The Gorka is made for bad days.

It's made for mud.
It's made for grime.
It's made for days spent awake in a small trench. 

It is a tent for when tents get you killed--and that's exactly why we love it.


Issued widely for decades, the Gorka (Горка) or "little mountain" is a favorite among Russian and ex-Soviet bloc forces.

It is a tough three season suit which excels at shrugging off brambles, rough terrain, and inclement weather.

Originally designed for Russia's mountain troops, the Gorka spread rapidly. Its full coverage, generous cut, and high mobility won it quick adoption among Russian special forces--eventually landing the Gorka in the hands of the average infantryman.


There is no disputing that the Gorka is old technology. In a world of hyper light wonder plastics, the cotton-canvas Gorka stands out like a 1998 Toyota Hillux in a lot full of Priuses.

Would a Prius get you to work on time?


Would it be lighter and more fuel efficient?

Technically yes.

Would you trust a Prius to get you the hell out of Dodge?

Absolutely not.


Over the last three months we've worked closely with our Russian manufacturer to develop a "Goldilocks" Gorka. 

Our goal was simple:
e wanted to give the Gorka a quality of life update without over complicating the original design.

The Gorka K is the result of this effort.


The core of the 'K' series of modifications is a re-examination of the Gorka trousers.

Almost all of the mobility of the original Gorka stems from its loosely cut pants. For the most part, the original pants are perfectly fine... but there are a few problems.

Specifically, the rise is too high and the crotch is a single seam. This makes the pants ride, and leaves them vulnerable to blowouts.

To address this we added a diamond shaped crotch gusset and adjusted the pants so that they sit comfortably below the navel.


We also found areas of the Gorka that needed to fit tighter to the body. 

In the trousers, the original design needlessly ballooned fabric in the calf area. This was unsightly, but it was also a potentially disastrous snag hazard when moving quickly.

This line of thought also lead us to replacing nearly every button on the original Gorka suit with a "slotted" or "Canadian style" button--and to incorporating no snag flaps into all external pockets.

Widely used in military applications, slotted buttons are attached using a strip of webbing, and bar tacked directly onto the garment.

This design not only makes slotted buttons inherently stronger, it also allows them to move and flex while buttoned.

On the rare occasion that a slotted button does break, this simple method of attachment makes field repairs expedient.


Last but certainly not least we made some significant changes to the upper of the Gorka.

Most notably, an "owl neck" full freedom hood, armpit vents, and an additional waist level drawcord to reduce bulk.


The end result of all these little changes is a dramatically better overall garment.

As far as that Goldilocks Gorka goes,
I think we just about made it.

The Gorka K is available now for pre-order, and will begin production early September.

I hope you love yours as much as we loved making it.


Not sure how your week is going, but I hope this photo of warehouse Ivan makes it that much better. We have a pretty good time shooting all of these photos for you, one of these days I'll put together a proper album.
"goodness ivan just one after the other with these killers"
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