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Lymph System
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    Boost Your LymphSystem

    The lymphatic system is your internal rubbish removal system 

    which cleanses our circulatory system of debris and rubbish.

    Looking after your lymph system is an often neglected and an important part of natural health care. Often the only time we talk about the lymph system is when we talk about breast cancer or swollen glands. 

    The lymphatic system is a really important part of your body because it is in charge of your internal rubbish removal system which cleanses your circulatory system of debris and rubbish. This includes dead cells, bacteria, heavy metals, viruses and the waste products from all the processes that occur in our body. The lymphatic system also has an essential role to play in supporting our immune system and carrying your immune cells around your body, protecting your body from damage and disease. The lymphatic system is also responsible for absorbing nutrients from your digestive system and keeping your skin healthy. It works continuously to clear toxicity and reduce excess mucus and waste. The lymph, through its connection with circulation, is an important part of your heart centre and loving you.

    Does your lymph system need support?

    • Have you had your tonsils, adenoids, spleen or appendix or lymph nodes removed? These are all part of your lymphatic system, and removing one or more of these organs increases the load placed on those remaining.
    • Do you get frequent sore throats?
    • Does it seem like you have constant colds and flu, postnasal drip or sinus congestion?
    • Do your ears pop lots or you have excess ear wax?
    • Do you feel congested and have excess mucus when you wake up or after you eat?
    • Do you get swollen lymph glands, these are found under the arm, the neck and groin area?
    • Do you retain fluid and suffer swollen ankles or fingers? You may notice that your rings get tight on your fingers, or your ankles swell at the end of the day.
    • Do you suffer from weight gain and extra belly fat?
    • Do you get frequent tummy aches?
    • Is your skin dry and scaly or red and itchy?
    • Do you get breast pain, lumps or cysts?
    • Have you had cancer?
    • Do you have cold hands and feet?
    • Have you suffered trauma or shock, this can be recent or in the past? When we undergo trauma our body goes into shock and all our muscles tighten and this stops the lymphatic system moving, leading to lymph stagnation.
    • Do you suffer from constipation? Constipation leads to a build-up of excess mucus in the colon. A large part of our lymphatic system is located around the colon which then gets congested. 
    • Do you suffer from diarrhoea, and/or mucus in your stool?

    Help your Lymphatic System

    Because a large part of your lymphatic tissue is found under your arm it is important to avoid using aluminium deodorants. What you put on your skin is absorbed directly into your body. An easy way to demonstrate this is to take a slice of raw garlic and place it on your foot and cover with a plaster And wait to see how long it takes you to taste the garlic. Absorption through the skin is how hormone and pain patches work.

    If you are looking at changing from an aluminium based deodorant the best time to do so is now. You will need to be organised and you will find that you will need to apply your deodorant more often than you are used to, so will need to have one in your bag to take with you and apply as you need.

    There are now lots of aluminium free deodorants available, the one I have had the most success with is the Fresca range You may find the transition easier if you can choose clothes that are made from natural materials.

    Body brushing is an excellent way to support the lymphatic system. Skin brushing in various forms has been used by many traditional societies:  

    • The Japanese used loofa sponges to skin brush before their hot baths
    • Before their baths, ancient Greek athletes used skin scrapers to remove the grime from exercise and encourage circulation.
    • Dried corn cobs were used by Cherokee Indians to enhance their skin.
    • The Comanche Indians used sand to scrub their skin.
    • The Texan Rangers used sand to scrub their skin.

    It is important to use a natural bristle brush or a loofa, avoid synthetic or nylon brushes. Using a long-handled brush makes it easier to reach your back and those hard to get to areas.

    Sweating is also great for the lymph system and this includes exercising, having a steam bath or using an infra-red sauna. Additionally bouncing up and down on a mini-trampoline or rebounder is a great way of stimulating the lymphatics. Regular or lymphatic massage will also help to keep the lymphatic system moving.

    If you are showing signs that your lymph system is under load and need some ideas or support you can book in to see me - look for the "Get in touch" section in this newsletter.

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    Who can you help?

    It is easy today to feel we are butting in and maybe our help isn’t wanted, and yet, if someone is talking to you about their illness or their health or that they are not feeling well they are asking you for some guidance. Rather than feel that you have nothing to offer let the person know that you can pass on my details.

    Many people don’t know there are options out there or are overwhelmed and don’t know who to turn to or trust. Help them to feel better by passing on my details so they can book an appointment with me.

    It is even easier to get access to me now with video and phone consults available.

    Your Orders Direct to Your Door

    With online shopping so popular, now you can get your supplements sent directly to your door. This is an awesome service that is now available -
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    Estimated delivery times are:

    • Nation-wide Metro Deliveries: 3 to 5 working days
    • Nation-wide Country Deliveries: 4 to 6 working days
    • Northern Territory and Remote Deliveries: 7 to 14 working days

    It is easy and quick to set up and easy to use.

    If you want the convenience of online shopping direct to your door all you have to do is send me an email with your phone number. I will set you as a customer and add in any practitioner products that I have recommended for you and "Rener My Script" will send you an authorisation email to set up the rest of your account. Go to ‘My Prescriptions’ to view and order products prescribed by me and you are ready to go.

    How to Skin Brush

    You will need a brush or loofa to use. A long-handled brush will make it easier to reach your back. The bristles need to be firm, however, the brush should not be overly scratchy. Natural bristle brushes are best and for those who do not want to use animal products, you can get brushes made from cactus fibre. If you wish to purchase a cactus fibre brush with a bamboo handle please let me know, they are $16 plus postage.

    You need to skin brush before your shower and need to remove your clothing before you start. It is often good to stand in the shower as the dead skin cells can then be washed down the drain rather than end up all over your bathroom floor.

    Start by brushing firmly from the extremities in the direction of your heart, use long sweeping movements. You need to use firm medium pressure. You want to feel something is happening, however, you don’t want to irritate or scratch your skin.

    Start with your feet, use swift upward strokes and brush from the feet, up the legs, working towards your heart. 

    Repeat on the other leg, remember to brush the back of your legs. 

    Once you’ve covered your lower body, move to your hands and work up your arms toward your heart in the same manner, repeating on the other arm.

    Next, brush your back. 

    Then on your abdomen use small clockwise movements that follow the movement of the colon then proceed to your chest and neck. Females should avoid their breast area, and for most people, the facial skin is too sensitive. 

    Brush for about one to two minutes and your skin will feel rosy and slightly tingly.

    It is most important to do this dry before you have your shower. Once you are wet your dead skin cells stick to your body and will not be removed. Keep a separate dry brush for every member of the family, and be sure to periodically wash it. It is recommended to dry skin brush most days of the week, having a day or two off increases the stimulation effect on the days that you do dry skin brush.

    You can add your Fresca deodorant and skin brush to your order and have it delivered to your door.

    Gratitude Journal E-book

    To help you along your gratitude journey you can purchase your 52-week e-book now.
    Studies show that we can deliberately cultivate gratitude and this can increase our well-being. In addition, being grateful and especially if we express it to others is associated with increased energy and optimism. Other words that may describe gratitude include:

    • Acknowledgement
    • Appreciation
    • Grace
    • Gratefulness
    • Praise
    • Thankfulness

    Each page covers one-week and has a beautiful illustration and a quote. Then space to write 3 things you are grateful for each day. During the week one day will have an alphabetic prompt and another a prompt to help stimulate your gratitude thinking. These are meant as guides, you are free to enter what you wish on each day. You are free to print this on coloured paper too.

    Price for the Healing Solutions Gratitude Journal is $8.80 inc GST.  You can purchase your journal

    Helping you with your health concerns.

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