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  • Please feel free to invite your friends to receive this newsletter.
  • Are you in pain?
  • Brain Health
  • Do you get drained by Energy Vampires? - Workshop
  • Rediscover Your Magic! — 6-week course
  • What is on your list?
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Stress Reduction Tip - Colouring In
  • Question of the month — Linseed meal or Psyllium husks?
  • Essence of the month - Kangaroo Paw
  • Essence Blend - Belonging
  • Dream it to Live it! Vision board workshop
  • Helping you with your health concerns.

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    Are you in pain?

    Pain is a symptom that something is not right in our body. And it is very easy to reach for the pain killer or anti-inflammatory drug to alleviate the suffering.

    Whilst this may be fine if the pain is acute (short term), the long term action of pain killers produces many side effects.

    There are now lots of alternatives that can be used to stop the pain cycle including vitamin D, fish oil, curcumin, and ginger, as well as changes in our eating and lifestyle.

    It is always important to find the reason why the pain is happening and not just take something to stop the pain. Iridology is an amazing tool that helps identify areas in the body that are strong and those that are weak and need support. If you are suffering from pain, iridology can help you identify areas that need to be supported so your body can return to health.

    Book in to see me so we can assess what is going on in your body and activate your body to help it heal itself.

    You can book your appointment right now online. No need to wait until the next day to phone, and you can see straight away what times I am available. It is quick and easy to use by following the prompts or phone on 9379 2112 and leave a message on the answering machine.

    All my appointments are at Core Chiropractic, 1/85 Old Perth Road, Bassendean. Appointments are available on Monday mornings, Wednesday all day and Thursday afternoon. I look forward to seeing you soon.

    The gift of health is something we notice most when we don’t have it. Be proactive, if you have a health issue come see me now and we can work together on a treatment plan.

    Brain Health

    Would you like to add a great spice to your food that could improve your health and your brain health?

    Then consider adding some ginger to what you eat. You can add ginger as chopped-up root, or use the powdered form or have ginger tea.

    Ginger is a great herb to use as it reduces inflammation in the body and inflammation in our brain is often a contributing factor to brain fog and issues with memory and thinking.

    Ginger is great to use as it can be added to sweet and savoury dishes and adds a great tang.

    My favourite recipe -

    • Peel and chop one knob of ginger
    • Wash and dice 2 to 3 sticks of rhubarb
    • Wash and dice an apple. The apple counters the bitter taste of the rhubarb and then no sweetener is needed. You can substitute a pear or other fruit for the apple.
    • Place all ingredients in a  pan and add a small amount of water. Bring to the boil and boil for one minute and then turn off the heat. If you like your rhubarb and apple softer you may need to cook for longer.
    • I also love to add some passionfruit.
    • To serve, add some berries (fresh or frozen) and yoghurt of your choice.


    You can take an active roll in your brain health which then has a flow-on to other areas of our health and well being.

    If you are struggling with your memory or have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease book an appointment with me so we can talk about what you can do to keep your brain in good health.

    You can book your appointment online

    Do you get drained by Energy Vampires? - Workshop

    • Are you sensitive?
    • Are you a healer?
    • Are you a teacher?
    • Do you get drained by others?
    • Do you walk into a room and feel the energy?
    • Do you catch up with friends and leave feeling drained and exhausted and they are buzzing with energy?
    • Are you sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others?
    When we are in a hurry, busy and tired it is easy to be vulnerable to others draining our energy.

    Many of these people don't even know they are doing it. Many times we don’t realise until we are drained and exhausted.

    What are we going to discuss-
    • What is an Empath?
    • Empath Quiz
    • Empath Signs and Traits
    • Types of Empaths
    • Empath struggles
    • Why?
    • What can you do?
    You will be shown several easy to use techniques that will help you feel strong and empowered.

    Workshop details

    Presenter: Caroline van der Mey

    Date: Thursday 17 October 2019

    Time: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

    Price: $75 per person including morning tea

    Venue: Core Chiropractic, Unit 1/85 Old Perth Road, Bassendean

    For more details and to book your place —, or phone Core Chiropractic direct on 9379 2112 (please leave a message on answer machine), or on Facebook

    Rediscover Your Magic! — 6-week course

    Are you ready to find your spark?

    As we go through life we get busy and often get off our path. Life can become routine and with it, the fun and joy disappear.

    This is an interactive and fun workshop where energy, chakras, intuition, health and healing, nutrition, self-love, honouring self, inner power and guidance, spirit guides, and more will be discussed.

    Rediscover Your Magic!

    Workshop details

    Presenter: Caroline van der Mey

    Date: Wednesdays from 23 October to 27 November 2019

    Time: 11 am to 1 pm

    Price: $150 per person - Bring a friend and pay just $120 per person - SAVE $30 each!

    Venue: Core Chiropractic, Unit 1/85 Old Perth Road, Bassendean

    For more details and to book your place —, or phone Core Chiropractic direct on 9379 2112 (please leave a message on answer machine), or on Facebook

    What is on your list?

    The choices we make today are going to affect us tomorrow and the tomorrows in a year and in 5 years and more.
    How do you want to look and feel in a year? in 5 years? in 10 years time?
    What is on your list?
    • Healthy?
    • Vibrant skin and hair?
    • Abundant energy?
    • Positive mindset?
    • Patient and loving?
    • Loveable?
    • Slim physique?
    • Full of life and vitality?
    • Looking young for age?
    • Fitter?
    • Looking forward to the next adventure?
    If we keep doing what we have been doing we will get the same results!
    • Most women are concerned about their weight, energy levels and moods? Are you?
    • Most women want to be better than they are now, better than they feel now, a better mum, a better wife, a better woman? Do you?
    Looking after your health has other benefits too, such as-
    • Better sleep
    • Lower risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases
    • More energy
    • Improved immunity
    • Great memory
    • Improved mobility
    • Improved mood
    If you are not satisfied with how you feel and look come and book in so we can make positive changes in your life.

    You can book online or by phoning Core Chiropractic direct on 9379 2112.
    Book an Appointment

    Gratitude Journal

    To help you along your gratitude journey you can purchase your 52-week e-book now.

    Each page covers one-week and has a beautiful illustration and a quote. Then space to write 3 things you are grateful for each day. During the week one day will have an alphabetic prompt and another a prompt to help stimulate your gratitude thinking. These are meant as guides, you are free to enter what you wish on each day. You are free to print this on coloured paper too.

    Price for the Healing Solutions Gratitude Journal is $10. To purchase the ebook - please send me an email at and let me know whether you wish to pay by direct deposit or PayPal and I can send you an invoice for payment.
    Send me a Gratitude Journal

    Stress Reduction Tip - Colouring In

    As children, most of us enjoyed colouring in - and in fact, as adults, we often appreciate the time spent helping our children or grandchildren learn how to colour in. Creativity is something that exists in everyone, the only trouble is in school if your creativity does not fit in with what is expected then it is often squashed never to reappear. Adult Colouring In Books help to break down our resistance to getting in touch with our creativity. Available in many shops locally and on line, they assist in helping you find and embrace your inner child and your creative muse they are great fun too and help with stress reduction. The Adult Colouring In Books take away the pressure of being creative through giving you some guidelines to follow, whilst still allowing you to develop your creative talent through playing with different mediums - paint, pastels, pencils, markers or a combination of all. And the colouring books come in a wide range of topics including gardens, flowers, animals, buildings, sea creatures, butterflies etc. So allow your creative muse to expand by spending some time colouring in today 😀

    The butterfly can be found at:

    Question of the month — Linseed meal or Psyllium husks?

    Having a regular bowel motion is really important. If you have ever suffered from constipation you understand that it can have you feeling sluggish, bloated and toxic.

    Often recommended for treatment of constipation is psyllium husks often in an orange flavoured bottle filled with extra sugars and artificial sweeteners. And whilst psyllium is awesome at clearing us out and often used prior to gastric procedures, it does little to retrain our bowels to work better.
    An alternative product is Linseed meal, also called flaxseed meal, and whilst this is like a broom for sweeping through the digestive tract, along with the fibre it is rich in essential fatty acids which help to lubricate the digestive system.

    Linseed meal as a fibre is often used as a laxative, it is rich in oil helping to lubricate the bowel wall and helps everything move through more easily. It also softens and increases the volume of the bowel contents which also helps with constipation. It may also assist in cases of diarrhoea where it can help absorb excess water going through the digestive tract.

    The soothing action that linseed displays in the digestive tract will often be found in other areas of the body where it may have an anti-inflammatory action on the respiratory and urinary systems as well as in conditions such as arthritis.

    Being high in essential fatty acids, flaxseed is a good source of both the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids - both necessary for health and well-being. Omega 3 oils are generally only found in fish - so this makes linseed particularly valuable for those whose diets are low in fish. Omega 3 has been shown to decrease cholesterol and blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

    Linseed as a phytoestrogen - its structure is that of a plant-derived oestrogen. This means that it can bind to the body’s oestrogen receptors and so decrease oestrogen-related diseases.

    To Use

    Make sure you buy the meal or grind your own. Linseed has a pleasant and nutlike flavour and most people find it tasty and pleasant. Generally, the easiest way to take them is to sprinkle 1 to 2 teaspoons over breakfast cereal. They may also be added to soups, casseroles, homemade bread, fruit, yoghurt or smoothies.

    If adding linseed meal to anything that is heated add the meal at the very end as too much heat will decrease the health benefits of the linseed.

    When you have linseed meal make sure you have a glass of water after - this will help its role in the digestive system. Without the water the linseed meal will actually constipate you - the water is needed to allow it to swell and move properly through your digestive system.

    Note: most linseed breads use only whole seeds and not the meal and the sprinkle on the top is not really enough to be of benefit.

    Where possible buy organic

    Store your linseed meal in a cool, dark place - in summer it is best kept in the fridge. If you are able to grind your own, do a small amount at a time. Linseed meal is a very effective and inexpensive addition that can be made to your diet. Make the change long term to get the most benefits.

    How our bowel functions has a huge influence on the rest of our health and wellbeing If you are concerned about your gut affecting you and your health, book in to see Caroline.
    Book an Appointment

    Essence of the month - Kangaroo Paw

    Kangaroo paw is one of Caroline’s Essences that I recently made.

    Kangaroo paw is one of the Australian bush flowers that is quickly identified through its stature and shape. How amazing do they look, they just grab your attention when you see them.

    The prime action of this kangaroo paw is to help us feel like we belong. It is so easy to feel like we don’t fit in, whether it is with friends, or in a family or in our work life. When you look at the kangaroo paw you can see that the red and green colours have no integration and that the green is like out on its own representing this feeling of not fitting in. It is also unusual in that the stem is red, showing that it is different from what is considered normal. And this can be like us, we can feel very different and that we don’t fit in, and taking the essences will allow us to embrace our differences whilst allowing us to express them and allowing us to know that we are all connected in the larger universe.

    It will also help us be confident in ourselves and what we have to share with the world. You can see how strongly it stands up, almost wanting our attention.

    If you would like a “Kangaroo Paw” dosage bottle and/or spritzer — or know someone who would benefit from one please send me an email —

    Essence blends are $15 each and spritzers are $20, postage is extra.

    Flower essences are amazing as they help us address emotional issues that take the zest and joy out of our lives.

    Are you interested in learning more about Flower Essences? Would you like to attend in person or do it online? Let me know by sending me an email.
    Book an Appointment

    Essence Blend - Belonging

    "Belonging" is an essence blend created to help you feel that you fit in and belong in your community, whether that is home, with a family, with friends or in your day to day life.

    It is common to feel that you don’t fit in and have social anxiety related to mixing with others and this essence blend it to help you have confidence in yourself as you interact with others.

    Belonging includes:

    • Honeysuckle for releasing past beliefs about how you relate to others
    • Kangaroo Paw for helping you to integrate socially with others
    • Rose Quartz for love for self and others
    • Walnut for helping us release the patterns we have developed over time in how we relate to others
    • Water violet for helping us feel less aloof
    • In Rose quartz water to help us love and accept ourselves as we are

    Also available as a spritzer with Rose Quartz water and a special blend of essential oils.

    If you would like either a dosage bottle or a spritzer bottle of "Belonging" please email me

    Essence blends are $15 each and spritzers are $20, postage is extra.

    Flower essences are amazing as they help us address emotional issues that take the zest and joy out of our lives.

    Are you interested in learning more about Flower Essences? Would you like to attend in person or do it online? Let me know by sending me an email.


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    Dream it to Live it! Vision board workshop

    The SECRET to an EXTRAordinary life

    Help get clarity on your direction in life

    Have fun and harness the power used by athletes, celebrities and personalities as part of manifesting their dreams. Now it is your turn - change your life, focus on your dreams and make them your reality and have fun doing it.

    Vision Boards combine our creative spirit through the use of scrapbooking and then add motivational mind-mapping techniques. A vision board is a collage of pictures, phrases, poems and quotes that visually represent what you would like to experience in your life.

    Making your own vision board is a wonderful creative process and when you do this in a group magical things really happen and the experience can be exceptional.

    What area of your life do you want to focus on?

    What do you want for you in 2020 and beyond?

    Join the fun :)

    "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. "ALBERT EINSTEIN

    A great workshop with like-minded people - Awesome fun and creative experience - Course notes and all supplies are included.

    Recommended that you bring a photo of yourself that you love.

    Workshop details

    Presenter: Caroline van der Mey

    Date: Thursday 24 October 2019

    Time: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

    Price: $45 per person, bring a friend and pay $35 per person - SAVE $5 each— Fruit platter and herb teas provided.

    Venue: Core Chiropractic, Unit 1/85 Old Perth Road, Bassendean

    For more details and to book your place —, or phone Core Chiropractic direct on 9379 2112, or on Facebook
    Book me a place on the Dream it to Live it! Vision Board Workshop

    Helping you with your health concerns.

    Caroline is happy to help you solve your health issues or to learn more about any of the topics covered in this newsletter.

    Caroline is working from Core Chiropractic Centre, book online or call (08) 9379 2112

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