It’s no surprise that we’re prone to be a bit hyperbolic when we talk about books, because that’s what is expected of us as booksellers, right? However, we’d like to note that the following statement is not as hyperbolic as the all-caps is going to suggest it is. HEAVENS TO SMALL DUCKLINGS! SO MANY BOOKS! 

Sure, we brought a lot of books in during the holiday season, and you all were so kind as to show and buy a lot of them for your friends, family, neighbors, hairdressers, gardeners, teachers, and whomever else was the recipient of the gifts of books this year. But we thought that January would be a bit quieter—a month when the staff could actually read a book or two during the last winter afternoons. Oh, goodness, no. The shelves are bursting with new book goodness. In fact, we’ve had to start hiding new titles on the shelves because there just isn’t room on the display tables. 

It’s a delightful problem, really, and you should come visit us and witness the colorful chaos of the deluge of 2016 titles that are already coming out. It’s a glorious time to be a reader with a local bookstore that, like a well-groomed labradoodle, wants nothing more than to hang out with you. All the time. Even when you’re in the bathroom. 

Yeah, there’s a marketing line. “The bookstore that loves you so much that it’ll be there for you when the toilet paper runs out.” 

Right, before this gets any more awkward, let’s move on to upcoming events. 

On Saturday, we have children’s author Kallie George in the building. The second book in her Magical Adoption Agency series is out, and she’ll be here to show kids how to craft a magical creature, and, um, adopt it. Naturally, we’ll have copies of both the books in the series as well as a collection of her other delightfully winsome kids’ books. 

For the teacher folk on this list, here’s a PDF of a flyer you can print out and slather all over your school bulletin boards. 

Coming up in February, we’ve got the Sweetheart Wine Walk on the 13th (two weeks from this Saturday) from 4pm until 7pm. Wine Walk tickets are still discounted through the weekend, so you can duck out and grab a pair while your kids are gluing felt to each other upstairs in the kids’ area. Just be back before the glue dries or someone starts making that teakettle noise, okay? 

After that, it’s Retail Therapy Night on the 18th, also from 4pm until 7pm. We had mentioned that we’d be doing “_____” Night AFTER this event, but because Mark doesn’t always check the calendar before he accepts invitations to go do speaking engagements, we’re going to shift “_____” Night so that it’s just part of the Retail Therapy portion of the day. It’s just easier that way, anyway, though Mark is still in trouble for being in demand in other cities. Let’s not tell him; he’s more eager to shelve books when he thinks he’s in the dog house. 

And . . . guess what is happening in March? Coloring Night! March 15th. 7PM - 9PM. Coloring! Wine! Snacks! Laughter! Tears when we all have to go home! What better way is there to celebrate the approach of spring? 

And finally, there’s a bookstore in Japan called Morioka Shoten, which is “a single room with a single book.” Here's a link to an awesome discussion of the branding and aesthetic that lead to the creation of this place. The store—rather, the room—has a single book on sale for six days, and then it changes. In light of that marvelous minimalism, we’re going to close this week’s newsletter with merely one picture of one book. 

Overheard At The Store »»

Bob: Let’s talk about this new word “upmarket” that I keep hearing about. 

Colby: Okay! Let’s!

Bob: What’s it mean? In relation to books, that is. 

Colby: Well, a recent study conducted by Professor Stanislaw Drozdz at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences—the one at the Cracow University of Technology—revealed that works of literature display varying degrees of multifracticality. 

Bob: What?

Colby: Multifracticality. 

Bob: That’s a multisyllabic word, marmot.

Colby: Multifractal. Not multi-syllabic. Well, I suppose some of the hundred or so book they looked at in the study had multisyllabic words. Like “bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronnton-nerronntuonnthunntrovarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthurnuk!”

Bob: That word will get you shivved in certain sections of town, marmot.

Colby: Really?

Bob: Yup. Usually before the second “onn.”

Colby: It’s a cold, mean world out there.

Bob: Only for those kids who insist on quoting Joyce in public. 


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