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Did you make it to my Natural Medicine week talks?  You can still watch them now.

Body Wisdom - What is your body trying to tell you? Your body is talking to you all the time and sending you messages. However, most of us don’t recognise the messages and have difficulty interpreting them:

Resilience, What is resilience and why do we need it more today than ever:

Long courses on both topics are coming up - see the details later in this newsletter.

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    Energy Cords

    I love what I do. And one of the areas I help people with is removing negative energy cords. 

    Energy cords, also called ethereal ribbons or cords, travel out from you and connect you to everyone and everything, including people, places, animals, and objects. You are born with them, and your first one would be with your parents. The cords allow you to feel a connection with the person or thing you have corded with, and there is a transfer of positive or negative energy through them. Positive cords are beneficial in their nature and exist with those you love, your spouse, children, ancestors, friends, angels, pets, etc. The positive ones are great, you meet your friend, and you both feel amazing, energised, and uplifted. Even when you go your separate ways, you both feel great, energised and feel ready to face the world. 

    “A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world.
    Everyone you meet is your mirror."
    Ken Keys

    You can form Cords with :

    • Parents.
    • Siblings.
    • Your children.
    • Other relatives.
    • Teachers.
    • Friends.
    • Medical and health professionals.
    • Anyone you have been in a relationship with, including work, romantic, sexual, or monetary.
    • People who have let you down emotionally or caused heartache.
    • Pets.
    • Those you have engaged in power struggles.
    • People who are jealous of you or make you feel jealous.
    • Situations where people character attack you, this may be online as well as physically.
    • People who abuse you at traffic lights or the shopping centre queue.
    • Passers-by you see, either in cars, the store, in social media or online.
    • Objects you or your family have for a long time.
    • Your homes and all the places you have lived. 

    Sometimes it can feel like someone has plugged into you and has drained you of your energy? Do you have people who do that to you? 

    Negative cords are with the people who drain your energy field or who constantly put you down and make you feel less than worthy in their presence. They are the people that make you feel angry or make you feel hatred towards them or want revenge for what they did. You may be jealous or frightened of them, or they have hurt or abused you on any level of your being, or they have some sort of power over you. It may be your friends or family, and every time you see them, you become drained and washed out.

    Do you get washed out and drained when you are around certain people? Or do you fall into old patterns when you are around your family? These are all indicators that you have energetic cords influencing your behaviour. 

    Removing these negative cords can make a positive difference to your energy levels as well as your life.

    Please message me if you would like more information.

    Get in touch


    You can find me on social media at:

    Consultations in the comfort of your home

    It is possible to arrange an appointment in the comfort of your own home. We can:
    • Skype
    • FaceTime
    • Zoom
    • Have a phone call
    To arrange please email and we will sort out a mutually convenient time.

    Face-to-face consultations

    To see me in person you can:

    Appointment costs

    Appointments are:
    • $45 for 15 minutes
    • $75 for 30 minutes
    • $130 for 60 minutes
    • $180 for 90 minutes


    Resilience - a 10-week course

    What is resilience, and why do we need it more than ever.

    The stress of current society, together with the additional stress of the pandemic, means more and more people are noticing that it is taking a toll on their health and wellbeing.

    You may notice that you don’t have as much energy as you used to, or you are not feeling your bright and cheerful self.  

    Resilience is like having savings for a rainy day to help you and your body cope with the challenges and stresses that come your way. 

    This 10-week course uses the acronym - 
    R – Rest
    E – Energy
    S – Soul
    I – I am
    L – Love
    I – Intuition
    E – Exercise
    N – Nutrition
    C – Creativity
    E – Emotions 

    Let’s delve into resilience to build your reserves. We will discuss a topic each week, and you will get a different exercise that you can use to buildup your resilience bank.

    This resilience course will be online, in the comfort of your home via zoom 

    Time Monday 6 pm Perth time 

    Duration about 30 minutes

    Cost $149 inc GST

    Start date 21 June 2021 To 23 August 2021

    10-weeks of building your resilience

    Please contact meta register and for payment details.

    Essence Blend - Gentleness and Love

    Gentleness and Love is an essence blend created after a discussion with a colleague about the blockages created in our lives by occurrences while in utero or early in life.

    As adults, there is no way we can recall these situations, but we can often feel stuck in life and feel we are repeating the same patterns over and over. However, we can often see that these are patterns that our parents also carried out and that we are caught in the stream and continuing that pattern.

    For clearing early childhood patterns that have been imprinted on the subconscious so that you can now move into the real you.

    Gentleness and Love includes:

    • Evening primrose
    • Boab
    • Fringed Lily
    • Walnut
    • Star of Bethlehem
    • In 'Rose Quartz' water, helps us love, and accept ourselves as we are.

    You can order Gentleness and Love from

    It is $25 for a 25ml bottle with free postage in Australia.


    This year the International Herb Association named Parsley as its herb of the year for its outstanding medicinal, culinary and decorative properties.

    Parsley has a wide range of benefits ranging from being an antioxidant to improving brain health and cognition. It has anti-inflammatory properties, helps regulate blood sugar, helps the liver detox the body, is a diuretic and had antidepressant properties.

    WOW - who would have thought the often overlooked garden herb could do so much.

    Make sure you have some parsley growing in your garden and use it regularly to get its many health benefits.

    Body Wisdom - What is your body trying to tell you?

    A 6-week Course

    Your body is talking to you, sending you messages all the time. However, most of us do not recognise the messages our body sends and have difficulty interpreting them. 

    Our body is continually sending us messages - we just never learnt what they mean.

    Body Wisdom is an introductory course based on tongue and mucus signs and uses the cell salts as the key.

    Body Wisdom is a good course for everyone.

    Imagine getting up in the morning and looking at your tongue and saying - “Oh, I need this today!” and being able to direct your health as well as the health of your loved ones.

    Also covered during this workshop - 

    • Acid-Alkaline Balance
    • Detoxification
    • Fluid Balance
    • Lymphatic Cleansing
    • Digestion
    • And more

    Body Wisdom is an online course in the comfort of your home via Zoom.

    Time Monday 6 pm Perth time 

    Duration about 30 minutes

    Cost $149 inc GST

    Dates: 11 October 2021 to 15 November 2021

    6-weeks of learning about Body Wisdom

    Please contact me to register and for payment details. 

    Gratitude Journal E-book

    To help you along your gratitude journey you can purchase your 52-week e-book now.

    Studies show that we can deliberately cultivate gratitude and this can increase our well-being. In addition, being grateful and especially if we express it to others is associated with increased energy and optimism. Other words that may describe gratitude include:

    • Acknowledgement.
    • Appreciation.
    • Grace.
    • Gratefulness.
    • Praise.
    • Thankfulness.

    Each page covers one week and has a beautiful illustration and a quote. Then space to write 3 things you are grateful for each day. During the week one day will have an alphabetic prompt and another a prompt to help stimulate your gratitude thinking. These are meant as guides, you are free to enter what you wish on each day. You are free to print this on coloured paper too.

    The price for the Healing Solutions Gratitude Journal is $8.50 inc GST. You can purchase your journal



    Helping you with your health concerns.

    Caroline is happy to help you solve your health issues or to learn more about any of the topics covered in this newsletter.

    Caroline is working from Core Chiropractic Centre, book online or call (08) 9379 2112

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