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News from the Network

TCI 2017: what to expect during the 20th Anniversary Conference

"The future of clusters through cross-country & cross-region collaboration" Bogota, Colombia, 7-9 November 2017

Make sure you join your cluster peers in Bogota to:
- Converse about the evolution of local competitiveness policies and cluster agendas
- Understand how competitiveness, innovation & cluster development is implemented in different world contexts
- Discuss the relevance of local competitiveness agendas for global development
- Connect with colleagues from many places worldwide who are moving the same types of initiatives forward


TCI 2017: have a look at the conference features on the official website


We invite you to visit the TCI 2017 conference website to find detailed information on the conference themes, program structure, cluster tours, reasons to attend, organizing committee, host city, travel and accommodation. Start planning your participation now!


28-30 June: new dates for 10th TCI Latin American Cluster Conference

“Binational Competitiveness as a pillar for sustainable cluster development”
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, 28-30 June 2017

The three-day event's special feature will be the binational reality of the region between Mexico and the United States given the strategic geographical situation of Tijuana.


TCI coordinates peer reviews to 6 European regions


Given TCI's practice in setting up international peer reviews gathering experienced cluster practitioners, the network is in charge of coordinating peer reviews to 6 European regions. These are carried out in the framework of the Interreg project CLUSTERS3 'Leveraging Cluster Policies for Successful Implementation of RIS3' and will be held between April and July 2017 with the participation of 10 international reviewers. Main findings and best practices will be shared with the cluster community around the world.


Analysing CLUSTERS3 regions´ clusters, cluster policies & RIS3

A policy learning document analyses the SWOT of the CLUSTERS3 project partner regions´ clusters, cluster policies and smart specialization strategies. Some findings:
- Most of the partner regions showed a number of quite similar strengths.
- Weaknesses are very specific for each region, requiring territory-specific approaches to tackle them.
- Partner regions see their main opportunities in line with the European call for stronger specialization within - strategic priorities and clusters, as well as value chain(s) diversification.
- Most of the threats tend to reflect territories’ weaknesses if they are not addressed over a longer period of time.


Cluster evaluation group: taking stock & planning activities for 2017


In its last meeting in Eindhoven last November, TCI's Cluster Evaluation Group reviewed the progress, and any challenges, with piloting the survey questions in Colombia, Adelaide and Plymouth. This learning will be shared with CLUSTERS3 project partners in June and the next workshop of the group is scheduled for mid-September hosted by Innovation Norway.

Join the group!


Why clusters matter - Food Innovation Australia

In her testimonial, TCI member Mirjana Prica, Managing Director of Food Innovation Australia, reviews the three things her organization is doing for the food industry: creating knowledge and sharing it with the industry, building their capability, and connect them to market opportunities. To her, it is crucial that all stakeholders collaborate together to make the industry grow.

Watch this cluster story


TCI Latin American chapter fosters cluster management training


How to manage a cluster initiative - from plans to action
Medellin, 5 April 2017

Co-organized by the Cámara de Comercio de Medellín para Antioquia and the Comunidad Cluster de Medellín, two workshops will give participants conceptual and pratical tools to better manage a cluster initiative.


Cluster linkages in Canada - an analysis

TCI member The Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity’s cluster linkages analysis produces a ‘cloud’ of industry linkages around each cluster. Industries are classified as ‘strongly related’ or ‘loosely related’ to a cluster depending on how strong their linkages are to the industries within the cluster. The Institute’s analysis is meant to help policy makers, firms, industry organizations, and research institutions understand how different industries are connected in Canada. Strengthening and capitalizing on these linkages can help foster new growth opportunities.

Download the full analysis


TCI mentorship: an excellent way to improve your professional skills


“It helped me in having a global perspective of cluster development and trying to see what is happening in other regions and to think out of the box” - that's how a mentee involved in the previous round of the TCI mentorship program summarizes the benefits of it. Don't miss this unique opportunity of working together with an experienced cluster practitioner! The program is free of charge for TCI members.

Apply as a mentee here


Widening our selection of executive cluster training

We are currently complementing our selection of courses around the world given with a focus on clusters and competitiveness. Let us know if you organize such a course and we will include it in our list published on our website.


New selection of academic articles on clusters

Academic articles clusters  

This month's selection includes an article entitled "Internationalization intensity of clusters and their impact on firm internationalization: the case of Poland" by B. Jankowska, M. Götz.


Welcome to our new Organizational Member!

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