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Comfort Class: Turkish Airlines offers budget friendly, comfortable travel

"For those who dream of budget-friendly, comfortable travel in the sky."

Positioned between Business Class and Economy Class, Comfort Class offers budget-friendly, comfortable travel.

Comfort Class caters to passengers who desire more legroom and richer options for catering and in-flight entertainment. The seat pitch is 45.7 inches (116 cm) and the seat width is 19.5 inches (49 cm). Each row has a 2-3-2 seating configuration. The back of the seat reclines by up to 22cm, providing for a highly comfortable journey. On the 10.6-inch (27 cm) in-arm displays on the seats, our guests can, as they please, enjoy the shows, films, documentaries, games, and music in our expansive library, or they can access media on their personal USB devices or iPods by utilizing the special connectors in their seats.

In our Comfort Class, making sure our passengers are relaxed is top priority. We offer ample legroom and a footrest to ensure comfort and relaxation. With Internet, GSM, LiveTV connectivity, and more, our business-minded passengers are able to catch up on their work or watch their favourite TV show at their leisure. Comfort Class passengers take film, television, music, radio, and the Internet to the skies with the Planet Entertainment system offering entertainment from all over the world.

111.3' seat recline, 19 inch seat width, 45 inch seat pitch
“Delicious delicacies with a helping of superior service”

Passengers in Comfort Class are greeted with orange juice, snacks, and Turkish mezzes. Our guests are served with porcelain flatware and cloth napkins.

Designed to rival restaurant service, our award-winning cuisine features salad made with fresh greens. We offer hot meal options; freshly made appetizers selected from Turkish and world cuisine; and a variety of desserts, fruits, and cheeses prepared freshly for our guests.
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