of July is a campaign for “Independence from Hunger.” If patrons donate $5 to the cause, they receive a $5 off coupon in return for their own pantries or future purchase. Los Osos Grocery Outlet chooses smaller local food pantries to fill: King's Cupboard, the Morro Bay food group, Los Osos Cares, People Helping People, Mama Gina's Closet and Hope's Village - just to name a few. And each November, LOGO strives to compliment provisions for  Thanksgiving dinners to 35 families. 

Besides donating food to ease hunger in our area, they help strengthen other businesses and nonprofits. When Covid struck and festivals were cancelled, Grocery Outlet invited a local family who runs a food truck to set up in the parking lot so they could stay in business. If Starbucks runs out of bananas or almond milk, LOGO has it covered. They invite Vitalent Blood Donation Center to run blood drives in the parking lot to make it convenient for Los Osos to help local hospitals save lives. I could list more ways that this locally-owned business helps our community but there just isn’t room. Please join the Los Osos Baywood Park Chamber of Commerce in honoring the Los Osos Grocery Outlet as an exemplary Community Builder. 

1130 Los Osos Valley Road, Los Osos


Open 8am to 9pm

7 Costly Mistakes Home Sellers Make (And How to Avoid Them)

No matter what’s going on in the housing market, the process of selling a home can be challenging. Some sellers have a hard time saying goodbye to a treasured family residence. Others want to skip ahead to the fun of decorating and settling into a new place. Almost all sellers want to make the most money possible. 
Whatever your circumstances, the road to the closing table can be riddled with obstacles — from issues with showings and negotiations to inspection surprises. But many of these complications are avoidable when you have a skilled and knowledgeable real estate agent by your side.
For example, here are seven common mistakes that many home sellers make. These can cause anxiety, cost you time, and shrink your financial proceeds. Fortunately, we can help you avert these missteps and set you up for a successful and low-stress selling experience.
MISTAKE #1: Setting an Unrealistic Price
Many sellers believe that pricing their homes high and waiting for the “right buyers” to come along will net them the most money. However, overpriced homes often sit on the market with little activity, which can be the kiss of death in real estate — and result in an inevitable price drop.1
Alternatively, if you price your home at (or sometimes slightly below) market value, it can be among the nicest that buyers see within their budgets. This can increase your likelihood of receiving multiple offers.2
To help you set a realistic price from the start, we will do a comparative market analysis, or CMA. This integral piece of research will help us determine an ideal listing price based on the amount that similar properties have recently sold for in your area.
Without this data, you risk pricing your home too high (and getting no offers) or too low (and leaving money on the table). We can help you find that sweet spot that will draw in buyers without undercutting your profits.  
MISTAKE #2: Trying to Time the Market
You’ve probably heard the old saying, “Buy low and sell high.” But when it comes to real estate, that’s easier said than done. 
Delaying your home sale until prices have hit their peak may sound like a great idea. But sellers should keep these factors in mind:
  1. Predicting the market with certainty is nearly impossible.
  2. If you wait to buy your next home, its price could increase as well. This may erode any additional proceeds from your sale.
  3. If mortgage rates are rising, your pool of potential buyers could shrink — and you would have to pay more to finance your next purchase.
Instead of trying to time the market, choose your ideal sales timeline. This may be based on factors like your personal financial situation, shifting family dynamics, or the seasonal patterns in your neighborhood. We can help you figure out the best time to sell given your individual circumstances.
MISTAKE #3: Failing to Address Needed Repairs 
Many sellers hope that buyers won’t notice their leaky faucet or broken shutters during home showings. But minor issues like these can leave buyers worrying about more serious — and costly — problems lurking out of sight. 
Even if you do receive an offer, there’s a high likelihood that the buyer will hire a professional home inspector, who will flag any defects in their report. Neglecting to address a major issue could lead buyers to ask for costly repairs, money back, or worse yet, walk away from the purchase altogether.
To avoid these types of disruptions, it’s important to make necessary renovations before your home hits the market. We can help you decide which repairs and updates are worth your time and investment. In some cases, we may recommend a professional pre-listing inspection. 
This extra time and attention can help you avoid potential surprises down the road and identify any major structural, system, or cosmetic faults that could impact a future sale.3
MISTAKE #4:  Neglecting to Stage Your Home
Staging is the act of preparing your home for potential buyers. The goal is to “set the stage” to help buyers envision themselves living in your home. Some sellers opt to skip this step, but that mistake can cost them time and money in the long run. A 2021 survey by the Real Estate Staging Association found that, on average, staged homes sold nine days faster and for $40,000 over list price.4
Indoors, staging could include everything from redecorating, painting, or rearranging your furniture pieces to removing personal items, decluttering, and deep cleaning. Outdoors, you might focus on power washing, planting flowers, or hanging a wreath on the front door.
You may not need to do all these tasks, but almost every home can benefit from some form of staging. Before your home hits the market, we can refer you to a professional stager or offer our insights and suggestions if you prefer the do-it-yourself route.
MISTAKE #5: Evaluating Offers on Price Alone
When reviewing offers, most sellers focus on one thing: the offer price. While dollar value is certainly important, a high-priced offer is worthless if the deal never reaches the closing table. That’s why it’s important to consider other factors in addition to the offer price, such as:
  • Financing and buyer qualifications
  • Deposit size
  • Contract contingencies
  • Closing date
  • Leaseback options
Depending on your circumstances, some of these factors may or may not be important to you. For example, if you’re still shopping for your next home, you might place a high premium on an offer that allows for a flexible closing date or leaseback option.
Buyers and their agents are focused on crafting deals that work well for them. We can help you assess your needs and goals to select an offer that works best for you. 
MISTAKE #6: Acting on Emotion Instead of Reason 
It’s only natural to grow emotionally attached to your home. That’s why so many sellers end up feeling hurt or offended at some point during the selling process. Low offers can feel like insults. Repair requests can feel like judgments. And whatever you do — don’t listen in on showings through your security monitoring system. Chances are, some buyers won’t like your decor choices, either!
However, it’s a huge mistake to ruin a great selling opportunity because you refuse to counter a low offer or negotiate minor repairs. Instead, try to keep a cool head and be willing to adjust reasonably to make the sale. We can help you weigh your decisions and provide rational advice with your best interests in mind.
MISTAKE #7: Not Hiring an Agent
There’s a good reason 90% of homeowners choose to sell with the help of a real estate agent. Homes listed by agents sold for 22% more than the average for-sale-by-owner home, according to a recent study by the National Association of Realtors.
Selling a home on your own may seem like an easy way to save money. But in reality, there is a steep learning curve. And a listing agent can: 
  • Skip past time-consuming problems 
  • Use market knowledge to get the best price
  • Access contacts and networks to speed up the selling process
If you choose to work with a listing agent, you’ll save significant time and effort while minimizing your personal risk and liability. And the increased profits realized through a more effective marketing and negotiation strategy could more than make up for the cost of your agent’s commission.
We can navigate the ins and outs of the housing market for you and make your selling process as stress-free as possible. You may even end up with an offer for your home that’s better than you expected.
Your home selling journey doesn’t have to be hard. When you hire us as your listing agent, we’ll develop a customized sales plan to help you get top dollar for your home without any undue risk, stress, or aggravation. If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, reach out today to schedule a free consultation and home value assessment.
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529 plans: Underused but valuable
Aug. 1, 2022


            In just a few weeks, students will be heading off to college – and parents will be getting out their checkbooks. Without a college-bound student in your home right now, you might not be thinking much about tuition and other higher education expenses, but if you have young children, these costs may eventually be of concern – so how should you prepare for them?

            It’s never too soon to start saving and investing. Unfortunately, many people think that they have a lot of “catching up” to do. In fact, nearly half of Americans say they don’t feel like they’re saving enough to cover future education expenses, according to a 2022 survey conducted by financial services firm Edward Jones with Morning Consult, a global research company.

            Of course, it’s not always easy to set aside money for college when you’re already dealing with the high cost of living, and, at the same time, trying to save and invest for retirement. Still, even if you can only devote relatively modest amounts for your children’s education, these contributions can add up over time. But where should you put your money?

            Personal savings accounts are the top vehicle Americans are using for their education funding strategies, according to the Edward Jones/Morning Consult survey. But there are other options, one of which is a 529 plan, which may offer more attractive features, including the following:
           • Possible tax benefits – If you invest in a 529 education savings plan, your earnings can grow federally income tax-free, provided the money is used for qualified education expenses. (Withdrawals not used for these expenses will generally incur taxes and penalties on investment earnings.) If you invest in your own state’s 529 plan, you may receive state tax benefits, too, depending on the state.
            • Flexibility in naming the beneficiary – As the owner of the 529 plan, you can name anyone you want as the beneficiary. You can also change the beneficiary. If your eldest child foregoes college, you can name a younger sibling or another eligible relative.  
            • Support for non-college programs – Even if your children don’t want to go to college, it doesn’t mean they’re uninterested in any type of postsecondary education or training. And a 529 plan can pay for qualified expenses at trade or vocational schools, including apprenticeship programs registered with the U.S. Department of Labor. 
            • Payment of student loans – A 529 plan can help pay off federal or private student loans, within limits. 
           Keep in mind that state-by-state tax treatment varies for different uses of 529 plans, so you’ll want to consult with your tax professional before putting a plan in place. 

            Despite these and other benefits, 529 plans are greatly under-utilized. Only about 40% of Americans even recognize the 529 plan as an education savings tool, and only 13% are actually using it, again according to the Edward Jones/Morning Consult study.

            But as the cost of college and other postsecondary programs continues to rise, it will become even more important for parents to find effective ways to save for their children’s future education expenses. So, consider how a 529 plan can help you and your family. And the sooner you get started, the better. 


This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. Edward Jones, Member SIPC. Investors should understand the risks involved of owning investments. The value of investments fluctuates and investors can lose some or all of their principal.




I’ve heard The Rotary Club of Los Osos called a “Service Club” but I wasn’t really sure what that meant. I discovered they raise money to donate to local nonprofits. They’ve been working with the county to have picnic tables installed at the Community Park. Each month, a crew of Rotarians clean up trash on LOVR, between Palisades and Pine. Every other month, for the past few years, their members cook and serve around 100 hot, wholesome meals for Community Dinners at the South Bay Community Center (SBCC) on Thursday nights.  Every year they award scholarships to high school graduates from Los Osos.  They also host the free Annual “Family Fun Fair” with help from the Grizzly Academy. It’s coming up soon on Sunday, September 18th, from 12 noon to 4pm at the SBCC and Park. They also partner with other clubs and nonprofits for special projects. When Womenade Estero Bay asked for help with a garage sale fundraiser, Rotary volunteers showed up to help set up and clean up.

On Monday, December 12th, at the SBCC, if Covid doesn’t interfere, they’ll host their 30th Senior Holiday Dinner, a free turkey feast with all the trimmings. Served by 4H students, and with festive entertainment, this is a meal people tend to dress up for.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the local members are active in the global mission of Rotary International to eventually wipe out polio around the world, traveling to India and Mexico to personally deliver oral polio immunization drops to children who might not otherwise receive them. 

Looking closer, I realized they’re  a welcoming and inclusive group of locals, meeting weekly to enhance their community and improve lives around the world. With the motto, “Service Above Self,” these folks are true Community Builders.

For further information: visit or call 805-235-4877


Los Osos Library 

August Events


The following are free events brought to you by the Los Osos Library
2075 Palisades Ave, Los Osos


All library programs will be following current California and County of San Luis Obispo health guidelines.



The photography of Kurt Rightmyer will continue to be on display through August.

We will have the woodcarvers in the display case as you enter the Los Osos Library.



Come and read your favorite book to Berkeley! She's at the Los Osos Library on Wednesday afternoons. School Age.



Stories, dance, and music for toddlers and preschoolers.



Qi gong is a system for physical, mental, and spiritual development that has roots dating back thousands of years in China. It consists of slow-flowing movements and meditations that cultivate life force energy (called qi by the Chinese). The basics of qi gong are not difficult to learn and practice and are particularly beneficial for older adults. Instructor Devin Wallace was certified to teach by qi gong master Lee Holden. Devin has taught at hospitals, fitness & yoga centers and also does private classes.



Come listen to some amazing music by this very talented quintet! All ages are encouraged to attend.

Los Osos Library - SLO County



Los Osos Library presents new photography showcase,
Cell Fun Aware 


Guests of a new solo exhibition at the Los Osos Library will find a collection of metal and canvas prints by local photographer
Kurt Rightmyer. Using only a cellphone and basic photo editing software, Rightmyer created a collection of transfigurative imagery
for the exhibit, titled Cell Fun Aware, which debuted at the library in July.

"As a photographer, I strive to capture moments in time as signals of confluence between natural events, the metaphysical bent and its extent, prophecy in signs, poetry in lines, awareness of the present, its evanescence, and its projection," Rightmyer said in a statement on the artist's website. "I look for what is dynamically transmutable within stasis, where foundational reality intersects with the metaphysical possibilities that digital artifice reveals."

To find out more about Rightmyer's work, visit For more info on Rightmyer's current exhibit at the Los Osos Library, call (805) 528-1862. The library is located at 2075 Palisades Ave., Los Osos.

South Bay Community Center

This position is the chief paid administrative (at will) position of the center and is directly accountable to the Board of Directors of the SBCC in accordance with the Bylaws.
The Office Manager does not set policy as the Board of Directors make these and she/he operates under their direction.
Hours of employment are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1 to 4. On Wed do marketing in the office or visit sites.

Look under the heading
to download the Office Manager Job description and the application:


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