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For Immediate Release
Jan. 27, 2016
DPP: No Plans to Join President Ma's Visit to Taiping Island;
Position on South China Sea Remains Unchanged
Regarding President Ma’s planned visit to Taiping Island (Itu Aba) on Thursday, Jan. 28, and his invitation for President-Elect Tsai Ing-wen to appoint a DPP representative to participate in the trip, DPP spokesman Yang Chia-liang stated that, in deference to institutions, the party has no plans to send anyone.  As to the South China Sea issue, Chair Tsai has reaffirmed many times the party’s adherence to Taiwan’s sovereignty claims, and this position remains unchanged.  We advocate resolving the relevant disputes in accordance with international law and UNCLOS.  The DPP believes that, as a part of the region, it is Taiwan's responsibility to join all parties in safeguarding regional peace and stability.



針對馬總統將赴太平島巡視宣示主權並邀請民進黨派員一事,民主進步黨發言人楊家俍今(27)日表示,民進黨基於對體制的尊重,所以沒有派員隨同前往。對於 南海議題,蔡主席已經多次表示,民進黨堅持南海主權,這個立場不會改變,我們主張依據國際法及海洋法公約來處理相關爭議。民進黨認為,身為區域的一份子, 我們有責任與各\方共同來維護區域的和平與穩定。


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