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How To Include Your College Resume in Your Application

Dear Seniors and Parents,

As you know, I provide all seniors with my own customized College Resume template. The purpose is to tailor the resume to each student's composition of activities, and to provide more room to discuss your specific responsibilities, positions and honors than provided in the Common App or colleges' own applications. I have been working with all seniors over the last few months to finalize their resumes.

Now, the question is, "What should you do with these resumes?"

Common App Colleges:

The Common Application form no longer includes a section for the College Resume.

Instead, each college that accepts the Common App now has the option to request a resume on their Questions or Writing section, if they so choose.

* If a college DOES provide this option, I recommend that you upload your resume. If you feel that the Common App Activity section adequately summarizes your responsibilities, and prefer not to upload a resume, that's fine. 

* If a college DOES NOT provide this option, I would not include your resume, since the college is indicating that it is not receptive to resumes. 

Non-Common App Colleges:

Most of the large public institutions do not accept the Common Application. Typically, they have an Activity section of the application.  If they offer the option to upload a resume, I recommend doing that, instead of completing the Activity section, because the resume format we have developed has more room for your individualized details.

Hope this is helpful!
Best regards, 
Julie Raynor Gross
President & Founder
Collegiate Gateway LLC
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