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exciting new sponsors

Last month I mentioned many of the existing loyal sponsors who add value to the club.  And of course we as members need to support them.

Here are some of the other sponsors, old and new, that we are enjoying partnering with:
Bank of Queensland, Hodges Sandringham, WD Rose & Joseph Allison, Bakers Delight Hampton, Sipp Cafe Hampton, Ian Chudleigh Plumbers, Stuart Hunter Motors, and of course Lawns Trees & Rubbish (Neil Webster)

We now have sponsors for many of our major events including the Cruiseabout monthly Wednesday Triples, the WD Rose and Joseph Allison monthly Monday Triples, the Hodges Merchants Cup, and the Bank of Queensland Australia Day event.

Don't forget, when you visit one of our sponsors, to mention that you come from Hampton Bowls Club and to thank them for their sponsorship

we get looked after

Ken and Sue get ready to serve up some more drinks and coffees.  And you know they always do it with a welcoming smile.  We would just like to thank them for looking after us so well.  And it's not too late to pay your club subscription over the bar--these guys will be glad to take it

Don't look so surprised, Johan

Yes, we won the Premier Pairs at Southern Indoor Bowls Club this winter: Run over 16 weeks this Friday Pairs competition is for Premier League, Divisions 1 and 2 bowlers only and is a test of stamina over the winter (ably assisted by star substitute Alan Rimington).  We cheated on the picture--that was Rob Coulson and Johan Fourie at the Australian Open

jumping with excitement

Rita Davies takes one look at the bowl from Denise Miljoen's side and jumps with excitement: That must have been close! .Every Tuesday during the winter there has been lots of fun and laughter and some very good indoor carpet bowls played.  Will you play next winter?

Jim--I think the chook's gone

Friday evening 6 pm: Look's like someone won the chook.  Every week Johnny Larke sells the tickets and if you don't buy them then you have no chance.  Make sure you get down to the club on a Friday night and you may even get to take home the members draw--anything from $40 to $400.

can you remember the club song?

As far as I know there are at least three versions of the club song.  This one has been submitted by Marg Radford and was penned by Joy Brown and Ted Kilmister.  Of course it is sung to the same tune as the Hawthorn Footy Club.  Can you send me other versions you know of our call to arms?

We’re a happy club at Hampton
A happy club is our decree
Win or lose we always wear a grin
That is the way it should be
(sung with gusto)
Rivalry is keen and friendly
That’s the way we play the game
We are proud to be the club the makes you welcome

my word you look hungry

Jeanne Rackstraw serves the starving at Happy Hour Every Friday evening Jeanne serves up hot party pies, pasties and mini-pizzas to the masses--just so they can sit and buy draw tickets from Johnny Larke.  Well done Jeanne--keep them coming

more absent friends

John Buck: There I was looking for the ATM in Beaumaris,when up loomed John Buck, now living in retirement on the Mornington Peninsula.  John was delighted to see Ellen and I and said that he would love to be invited to one of our marquee events like Easter Saturday or Australia Day when the time comes.  John was arguably our most consistent lead when Hampton last won Division Two a couple of years back.

barbecue area roofing

Most people contributed: But the trouble was that when Dennis Williams went to get quotes it was a multiple of what money had been contributed.  So Dennis is looking at alternative approaches, and has the money safely stored behind the bar until a decision about the solution is made.  They are still committed to do it, so we will keep you posted.

practice matches

start the week after Opening Day: so dust out your kit, and limber up, because the first pennant practice matches will be on Saturday August 31 (venue to be advised) and Tuesday September 3 (at home).  Don't forget that we have one extra team entered for each Pennant, so there will be ample opportunity for everyone to get involved

Hampton will host major Schools bowling competition

School Sport Victoria will run their 2013 "Beachside area" bowls competition at Hampton Bowls Club on Monday October 21.  This is a tremendous opportunity for us at Hampton to interface with representatives from 10 local schools and to encourage those that display talent to come and join our Development Squad.  Theo Witte is in charge of the program which will include coaching as well as the event itself.  Winners then go on to the District and hopefully later the State finals.

Adding to our umpiring strength

New officials have been added to our team at Hampton: Anne Hope has been accredited as a Level 1 Umpire, Dennis Williams has been accredited as a Measurer, and Rob Coulson has re-accredited as a Level 2 Umpire.  Don't forget that our Umpires Co-ordinator this year is Sarah Hope--contact her with all your officiating queries.
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