Free the Slaves liberates slaves and changes the conditions that allow slavery to persist.
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You Make the Difference between Slavery and Freedom

If there’s a single word that sums up your impact as a donor to Free the Slaves, it’s this: RESULTS. The community-based programs you support in the world’s worst slavery hot spots are delivering impressive results. The numbers for 2015 alone are truly remarkable.

Overall, your contributions have now liberated 12,000 people from bondage since Free the Slaves began operations. You are bringing us closer to a world without slavery!

You Can Free an Entire Village

If you haven’t had an opportunity to join our spring Free-a-Village campaign, now is your chance! 

We’re bundling together your contributions—large or small—to liberate 55 entire villages in India. We’re nearly half-way to our goal already, more than 22 villages free

Watch our short video to see slavery survivors explain how your donations changed their lives. Then donate to spread freedom—and spread the word to your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to join too! Right now, you can double your impact—a respected philanthropist is matching every donation dollar for dollar!
Harvard Says Our Model Frees Villages & Improves Lives

Our community-based strategy for ending slavery has earned high praise from Harvard University’s FXB Center for Health & Human Rights

Researchers asked the two toughest questions facing the anti-slavery movement: can activists prove their model ends slavery and demonstrate the socioeconomic benefits of that change?

The answer to both questions was a resounding yes. The Harvard team found that our front-line partner group MSEMVS in India is liberating entire villages, and that people’s lives are improving markedly after slavery is gone. Researchers found a reduction in violence and household debt once slavery was eliminated and villagers had been organized to stand-up for their rights. Researchers also found that people were able to eat better and gain access to government services. Learn more about the study here and our community-based model here.
Nepal Team Develops Global Earthquake Guidelines

It’s been a year since Nepal’s devastating earthquake killed thousands and left large sections of the country in ruins. 

A trafficking spike is common following natural disasters. So, Free the Slaves and our partner organizations have developed recommendations to guide future earthquake response teams worldwide. The guidelines call for the integration of anti-trafficking work into other disaster response efforts—such as handing out anti-trafficking information at the same places people go to get food and tents.

Free the Slaves front-line partner groups have worked tirelessly to help desperate survivors cope with a wave of human traffickers who prey on the vulnerable in disaster zones. See our one-year update for inspiring details. 
Make America’s Next President a
Great Emancipator

The U.S. presidential primary season is coming to a close, but it’s not too late to voice your opinion about modern slavery. We’ve joined 100 other leading American organizations to ask the presidential candidates to commit to increase anti-slavery funding if elected. You can sign the Generation Freedom campaign petition here.

And there are other ways to be heard, at campaign rallies, on campaign social media sites, even in news articles and political polls. Check out ideas here. Make the candidates and the parties they represent know that fighting slavery in important to you.
Jewish Outreach Links Slavery
Past & Present

Our 2016 Passover Project has been a tremendous success. More than 20 synagogues and schools have joined our five-year campaign to enlist Jewish schools, congregations and communities into a network mobilized against human trafficking. The goal is to inspire Jews to join the battle against modern slavery. Hundreds of people downloaded special tip sheets to bring modern day slavery to their Seder tables during Passover. Our project was prominently featured on CNN!
Our thanks to Rabbi Debra Orenstein and the team of outstanding Jewish educators she assembled to create the Passover Project materials. The initiative lasts throughout the year, with special teaching materials on modern slavery from a Jewish perspective. This state-of-the-art curriculum includes lessons for every age from kindergarten through adulthood.

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