Next week, we’ll be having our first genre evening event. This one is called Ghost Night, and we’ll be highlighting some of the spookier titles that are in our store and our catalogs. It starts at 7pm, and we’ll be here for about two hours. There will be a small cover charge at the door, and we’ll be serving snacks and beverages. Also, we'll have a raffle, and special guests will be in attendance. 

We’re hoping to do regular events like this, and our model stems from an article in the New Yorker several months ago about a secret bookstore in Manhattan. Basically, there was a bookstore that closed and the owner took all of the stock back to his apartment, and over time, he started to invite people to come visit. And everyone brought a friend. And those friends brought friends. And eventually it became something that wasn't quite a bookstore, but something more than just “hanging out at Michael’s apartment with all those books.” 

The phrase that gets thrown around is “literary speakeasy,” and we giggle a lot when we talk about it in the store. And so we’re trying to apply that sort of mindset to our evening adult events. 

Which brings us back to Ghost Night. Our special guests of the evening are folks from V.E.I.L. Paranormal, who are local paranormal investigators. They’ll be around to chat about things they’ve seen and heard and felt in this region of the world. They’ll also probably debunk some of the goofier stories that our local authors try to pass off as bone-chilling urban legends. 

We’re building a table of special books that will be on sale that night. A couple of things from specialty publisher Centipede Press, some art books by Brom (who has provided a SIGNED copy of his book, Krampus, that we’ll be raffling off that night), a number of books about weird history and phenomena in the area, and a selection of other books that are thematically relevant. 

So, wander down next Thursday evening. Bring a fiver to get in the door. Hang out with us and chat about books and spooks and spooky books. Do some early holiday shopping. Enter the raffle and win a prize! Maybe we’ll even organize a hunt for Colby, and see if we can figure out where that darn marmot hides. 

-Your faithful booksellers

Overheard At The Store »»

BOB: You ever find something in a book?

ALICE: Like twenty dollars?

BOB: That’d be nice. But no, more like a grocery list or a concert ticket or a business card. Something used as a bookmark and then forgotten. 

ALICE: Like twenty dollars. 

BOB: I’ve never found twenty dollars in a book. 

ALICE: You’re not reading the right books. 


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