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February is considered the month of Love. Today I want to share with you the quote from my Louise Hay calendar that I was wonderfully gifted at Christmas:

"This month I focus on love and gratitude. I allow love to flow through me and out into the world at large and watch as it comes back to me tenfold. And I take the opportunity to express my thanks at every turn, knowing that Life will give me even more to be grateful for.”

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Love and blessings to all xx

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Dream it Live it Workshop

As we start February, life starts to settle into new routines with school going back and life returning to normal. 
However what about your dreams? and what you want to have and do with your life?
Are you ready to change?
To live the dream you have to have one - and then the visualisations have to start.
Give yourself tools to help catapult yourself into your dream life - come join the Dream it Live it workshop - it is fun and gives you a chance to focus on dreams, and steps to help you achieve it - and with the bonus of doing this in a like-minded group - come join the fun.
Recommended that you bring a photo of yourself that you love.

Workshop details
Presenter: Caroline van der Mey
Date: Wednesday, 23 February 2018
Time: 9 am (9.15 start) - 3 pm.
Price: $120. Early bird price is $100 if paid by 16 February 2018. Bring a friend and pay only $80 per person.
Venue: Core Chiropractic, Unit 1/85 Old Perth Road, Bassendean
For more details and to book your place -, or phone Core Chiropractic direct on 9379 2112, or on Facebook

What Your Eye Reveals

What stands out in this iris?
When I look at this photo the thing that stands out to me is the grey colour that is surrounding the pupil.
The grey colour signifies a lack of stomach acid. Stomach acid is really important as it used to:
  • Break down our proteins so that they can start breaking down into amino acids
  • To help the immune system — as the acid kills bacteria, viruses and parasites that are not a normal part of our body.
Our stomach acid has to become really strong to do this, and when we take things that decrease our stomach acid this function is compromised.
Lack of stomach acid can lead to:
  • Digestive issues including bloating, belching, and flatulence immediately after meals. Heartburn (often thought to be caused by too much stomach acid), indigestion, diarrhoea, or constipation as our food is not being broken down properly
  • A feeling of discomfort after eating - often 2 - 4 hours later
  • Poor absorption of nutrients which can lead to fatigue and lack of energy. In particular calcium, zinc, iron, folate, and B12.
  • Parasites and poor bowel flora which can lead to all sorts of digestive issues as well as health problems
  • Increase frequency of colds, flu and viruses
  • Poor nail, hair, skin, cartilage and muscles as they all require protein for their production and health
  • Lack of enzymes. Proteins are essential for the production of enzymes and enzymes are catalysts that increase the rate of chemical reactions. The most talked about enzymes are digestive enzymes however there are thousands of chemical reactions going on in the body that just don’t happen because of a lack of enzymes.
  • More hormonal issues - as many hormones are reliant on proteins especially those produced by the pancreas (those that regulate blood sugar) and those that are produced by the pituitary (they affect reproductive hormones)
  • Difficulty digesting meat - feeling tired or nauseous after eating meat can indicate a problem digesting it, which is likely due to the levels of stomach acid available.
The most common symptom I see of low stomach acid is heartburn. This is because the sphincter or doorway that allows food to pass into the intestines doesn’t open until the acid level is strong enough to allow this to happen. As a result, food regurgitates back up the oesophagus and greats a burning sensation.
If you're suffering from heartburn, before taking that antacid it may be important to find out if it is lack of stomach acid that is causing the issue.
Treatment protocols include looking at ways of increasing stomach acid as well as treating parasites and looking at ways of effectively increasing nutrients that may have been compromised by the lack of stomach acid.
If you would like to know what your eyes reveal and what you can do about it then book an appointment with me, I have been using iridology for over 20 years and taught it at local naturopathic colleges.
Please message me for more details
Appointments can be booked online -

Skype Appointments

Skype appointments have now been recognised as a valid way of conducting an appointment by my professional association and as such are now available. They need to be booked like a normal appointment and charges are the same.
You will need to check with your health fund as to whether you will get a rebate for a Skype appointment. A Skype appointment can allow you the luxury of having an appointment in your own home and it can be a great way to get back on track when timing can make a physical appointment difficult. If you would like to book a Skype appointment please email me so that we can set this up.

Stress Reduction Tip - Walking ;)

Many people feel that to exercise they need to start running or doing some vigorous exercise. Really the important thing is to start moving — and walking is perfect for that.
I recommend that you get good quality shoes and the best place to walk is close to where you live or work — and it gets extra points if it is in nature — around a park, the river or beach.
Start with 15 minutes and build up from there.
For a change of scenery, you may want to consider the big splash trail -
They are a range of dolphin structures that are around Perth - and well worth seeing, they are only here until the 4th March.

New Year Love You Challenge

I would love to have you join me for this free online 6-week challenge that will be run through my Facebook page
Each day (Monday to Friday) I will send you a short challenge for you to complete over the course of the day. Each day will be different and most will only take a few minutes to do — and most can be added into your life on a regular basis to bring about more love and joy to you and your life.
To join in go to There are two short questions to answer.
If you are not on FaceBook and would love to join the event please send me an email and I will send you an email with the daily challenge and you will still be able to join in, although without the group support.
The first challenge starts on 26 February, come join the fun :) 

Chakras and Crystals

An interactive hands-on, one day course. This course is for you if you are interested in:
  • Chakras
  • Hands-on healing
  • Learning to tell if your chakras are out of balance
  • Learning to rebalance your chakras
  • Using crystals to help rebalance your chakras
  • Protecting yourself from energetic vampires
Learning techniques you can use every day to bring about peace, joy, happiness and increased energy in your life.
A great fun filled course with lots of hands-on exercises, visualisations and mediations.
Bring your favourite crystal(s) — even if you don’t know what they are, or what they are used for.

Workshop details
Presenter: Caroline van der Mey
Date: Tuesday, 20th March 2018
Time: 9 am (9.15 start) - 2:30 pm.
Price: $120. Early bird price is $100 if paid by 13 March 2018. Bring a friend and pay only $80 per person.
Venue: Core Chiropractic, Unit 1/85 Old Perth Road, Bassendean
For more details and to book your place -, or phone Core Chiropractic direct on 9379 2112, or on Facebook

Make a Dream Catcher

This event is being held in Southern River at Beautifully Inspired Hair.
Dream catchers are a Native American tradition, it is believed that when a dream catcher is hung near your bed it catches dreams as they fly by, allowing the good dreams to make their way to the dreamer and the bad dreams to be caught in the web to be dissolved in the morning light.
Explore your creative side and have fun - come along to this workshop and take home your own individualised dream catcher.
No experience required and suitable for everyone who wants to give it a go.
You can make your dream catcher for you, or it would also make an amazing gift.
In this workshop, everything is provided for you — including some angel wings to add to your catcher.
Please feel free to bring materials and objects that have special meaning to you that you would like to incorporate into your dreamcatcher. This may include personalised charm(s) that can then be incorporated into your dream snare making the bond between you and your dreamcatcher even more powerful.
Bring a friend for an amazing fun-filled, creative session.

Workshop details
Presenter: Caroline van der Mey
Date: Monday, 19th March 2018
Time: 9 am-Noon.
Price: $50 per person including materials.
Venue: Beautifully Inspired Hair, 2/2 Furley Road, Southern River WA 6110
For more details and to book your place phone Beautifully Inspired Hair on 9455 6885
More details on Facebook

Book your appointment on-line

Core Chiropractic uses an on-line booking system. The advantage of this is when you are sitting at home on a Sunday night and you have decided you need to see me next week you can go straight to the on-line booking page and make your appointment. No need to wait till the next day to phone, and you can see straight away what times I am available. It  is quick and easy to use by following the prompts from

Essence of the month - Larch

Larch is a wonderful essence for those of us that have lost self-confidence. We may have lost our self-confidence due to a work situation, or a comment someone has made or even our upbringing.
As a result, we feel that if we try something new we will fail. We put other people on a pedestal and think they are amazing and that we could never achieve or do what they are doing. The truth is that we can — if we take some Larch we can regain our self-confidence.
It combines well with:
  • Mimulus — for the fear of taking those first steps
  • Walnut — to help you feel safe as you go about taking those steps — it will help keep stead-fast as others try to put doubt in your way
  • White Chestnut — to help release all those negative thoughts that continue to go round and round in our head
Flower essences are amazing as they help us address emotional issues that take the zest and joy out of our lives.
You can use a single essence or combine up to five different essences in a dosage bottle.
If you would like a Self Confidence blend or would like to know more about essences please send me an email

Question of the Month

Q: What blood tests do I need to get my thyroid properly checked?
A: Last month I talked about symptoms of low thyroid function, and had some queries asking about appropriate blood tests.

The main test that is used to detect thyroid function is TSH or Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. This is a hormone that is produced by the thyroid gland and measures the level of thyroid hormone that is going around your body in your bloodstream. If the level of thyroid hormone is low the pituitary will send more TSH as a messenger to your thyroid to tell it to increase how much thyroid hormone is being produced. As a result of this high levels of TSH usually indicates low thyroid function and low levels indicate high thyroid function.
This is really only a starting point and provides very little information about your actual thyroid hormones.
A more comprehensive test will show your thyroid hormones — these include T4, T3 and where possible reverse T3 (rT3). A test of these hormones will provide a lot more information about what is actually going on with your thyroid hormones.
Additionally thyroid irregularities may be due to autoimmune issues and as a result, it is always important to get tested for thyroid antibodies. This can give a clear direction as to whether you need to include treatment for the immune system and autoimmunity or the issue is just due to poor thyroid function. Sometimes issues with autoimmunity will show before the poor thyroid function and so treatment can start early and avoid a lot of health issues.
To get a total picture it is also good to get the following tests:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Total iron studies
  • Vitamin D

The above can be affected by or affect the thyroid and how it works.
If you are struggling with your thyroid function then book an appointment with Caroline so that this can be resolved.
Please message me for more details
Appointments can be booked online -

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