10 Tips to Boost your Immune System

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Our bodies are amazing and have wonderful recuperative powers. How many times have you been sick before and recovered? As a child how many times did you fall over and scrape your knees and yet your body knew instinctively what to do to heal. Today’s newsletter is providing you with 10 tips to boost your immune system. I have written these as tips that everyone and anyone can use. They don’t require the addition of supplements although there are some great supplements that can be used to boost your immune system too.

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10 Tips to Boost your Immune System
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    10 Tips to Boost your Immune System

    With much talk about panic buying of supplies, it is important to remember that there are things that we can do to actively boost our immune systems.
    1. Stress less. The real enemy of the immune system is stress. The stress response in the body exists to deal with life-threatening situations such as being chased by a tiger and because of this take priority over everything. This means that the stress response is a survival response and it will take more priority than your immune system. It is important to have some relaxation tools to use on a daily basis. An easy one to start with is 10 minutes of adult colouring in a day.
    2. Spend at least 15 minutes a day outdoors, Nature is amazing and helps to restore our body to peace and calm. In today’s hustle and bustle world, it is so important to have time away from the concrete jungle. Find a park, go to the beach, the river, the bush, any place that will make your heart sing: It will help reduce your stress load as well as expose you to some Vitamin d which is great for your immune system.
    3. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Buy fresh and local and where you can buy organic. Fresh fruit and vegetables are rich in nutrients and will help supply your body with what it needs to function at its best. Eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. You are what you eat. If you want to be healthy you need to eat healthily.
    4. Avoid fast and processed foods as they often contain toxic chemical ingredients. Your immune system sees these ingredients as the enemy and it spends time trying to eliminate and destroy them which takes it away from protecting you. Start preparing your foods from scratch and taste and feel the difference.
    5. Avoid sugar and alcohol as this also makes your immune system work harder leaving you vulnerable. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition identified that after consuming 100g of sugar it took the white blood cells 5 hours to recover. White blood cells are an important part of the immune system.
    6. Exercise at least 20 to 30 minutes of brisk walking a day. It has been found that those who are sedentary are more susceptible to being sick. It is not known if it is the movement or the stress reduction effects of exercise that is beneficial.
    7. Maintain a healthy gut. “All disease begins in the gut.” Hippocrates.  75-80% of your immunes system is found in your gut and this makes supporting your digestive system really important If you are suffering from constipation or diarrhoea look at what is causing this and how you can bring balance back to your digestive system. 
    8. Stay hydrated. Your kidneys are a really important detoxification organ. When you are dehydrated your body cannot eliminate toxins and this means that they are left circulating in your body causing more damage. When you are hydrated your eyes, mouth and nose will also be moist. This is important because bacteria grow faster in these areas when they are dry.
    9. Get enough sleep. Sleep is the time our body rests and recovers. Because the body is at rest the immune system is not competing with a lot of other body functions and it gets a chance to do its work. Studies have found a direct correlation between lack of sleep and low immunity. Make sure you are in bed before midnight and aim for at least 7 to 8 hours sleep a night.
    10. Dry Skin brushing supports your lymph system and this is an important part of your immune system. Your lymphatic system is your internal rubbish removal system and it is important for circulation the which blood cells. Use a natural bristle brush before you shower and brush in the direction of your heart.
    If you are someone whose immune system is already compromised through autoimmune disease or other illnesses or you would like more help with any of these suggestions please book in to see me.

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