No generalisations in healing

In order to truly begin healing your body, there is so much to understand!

There are absolutely no generalisations in healing. No diet or particular process works for everyone. Every person is unique. This is why it’s vital to learn how to tune into your body and learn what will work for you. The reason I have started running courses on chakra balancing is so that you can start tuning into your own body and have tools that you can use to help you on your healing journey. My next course is on September 18, come to join in the fun.

The reason I love flower essences is that they are a gentle and effective way to help us heal our emotional and spiritual blocks. I still remember my first bottle of Bach flowers and the changes that I felt on taking the drops. I wanted to know why no one had told me about them before. Many people first find out about flower essences through being introduced to Rescue Remedy. Rescue Remedy is a combination of 5 individual Bach flower essences. Do you have a story to share about Rescue Remedy? Would you like to learn more about essences and how they can transform your life? Then save the date, 2 November, as I will be running a healing essences course then. You can also read more about flower essences in this newsletter.

If you are ready to feel alive and get your love of life back then book in to see me now and let’s make a plan to turn your life around.
No generalisations in healing
  • What Your Eye Reveals
  • Stress Reduction Tip - Listen to Music
  • Question of the month — What are Flower Essences?
  • Essence of the month - Elm
  • Best I can
  • Sick of feeling Blurgh?
  • Iridology Refresher Workshop
  • Balancing your Chakras Workshop
  • Dream Catcher Workshop
  • Healing Essences Workshop
  • Brain Health
  • Helping you with your health concerns.

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    What Your Eye Reveals

    In emotional iridology, this person would be considered a flower.
    Flowers are identified through a large number of open spaces and rounded openings that occur in the iris.

    Those with more open structures will tend to be more sensitive to the environment and emotions as well as their body and how it feels. They are often more intuitive and creative.

    It is important that they have a creative outlet and ideally be able to pursue a career which allows this aspect of them to be expressed.
    Avoid burning the candle at both ends and enjoying frequent periods of rest and recuperation will help you get the most out of life.

    Stress Reduction Tip - Listen to Music

    What music touches your soul?

    Is it soft and gentle music or are you a rock child that likes that beat. Do you like to listen to music with or without someone singing? Does your choice of music change with your mood, or the time of day? Or perhaps you like to listen to a variety of music. Today's technology is great and you can have access to your favourite songs and create different playlists so you have music to suit every mood. Dancing or moving to music is also very healing. So next time you are feeling stressed think about what music would help you, and actively listen to it.

    You can also consider listening to relaxing music whilst in the bath or to help sleep just before bed. Many people find having some music playing whilst sleeping can help cover up some of those background noises that wake us up and so they get better quality sleep.

    Music has the ability to evoke memories, these may be good or bad, from childhood, previous relationships or the challenges or successes in our lives. How many times do you associate a song with what was going on in your life at that time? Music relieves anxiety. Studies show listening to music can physiologically ease stress and even reduce depressive symptoms.

    Benefits of listening to music include:
    • It can put you in a good mood and reduces depression. It has been found that when you listen to music your body releases dopamine, the happy hormone.
    • It alleviates mood whilst driving.
    • Keeps the brain healthy in all age groups.
    • Music can be motivating during a workout, run, bike ride, or even at work.
    • It can improve your sleep.
    • It can help with relaxation.
    • It can assist those who meditate.
    • Lowers stress and this may have a flow-on effect of reducing pain.
    • Improves athletic performance.
    • It helps cognition in those with Alzheimer’s disease.
    What type of music do you love?
    What type of music did you listen to in your childhood?
    This month take time out to listen to some music that you love.

    Question of the month — What are Flower Essences?

    How amazing does it feel when you receive a bunch of flowers? Or maybe you are out in nature and see a beautiful rose or other flowers, and it just makes you feel peaceful, or calm or uplifted. Flower essences are about bringing that feeling into our everyday life.

    Bach flowers were discovered by Edward Bach who prior to developing the essences was a highly successful bacteriologist and homoeopathic physician. His view was “There are no diseases, only sick people”.

    At 43 years of age, in 1930, Dr Bach left his successful Harley Street practice, to find a simple, “natural method of treatment that did not require anything to be destroyed or altered”.

    Bach introduced new concepts into Western treatment:
    • Bach wanted to have a healing system that was natural and safe but also one that could be used by anyone.
    • The diagnosis was not based on physical symptoms but used negative feelings or states of disharmony of the soul.
    • Bach became aware that a predisposition to physical ailments was the person’s emotional and mental factors.
    The method of extracting the healing energies of the flowers means that overdosage, side-effects and incompatibility with other treatments were avoided and the essences acted directly at the required site. The small amount of physical plant substance in the essences makes them non-toxic. Bach Flower Essences have been used with the elderly, children, infants, babies, pets and plants.

    Whilst essences are usually made from flowers they can be made from crystals and some companies make environmental essences too.
    The action of flower essences is harmless and can be used by a wide range of people involved in healing and self-healing.

    “The Bach Flowers act as a catalyst for positive inner transformation. They can, through raising self-awareness, assist us to transform our most negative states: fear, uncertainty, loneliness, oversensitivity to outside influences, and despondency, into the corresponding positive states: courage, clarity, independence and peace of mind. They can help develop self-esteem, assertiveness, self-reliance and self-discipline, and above all, spontaneity and warmth in relationships” (Wells, 1993, p. 5).

    Are you ready for more positivity, confidence, peace, enthusiasm and vitality in your life? Then Flower Essences can help.
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    Essence of the month - Elm

    Elm is the essence for overwhelm, the name elm is even hidden in the word "overwhelm".

    Elm people are amazing, they get so much done, and are very capable and hard working. The problem that arises is that they have a tendency to take on way too much and not know how to ask for help from others.
    You will find the elm person on every committee and volunteering to help friends and family with all sorts of things, over over-scheduling their diaries. This doesn’t allow them any recovery and recuperation time and they then struggle to do what they have committed themselves to do.
    It is important for the elm person to ask for help from other people. Others love to be involved too.

    Elm is only a temporary state as these people do so much and have a huge capacity to help others. It will often happen when something out of the blue has thrown a spanner in their life.

    “I can do it” blend can consist of Elm combined with:

    Centaury: for helping you say no to others.
    Walnut: to help you feel safe whilst you make the changes you need to in your life
    Impatiens: for helping to slow you down so you can take your time to do what you need to do.
    Water Violet: to allow you to more easily connect with others.
    Pine: to release the guilt you feel for not doing what you set out to do.

    Flower essences are amazing as they help us address emotional issues that take the zest and joy out of our lives.

    You can use a single essence or combine up to five in a dosage bottle.
    If you would like an “I can do it” blend please send me an email

    Are you interested in learning more about Flower Essences? Would you like to attend in person or do it online? Let me know by sending me an email.

    Best I can

    We are often critical of ourselves physically, as well as what we achieve.

    Today’s society seems to have an emphasis on being busy and doing more. As we finish one task it seems another 3 take its place. This can lead us to feeling inadequate, and lead to feelings of low self-esteem.

    Take a deep breath, and say to yourself “I love you and know that you are doing the best you can.” You can choose to say this under your breath or out loud. Saying it out loud will have more power as you are using the sense of hearing as well. Say it often, you can choose to say it whenever you pass a mirror, or when you catch yourself being critical of yourself. Remember we are all amazing and doing the best we can.

    Sick of feeling Blurgh?

    Are you sitting at home feeling blurrgh, tired, lethargic and lost your mojo?

    Wondering what happened to that vibrant you from the past?

    Sometimes we put up with feeling less than average because we get stuck in a rut and think that is our new normal. Maybe you have even been to see a doctor and he said it was your age, or your hormones and nothing really changed.
    • What would you do if you felt better?
    • It is time to get you back on track.
    • Are you ready to feel alive and vibrant?
    Then come book in with me and let’s make a plan to turn your life around.
    You can book online

    All my appointments are at Core Chiropractic, 1/85 Old Perth Road, Bassendean.

    Appointments are available on Monday mornings, Wednesday all day and Thursday afternoon. Appointments may also be available on Friday mornings and these are put into my schedule and you will see them when you go to book.

    Book your appointment online. Core Chiropractic uses an online booking system. The advantage of this is when you are sitting at home reading this newsletter and you have decided you need to see me you can go straight to the online booking page and make your appointment. No need to wait until the next day to phone, and you can see straight away what times I am available. It is quick and easy to use by following the prompts from or phone on 9379 2112.

    I look forward to seeing you soon.
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    Iridology Refresher Workshop

    Are you ready to take your iridology to the next level?

    You already studied iridology however just don’t feel confident in using it and would like to integrate it into your practice.

    Iridology has been an important part of my journey as a naturopath. I love that you can look into someone's eyes and tell them about them and their health and their personality.

    This is an advanced workshop and will only be open to those who have studied iridology before.

    Who should attend:

    • You want to feel confident in quickly assessing what you are seeing in an iris
    • You studied Iridology years ago and haven't used it since college
    • You left college and just didn't feel you learnt enough about Iridology
    • You want to incorporate Emotional (also called Rayid or Personality) Iridology into what you do
    • You would like some practical experience assessing some irises

    Workshop details

    Presenter: Caroline van der Mey

    Dates: Friday, 19 October 2018

    Time: 9.30 am to 2.30 pm

    Price: $200 per person — Early bird price is $180 per person if paid by 5 October 2018.

    There will be limited places available. If you want to attend please register your interest now.

    Venue: Core Chiropractic, Unit 1/85 Old Perth Road, Bassendean

    For more details and to book your place —, or phone Core Chiropractic direct on 9379 2112, or on Facebook

    Balancing your Chakras Workshop

    Are your chakras out of balance?

    How do you know if your chakras are out of balance?

    What can you do if they are out of balance?

    CHAKRA is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’, ‘spinning wheel’ or ‘spinning wheels of light’. Chakras are considered to be the energy centres that transform our life energy or chi into energy that is used for the functioning of the body and mind. Each chakra vibrates a different colour.

    Find out:
    • How your chakras get out of balance
    • How to tell if your chakras are out of balance
    • Why grounding your energy is so important and how to ground yourself
    • About healing techniques that you can use to rebalance your chakras
    This is a hands-on course with healing and meditations. Join the fun and learn techniques you can use for yourself, your family and others.
    You will go home with lots of tools that you can use straight away.
    This is a beginners course and no prior experience is necessary, come with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

    Limited places available.

    You will go home with lots of tools to use and your own flower essences blend.

    Workshop details

    Presenter: Caroline van der Mey

    Date: Tuesday, 18th September 2018

    Time: 10 am to 1.00 pm

    Price: $100 per person — Early bird price is $90 per person if paid by 10 September 2018 — Do you have a friend who you love to come along with you, then you pay only $80 per person.

    Bring a rug/blanket/yoga mat and or cushion for meditation

    Venue: Core Chiropractic, Unit 1/85 Old Perth Road, Bassendean

    For more details and to book your place —, or phone Core Chiropractic direct on 9379 2112, or on Facebook
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    Dream Catcher Workshop

    Dream catchers are a Native American tradition. It is believed that when a dream catcher is hung near your bed it catches dreams as they fly by, allowing the good dreams to make their way to the dreamer and the bad dreams to be caught in the web to be dissolved in the morning light.

    Explore your creative side and have fun, come along to this workshop and take home your own individualised dream catcher.

    No experience required and suitable for everyone who wants to give it a go. Those under 16years will need to have an adult in attendance.
    You can make your dream catcher for you, or it would also make an amazing gift.

    Everything is provided for you, including some angel wings to add to your catcher.

    Please feel free to bring materials and objects that have special meaning to you that you would like to incorporate into your dreamcatcher. This may include charms, patches, crystals, semi-precious stones, beads, shells anything you would like to add in. These will then be incorporated into your dream snare making the bond between you and your dreamcatcher even more powerful.

    Workshop details

    Presenter: Caroline van der Mey

    Date: Tuesday, 2nd October 2018

    Time: 10 am to 1 pm

    Price: $55 per person — Because this is a fantastic workshop to bring a friend to, pay $50 each when you bring a friend or save more by bringing two friends and pay $45 each. Payment to be made by 1st October 2018.

    Venue: Core Chiropractic, Unit 1/85 Old Perth Road, Bassendean

    Limited numbers on this workshop so get your place now.

    For more details and to book your place —, or phone Core Chiropractic direct on 9379 2112, or on Facebook
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    Healing Essences Workshop

    Flower essences are diluted extracts from plants that are used to improve all aspects of our being - our emotional, spiritual, and even our physical health.

    Rescue remedy is often a person’s first introduction to flower essences and Bach flowers. Rescue remedy is a combination of 5 essences used in times of stress and trauma to bring about calm and healing. There are altogether 38 Bach Flower essences that can be used for healing, individually or combined to make a unique healing blend.
    They combine well with traditional and modern medicine and can bring about rapid change in how we feel about our world.

    No prior knowledge required.

    We are going to look extensively at the different methods of preparing and selecting essences. You will be able to make your own essences and blends.

    Course notes are included and you will get to take home your own personal blend of Flower essences (to the value of $15) so that you can experience the effect of the essences first hand.

    Workshop details

    Presenter: Caroline van der Mey

    Date: Friday, 2nd November 2018

    Time: 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

    Price: $150 per person — Early bird price is $135 per person if paid by 25 October 2018 — Do you have a friend who you love to come along with you, then you pay only $120 per person.

    Venue: Core Chiropractic, Unit 1/85 Old Perth Road, Bassendean

    Bring your lunch or purchase at one of the nearby coffee shops.
    Limited numbers on this workshop so get your place now.

    For more details and to book your place —, or phone Core Chiropractic direct on 9379 2112, or on Facebook
    Book an Appointment

    Brain Health

    More than 342,000 Australians are living with dementia and that number is expected to increase to 400,000 within 10 years. Worldwide, at least 44 million people are living with dementia, making the disease a global health crisis that needs to be addressed.

    A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s affects everyone, it is life-changing for the person with the disease, as well as their family and friends. This month’s Brain health tip is to reduce inflammation.

    When we injure our body or when it gets an infection the body creates an inflammatory response to control the situation and get the body back to health. This process is supposed to be of short duration and the inflammatory response then turns off. However, trouble occurs when this process keeps going leading to systemic or chronic inflammation.

    We generally know that we have inflammation going on because the affected area is in pain, there is redness, burning and swelling. The brain has no pain receptors so the brain doesn’t record pain the way we know it. Brain inflammation initially shows up as mental fatigue and brain fog, with the inability to think clearly, depression and poor concentration.

    Brain inflammation is serious. The inflammation leads to the destruction of brain cells which speeds ageing and destruction of the brain, increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative brain disorders. To reduce the inflammation it is important to know what is causing it. Leading causes are:

    • Injury to the head, this may have been a long time ago.
    • Long-term inflammation in the rest of the body.
    • Leaky gut, which leads to leaky brain.
    • High blood sugar and diabetes. Alzheimer’s disease is increasingly being referred to as type 3 diabetes.
    • Hormonal imbalance, often with the thyroid and female hormones.
    • Food intolerances and reactions, especially to gluten.
    • Long-term stress.

    If you are struggling with your memory or have a family history of dementia come along and talk to me about what you can do to keep your brain in good health.

    Helping you with your health concerns.

    Caroline is happy to help you solve your health issues or to learn more about any of the topics covered in this newsletter.

    Caroline is working from Core Chiropractic Centre, book online or call (08) 9379 2112

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