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We hope you had a really nice vacation and were able to rest & refresh during the (probably very well-deserved) summer break! ☀️

At Quantum Delta NL, the teammembers of our catalyst programs and actionlines continued working on their budgets for the upcoming few years during parts of the Summer, and were able to submit them to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy before yesterday's deadline. #goals

We're really happy to connect with you again at the start of this month and would like to share the news of this week! Tuesday was a great day for us: part of our team traveled to Paris to announce our partnership with the French national Quantum initiative. 🇫🇷 🇳🇱 🇪🇺 

Demissionary State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Mona Keijzer and her French colleague Cédric O signed a Memorandum of Understanding which underscores the importance that both of our countries attach to investing in the fast-growing European ecosystem for quantum innovation.

🇫🇷 🇳🇱 🇪🇺 Like our International Strategy states: For a Netherlands' success story, we need the European ecosystem to grow as well. This is why we aim to make the Netherlands the most relevant quantum ecosystem for Europe.

To this end, our Director Ecosystem Development Freeke Heijman and her colleague Neil Abroug, who is the national coordinator of the French quantum initiative, marked the concrete beginning of our collaboration by launching the beta-version of a joint Dutch/French job board TODAY, listing (almost) all available quantum vacancies in both countries. 

In the photos are Mona Keijzer, Cédric O, Maud Vinet (CEA), Ulrich Mans (Quantum Delta NL), Philippe Duluc (Atos), Frederic Schneider-Maunoury (ASML), Freeke Heijman (Quantum Delta NL), Neil Abroug (French quantum initiative), Ronald Hanson (Quantum Delta NL), Christophe Jurczak (Quantonation), Benno Broer (Qu & Co) and Wouter Baljon (ASML)

It was truly a great day and the start of what appears to have already started to become a very successful collaboration between two growing national quantum ecosystems. 

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Ecosystem News 

 Quantum job board launched!

The beta version of the joint Dutch/French quantum jobboard is LIVE and can be found at

Our French colleagues will get their via; Dutchies can also reach it via

The jobboard automatically fills itself with the vacancies of Dutch and French quantum companies every 24 hours. No extra work needed! Interested applicants are immediately sent to the quantum companies' own websites if they'd like to read more information.

We're still working on the automatic addition of quantum jobs at general companies. Is your company offering quantum-related jobs, or would you like to list your quantum company to have your vacancies automatically added? You can email Irene or simply reply to this newsletter.

 France and the Netherlands sign MoU 

With their MoU, the governments of France and the Netherlands support the ambition of the European Union in the field of quantum technology and are committed to investing in the fast-growing European ecosystem for quantum innovation.

Many of the R&D clusters and companies in our countries already maintain close ties. A good example is the investment made by the French venture capital fund Quantonation in Dutch startup Qu&Co (see next section), and the cooperation in the European consortia of the Quantum Flagship.

The MoU will strengthen this cooperation in areas of mutual interest, including scalable quantum computers, cross-border quantum communication networks, private investment in start-ups and industry involvement in quantum.

Read all the details in our press release.

The Fd picked up on the news yesterday morning, read the entire article here.

Business news

 Qu&Co closes successful funding round 

Qu&Co announced in a press release on the 9th of August that they have successfully closed a new investment round. This round was led by Quantonation and with investments from Runa Capital and SPInvest. 

Qu&Co was founded by Benno Broer (CEO) and Vincent Elfving (CTO) in 2017 and has R&D activities in the Netherlands, the UK, France, Germany, and Spain. They are based in Amsterdam and develop quantum computational algorithms and platform products for quantum enhanced simulation and quantum enhanced machine learning. 

One of the investors is from France. "We’re seeing tremendous progress on the quantum computing hardware side. Qu&Co’s current and future quantum software products will be key to bring enterprises to benefit from quantum advantage," said Christophe Jurczak, managing partner at Quantonation. 

Congratulations to Qu&Co! Read the whole press release here if you would like to know more.

 Delft Circuits contributes to MATQu

Delft Circuits announced recently that the company will be a part of MATQu: 'Materials for Quantum Computing'. They will join 18 industrial partners from Europe in this alliance. MATQu enables stable European industry-scale fabrication value chains for solid-state-based quantum computer development.

MATQu is led by the joint business office of the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics and the Research Fab for Microelectronics Germany (GS VUE/FMD) as well as Fraunhofer IAF, and started in June 2021 with the goal to support the creation of a pan-European research infrastructure for advanced computing technologies. The project aims to bring together world-class European research and technology organizations, industrial fabrication facilities and leading application partners in the domain of solid-state qubits—a subject of intense global competition—to realize the vision of a European supply chain for materials and processes.

To know more about what their plans are and more on what MATQu hopes to achieve read the entire article here.

 Quix installs processor 

Twente-based company Quix announced the installation of their processor at the Universität Paderborn. 

With this achievement, the company increases the collaborative efforts between the Netherlands' quantum ecosystem and Germany. According to Quix, the photonic processor is the most powerful in the world currently. It will aid researchers at the university in areas such as Machine learning, finance, and chemistry. 

Quantum System Engineer Caterina Taballione added: “This collaboration confirms the continuing interest in our products from the major players in the international quantum photonics landscape. Paderborn University is at the forefront of integrated optics, and we look forward to the results of this collaboration.”

To read more about how the processor will be applied and where it fits into the roadmap of quantum development, read the entire article.

Academic news

 Quix are published in scientific paper

More on Quix: The company recently published in the scientific paper ‘Materials for Quantum Technology’ about demonstrating the world’s largest universal quantum photonic processor. 

The paper by lead author from Quix Caterina Taballione describes their processor as the first commercially available turn-key processor for photonic quantum computing. With it, Quix claims improvements to progress in machine learning, quantum chemistry, and cryptography with the processor being vital to photonic quantum computing. 

Way to go team!
To know more, check out our blog post covering the publication.

Job alerts

 We are hiring!

You could be our future Director Research Programs and IP. We are looking for a people-oriented and technical director with experience with large-scale cross-institutional research programs in the beta domain. Do you want to be at the helm of the quantum revolution in the Netherlands and Europe?

Do you like to realize the National Agenda Quantum Technology (link) that was drawn up in 2019 by structuring the collaborations between companies and knowledge institutions? Are you a team player who takes her or his role in an organization that is yet to be developed?

Then this position is for you! It’s open for the next 8 days, so be sure to apply quickly.

For any other jobs, you can of course visit the beta version of our quantum job board:) 


 Ingrid talks about the quantum internet 

At an event later today at 14:00, Ingrid Romijn, one of the coordinators of Quantum Delta NL's second Catalyst Program (Building a National Quantum Network) and Program manager at QuTech, will have a breakout session at the ‘LichtKogel’ experience event. The event is centered around the future of the internet and in Ingrid's case will focus on the future of the quantum internet. 

The LichtKogel experience brings together various thought leaders and experts to address the progression of the internet since its inception about 50 years ago. The cyber security of our infrastructure, digital sovereignty, public interests, and sustainability in regards with the internet will be what one can expect in the talks being held. 

Ingrid will take us ‘into the future with the quantum internet.’ She will cover how it enables new innovations and applications, including a level of privacy, security, and computing power that is impossible to achieve with today's internet. There will be plenty of room for questions about applications and potential impact, so tune in for your chance to ask Ingrid about it. Her breakout starts at 15:20 hours CEST. 

 Our Director Freeke Heijman at WEF

We’re excited to share that our Director Freeke Heijman will be a panelist at the World Economic Forum’s launch event for ‘The Quantum Computing Network.’ The event will be a 30 minute live stream discussion moderated by Robert Hackett from Fortune magazine featuring 2 other panelists from IBM, Caltech/AWS who are leading figures in the science and societal impact of quantum technology. 

The Quantum Computing Network initiated by the World Economic Forum is a multi stakeholder network for accelerating responsible quantum computing. Experts from business, academia, governments, and nonprofits have already joined the network with notable names like Google, IBM, and Microsoft in the ranks. The Netherlands is prominent in the academic members section featuring our community members QuTech and QuSoft. Along with them we are represented by the University of Amsterdam and TU Delft who sit alongside international representation from Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Monash, Oxford, and others. The European Commission is among the active government and nonprofit members.  

Make sure you tune in live on the 8th of September 15:00 - 15:30 CEST on the World Economic Forum’s social channels.

 Delegation at Quantum Computing Summit

In case you missed it on our LinkedIn, we are headed to London to attend The Quantum Computing Summit along with the Netherlands Innovation network UK. 

The event is 'designed to provide business, and technical insight, qualified via application-based quantum experiences to showcase how quantum is delivering real business value'.

We will be there along with Quantum.Amsterdam and are bringing together a Dutch delegation of key figures in quantum. You could take the trip across the channel with us, as there are 4 delegate tickets worth £2,299 available for quantum companies or professionals from the Netherlands that want to join us. Today is the last day to let us know you'd like to join! Tell us your motivation by emailing Chief Innovation Advisor Marjolein Bouwers at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the United Kingdom, via and be part of the action!

  NWO is hosting a matchmaking day

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) is organizing an online matchmaking event within the framework of the NWA called 'The societal impact of quantum technology'.

The event takes place on Thursday 23 September 2021 from 9:30 to 12:00 hours CEST. Researchers, from the entire knowledge chain and various disciplines, societal partners, and practitioners from the building industry will get to know each other in a diverse and inspiring programme so that they can jointly come up with innovative research ideas.

Be sure to register here for your chance to network with others in the field.

Reading & listening

 Anne Marije Zwerver in podcast

Anne Marije Zwerver from QuTech, who is a PhD candidate at QuTech's Vandersypen Lab (named after Lieven van der Sypen, who is also the coordinator of our first Catalyst program Quantum Computing & Simulation) was on the podcast ‘Toekomstmuziek’ to speak about a quantum future. 

The podcast, hosted by Eveline Meijer of AG Connect, asked the question ‘When can we get started with the quantum computer?’ Anne Marije was joined by Adriaan Rol of Delft-based company Orange Quantum Systems to answer this by speaking about the building blocks of quantum along with prospects and efforts they are making in quantum computing. 

If you’re curious to know what useful applications quantum currently has and when we can expect to see the full effects and use of quantum computers, tune in to what Anne Marije has to say on the podcast.

 Two page spreads in de Telegraaf & Fd

Our growing quantum ecosystem was covered by de Telegraaf in a 2 page spread last weekend, and in Financieele dagblad on Tuesday!

In the Telegraaf, our Director Freeke Heijman was quoted along with the earlier mentioned Anne Marije Zwerver and her promotor Lieven van der Sypen, the scientific director of QuTech and the coordinator of our 1st catalyst program 'quantum computing & simulation'. He shared how his initial skepticism about 'creating an ecosystem' changed because of seeing clear results from our approach. 

One such clear result being the ImpaQT Nano-NISQ consortium described in the article. It consists of 6 Dutch quantum companies who came together to build a quantum computer by combining the off-the-shelf products they're specialized in: Qu&Co, Orange Quantum Systems, Qblox, Delft Circuits, Quantware, and DEMCON.

We invest in this consortium because of wanting to reach the same goal they want these quantum companies want to reach: show other companies what they can do with quantum technology. Did you know we allocate €5 million per year to facilitate 125 high-tech companies to work with quantum technology? We’ll be launching our first open call for SMEs soon - stay tuned! Till then, here’s the entire article for you to read.

Two days later, Het Financieele Dagblad picked up on the MoU that was signed between France and the Netherlands on Tuesday. 

The paper quotes our director Freeke Heijman about the Netherlands' mission to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to quantum technology development, as well as our Demissionary State Secretary Mona Keijzer, who dismissed any suggestions about the Netherlands potentially getting overshadowed by other countries in larger European collaborations. Instead, she emphasized how the MoU aligns perfectly with the European Union's goal of striving for 'open strategic autonomy'. We couldn't agree more.

Read the entire article here

See you next month!

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