Hello. It's nice to see you again. We used this space last week to bring you up to date on the status of the bookstore (tl;dr still here, not going anywhere), and during that update, we mentioned that we're doing bespoke blind date boxes as a way to get you the good stuff during this time of anxious separation. Well, suffice to say the bespoke box has been a hit. Enough so that we've spent most of the week racing around the store, finding cool things to shove in boxes for you. 

Like this . . . 

Additionally, we've been getting in lots of Things To Do That Don't Involve Reading. Mostly, we have stacked those things. Some of the stacks have been getting away from us. But we don't mind overmuch because we know all of these fine things are going to find homes very soon. 


Why? Because you like the bespoke boxes. It's like Christmas, only without the headache of figuring out what you should get everyone and without the headache of finding parking. Sounds like a double win to us. 

And so this week's newsletter is going to be short because boxes must be packed. You should get one of your own. 

Here's that FORM LINK again. Click it! Order a box!  You'll be surprised at what you find inside. 

In the meantime, we're still doing pickup at our back door for folks who have something specific in mind. Contact us via phone, email, or FB Messenger, and we'll be happy to take your order. 

Overheard At The Store »»

PODGE: 'Twas gimble and the gyre did moonbeam—" 

HODGE: No. No. That's not how it goes. 

PODGE: 'Twill moonpaths outrage . . . ' ?

HODGE: <groan>

SERA: What are you two doing?

HODGE: I'm trying to teach Podge how to tell a story. 

SERA: Ooh. That's fun. Can I learn too?

HODGE: Ah, well . . . 

SERA: What? 

HODGE: It's a thing. 

SERA: What thing? 

PODGE: We're going to read to customers!

SERA: What? 

HODGE: We were thinking about expanding—

PODGE: In their homes!

SERA: . . . How . . . how does that work? 

PODGE: Well, we crawl up their drainpipes, and then we—

HODGE: That—that part isn't important. What's important is that we are offering an important service. 

PODGE: Yeah, litracy! In your own home!

SERA: So, wait. You're going to hire yourselves out to read to people in their own homes? 

HODGE: Well, basically. Yeah. 

PODGE: Since they're all stuck in their houses and can't come here, we figured we might as well go there. And while we're there, we can read to them! 

SERA: I see. So why can't I be involved in this? 

HODGE: Well . . . 

PODGE: Um . . . 

HODGE: It's . . . 

PODGE: Oh, fine. I'll say it. You're not a good drainpipe climber. There. I said it. 

SERA: Oh. 

HODGE: Podge . . . that was . . . 

SERA: No, no. It's okay. 

PODGE: What? It's true. Someone had to say it. 

HODGE: You could have . . . 

SERA: <sniff>

HODGE: Look what you've done. 

PODGE: But I didn't mean it like that! 

HODGE: Too late now!

SERA: No, it's . . . I'll just . . . I'll just use the front door. 

HODGE: . . . what? 

PODGE: . . . ? 

SERA: I'll just come to the door and ask nicely if they'll let me in. It's okay. I don't need to climb the drainpipe. 

HODGE: But . . . 

PODGE: That's . . . 

SERA: Okay? So, can I play with you guys now? 

HODGE: But . . . 

PODGE: I don't see . . . 

SERA: And after we read them stories and tuck them in, we steal their fancy art, right? You're planning a heist, right? 


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