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Happy New Year Craft Beer Lovers!

We hit the ground running as 2014 started.  There is so much to do and so little time to do it.  Right now Curtis has been collecting all the fittings, pieces, and parts to put our brewhouse together.  I've been designing more recipes and making more test batches on our home brew system in our garage. Our architect submitted our plans to the city before Christmas, so we are just waiting for approval and our permit.  So far everything is right on time and going smoothly. Unfortunately we can't control how fast ABC processes and approves our Type 23 license, so that will be the deciding factor as to when we open. Hopefully it will be sometime in April. *fingers crossed*
I know all of you are excited to try some Council Beer. Stay tuned since we will be planning a special event (limit 12-15 people) where you can taste some of our beer and tell us what you think! 
Curtis and Liz

Wow! Look at that plate chiller! This will be used to cool hot wort (beer before it becomes beer) to the right temperature for the yeast to do its job in making you a delicious drink.
These are just some of our fermenters.  We will be brewing and fermenting approximately 100 gallons of beer at a time. 
Our brewhouse was delivered last week. That includes a mash tun, kettle, whirlpool tank, and brite tank.  We will be using our instant hot water heater as our hot liquor tank.
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