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Data savings & data management riding high in 2015

Mobile video: Are your customers "snackers" or long-form lovers?

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Fly phones come with Opera for Android and Opera Max preinstalled

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Case study: How TIM Brazil and Opera are
redefining the "app store"
The Opera Subscription Mobile Store, the operator-branded version of our Opera Mobile Store, has a proposition that's quite uniquely positioned vs. that of any other "app store" consumers use today. In addition to being able to co-brand the app store, operators are able to offer their consumers a different subscription model for premium apps & games than the traditional pay-per-download "app store" model. With one small weekly fee, which is automatically added to the consumer's prepaid balance or postpaid bill, an operator's users can download an unlimited amount of premium apps and games.

It's now live on multiple continents. The results are quite impressive – as you’ll see when you download our latest case study on our partner in Brazil, TIM Brazil and their TIM App Shop 
Telecom trends & issues for developing markets in 2015
We recently spent some time looking at some of the trends and issues that operators in the developing world might do well to focus on in the coming year.

What should operators in markets like India, Indonesia, Brazil and sub-Saharan Africa do to help offset declining SMS and voice revenues? If you're interested in getting our take, please check out the blog post in full
How much do you know about your network?
It used to be that mobile operators controlled virtually everything that happened on their networks. Voice calls, SMS, simple data transactions like a web URL call: that sort of thing. Then came the app explosion, and then – the video explosion. 

Visibility into what's actually going on with third-party traffic isn't as easy to come by as it was when operators ran all services in-house. Our 
Rocket Insights solution can help. We provide deep analytics for mobile operators, and it’s focused on the chief culprits of network slowdowns: video and other large multimedia. Whether you’re cruising along on 3G, migrating to 4G or thinking about moves beyond that, Rocket Insights provides much of the missing data that allows operators to ensure that their customers are streaming content happily.
Guess what: Mobile is driving internet access worldwide

We found some interesting stats that'll get you thinking. It's clearly evident that the rapid migration to mobile is playing a huge part in helping to "connect the unconnected" worldwide, with 31% of all internet traffic worldwide being viewed on mobile devices, up 39% YoY.

Check out our recent blog post covering the many cool stats from We Are Social 
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