Read to learn why a college football star is in a women's book club. 
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Believe in it® Athlete,

"The word Nerd is like a badge of honor to me.  Knowing where I've came from". This is what University of Georgia college football star and Athens women's book club member Malcolm Mitchell told Steve Hartman in a CBS news special.

Yes, that's right.  A college football star is in a women's book club.  I don't think he's there to meet women either unless he's looking for a second mom or grandma.  

Malcolm was a top high school recruit a few years ago and is Georgia royalty but when he started college he was only reading at a junior high level.  That bothered Malcolm and he did something about it.  

Watch the short CBS news story to learn about a man that says, "Football comes natural, that's a gift.  I had to work to read."

Believe in it® Athlete Spotlight

Khal Srour is this week's Believe in it® Athlete spotlight.  He emailed us recently saying, "My Believe in it® mission is starting".  Khal is doing a weekly commute from his house in Maryland to pharmacy school in Philadelphia.  

Good luck Khal! 

Motivational Quote

"Nothing can stop the person with the right mental attitude from achieving their goal; nothing on earth can help the person with the wrong mental attitude." - Thomas Jefferson

Have a great rest of your week!  If you have a weakness like Malcolm that is bothering you then do something about it. 

Believe in it®,

The Believe in it® Team
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