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Welcome to WebEx!

Collegiate Gateway will now be using WebEx for all video conferencing going forward! is a video chat client, similar to Skype, that allows easy file-sharing, brainstorming, and multi-computer video conferences. Collegiate Gateway has decided to switch over to WebEx for all video chat meetings, as it provides more functionality and better connectivity.

We are eager to test out this new conferencing system and hear your feedback!

Best regards, 

Julie Raynor Gross
President & Founder
Collegiate Gateway LLC

Getting Set Up 

EMAIL INVITATION: Prior to your first meeting with Julie, you should get an invitation email containing the time, date, and subject of the meeting, as well as a meeting ID number. (*If you have a Gmail address, this email will automatically sync the appointment to your Google Calendar!) 

JOIN THE MEETING: When you open the email invitation,  you will see a big “JOIN” button, which you can click to access more information, as well as the Webex website. If this button does not work, you can go directly to, select “Join” at the top of the page, and enter the meeting ID number into the appropriate box.

DOWNLOAD THE WEBEX APP: Once you click the "JOIN" button, you will need to download the Cisco plug-in for your browser in order to enable the WebEx app. You do not need to restart your browser after this download, just follow the instructions the site gives you.

BEGIN THE VIDEO CHAT: Press the "JOIN" button again and the video chat will pop up. For any future meetings, all you need to do is press this button and the conference will begin.

Helpful Tips 

USING QUICKSTART: Once you enter a video conference, you will see the other participants on the right side of the page and the “Quick Start” section on the left of the page. “Quick Start” contains useful tools that allow you to choose the best way to share your thoughts and ideas.

CONNECT TO AUDIO: “Connect to Audio” allows you to use your phone or your computer’s built in microphone to speak with others in the meeting.

SHARE DESKTOP: “Share Desktop” allows you to show others what you’re looking at on your computer. If you would like to share a specific application, clicking the “…” below the Share Desktop button allows you to do so.

VIDEO/AUDIO: On the right side of the screen, below the video, is a small icon of a video camera and a microphone. This allows you to turn your video and audio off and on as needed.

CHAT: Below the Video/Audio section is an area labeled “Chat.” Clicking the arrow enables you to type out ideas or copy and paste sections from another document. Note that this momentarily obstructs your view of the other participants.

PRESENTER: The “Presenter” is the leader of the meeting. This person is able to share documents, write on documents, and add additional tabs to the top of the meeting space. I will usually be the presenter, but I may ask you to share a document, and will then transfer presenter privileges to you. If I ask you to transfer presenter privileges back to me, the way to do so is to hover over my video and click the button that pops up.

TABS: At the top of the left side of the screen are several tabs, similar to tabs on an internet browser. At the beginning of the meeting, there will only be two: “Quick Start” and “Meeting Info.” More will be added as you share documents and brainstorm. If you’d like to add one, you can click the “New Whiteboard” button to the far right of the tabs.

ATTACH FILES: You can attach files to the meeting so that everyone can see them before, during, and afterwards. All participants will be notified as soon as you upload these attachments.
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