OK Voter Newsletter, September 2013

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The Re-Designed, Quarterly OK Voter

To build our statewide network, share ideas and make the League's good work more visible, this e-newsletter, the OK Voter, will be sent to all members with e-mail four times a year. Each newsletter will be saved in a printable format and sent to local Leagues to print and send to their members without e-mail.
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This LWV Oklahoma logo, with our web address, is adapted from the open logo now being used by the League of Women Voters of the United States. 

Calendar of Events

Visit the LWVOK
calendar page for information about League events and meetings.  

Information about local League events may be sent to
LWVOK Board of Directors
2013 - 2015

  Sheila Swearingen, Tulsa
Vice President
   Kirsten Tautfest, Stillwater
   Pat Netzer, Bartlesville
   Barbara Wilson, Ada

   Mary Francis, Norman
    Mary Jane Lindaman, Tulsa

    Karen Melcher, Stillwater
    Cheri Spears, Bartlesville
    Cynthia Usher, Lawton
    Ron Wilkinson, Tulsa
The League of Women Voters of Oklahoma Voter newsletter will be sent quarterly via e-mail to all current members. 

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Let's collaborate!
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Check out the "new" LWVOK website 

Visit and take a look. 

We're using the League Easy Web system developed by the League of Women Voters of California. (Learn about LEW here.)

The site has lots of nonpartisan voter information and education. It's got the League's history and current initiatives. Visitors can access complete contact information for Oklahoma State Government officials.  

The website's Calendar of Events is the place to look for statewide meetings and events. It will promote statewide League events such as this year's Focu$ on Education. League meetings and events can be listed by sending email with details to

There's a section for Action Alerts that we'll update with national and statewide actions. Our goal is to make it easy to access information and easy to take action.

LWVOK web editor Cheri Spears will update the website regularly with information from our national organization, the state board of directors and from local Leagues.

Comments, event listings and news items about local Leagues may be sent to

Let us know what you think of the new website.  We hope you'll visit often.


Tulsa Skyline

Saturday, June 1,  brought League delegates from around the state to the 2013 LWVOK Convention in Tulsa to elect the 2013 - 15 board of directors, approve a budget for the upcoming year and to amend the bylaws to streamline board structure and add student memberships.

Keynote speaker Gary Allison gave a presentation on Oklahoma water law.  And to top off the afternoon, there was League-themed musical satire from the Capitol Mis-Steps.

Read more about the LWVOK 2013 Convention.


LWVUS Council Report

Keyword for 2013: Collaboration

The League of Women Voters of the United States (LWVUS) held its biennial Council in mid-June in the National Conference Center near Washington, DC.  

Karen Nicholson, Kathleen Kastelic, Sheila Swearingen 2013 LWVUS Council
Karen Nicholson, Kathleen Kastelic and Sheila Swearingen

Karen Nicholson, LWVUS Board member from Texas and Board Liaison for Oklahoma, met with Kathleen Kastelic, LWV Metropolitan Tulsa President, and Sheila Swearingen, LWVOK President, and offered to advise our Leagues at any time we need assistance.

Sessions were jam-packed with new ideas, training, a young leaders' panel (and advice on being an intergenerational League), and inspiring stories of League successes at state and local levels.

Council speakers focused on the critical need for the League's trusted, nonpartisan voice in these challenging times, and made it clear that the strength of the League's work is derived from collaboration at all levels.

Read more about LWVUS 2013 Council here.

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