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Even if it is not the earliest investor in Nigerian ecommerce, South African Naspers is definitely the most tenacious. It has not let the failure of Kalahari, the collapse of Mocality, the demise of Dealfish and the currently middling performance of PriceCheck from making even more ambitious forays into Nigeria's thick ecommerce jungle. Naspers' online classifieds subsidiary, OLX has acquired Schibsted's Tradestable platform which operates in Nigeria, and is redirecting visitors to

A consolation stake in is not enough. Naspers is not quite ready to give up on carving a major piece of the Nigerian ecommerce pie for themselves. Maybe this time, they'll get lucky.

In other news, I really hope this giant albatross that the Nigerian general election is comes and goes without incident, so life and business can go back to normal. Readers from around the world, wish us luck.

What's been going on...

May 2015: Payments Dragon's Den In Johannesburg

One of the highlights of the 2015 Mobile Money and Digital Payments Africa conference is the Payments Dragon’s Den competition, designed to expose and connect the most innovative African payments startups and innovators to markets and opportunities. Application deadline is the 10th of April. More information is available on the official website.

Supermart Prime is Amazon Prime for Nigerians grocery buyers

Nigerian grocery retail startup by ex-jumia executives has borrowed a leaf from the Amazon playbook. A flat delivery free for all purchases each month. I suspect that most of Supermart's customers buy groceries in bulk once a month, but this means they can save on shipping when they need to make unplanned orders. This is the sort of thing that keeps customers loyal, and the economics might even make sense for Supermart. Totally love this.

We tested Whatsapp calling...

Activations are still limited, with people clamouring to turn on the feature, but it works. It's not just telcos who should be afraid, in my opinion, Skype should be too.

The proposed online dictionary of Yoruba names met its crowdfunding target

The concept of raising funds from the public for innovative ideas has not quite caught on in Africa, so it's exciting when any of these projects actually manage to do it, even if it's just $5,000. Clearly, there are people who want to see Kola Tunbosun's Yoruba Names project succeed.

Africans are more likely to stream movies over work connections

So iROKOtv added a download option for subscribers. Perhaps to help them avoid queries.

“In Nigeria (and Africa), peak viewing is between 10am – 5pm. Office hours,” iRoko Partners’ CEO, Jason Njoku told Techcabal while sharing the unique insight behind the modification.  “During this time, the ISP networks people are using are enterprise level data. This is the opposite to every other ‘normal’ (read Western) market. Yet we believe viewing patterns globally are similar. The difference is/was data availability,”.

Tiketmobile pivots

After its CEO called out the Africapitalist Tony Elemelu Foundation for essentially giving the bus ticketing startup enough funding rope to hang itself with, it went comatose, and its founders were flung far and wide. Tiketmobile has however come back to life, as an airport taxi hailing service in Nigeria's capital. There are more questions than answers.

In other news

Uganda's president has his own app. He must "get it" then.

Uber has begun surge pricing in Lagos. Demand plus Lagos traffic must be the culprits

VC4Africa has launched partner pages that let startup-focused orgs conduct registrations, signups and more

Nigerians love PayPal, become its second largest African market in less than one year

Mark Zuckerberg just put $10 million into an African primary school franchise

EMO Africa 2015 startup applications have begun

Silicon Valley. Silicon Cape. Yabacon Valley

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