Let's just get right to the list, shall we? Here are the things that are making us laugh today. It's the one hundred and eighteenth in an on-going list. 

1. A Wonder Woman standee and Hot Dudes Reading

One of these you may purchase and take home. The other one you can take a picture with, preferably with a book. 

2. Tarts. Because, you know, “tarts.” 

3. Signage. Because sometimes you need to explain why you’re putting together a sale table, and that explanation gets complicated. Unnecessarily. Until you realize that it might be funnier to make the explanation EVEN MORE COMPLICATED, which is how we spent an afternoon the other day.

“So what’d you do today?”
“Oh, sale priced a bunch of books and then made a sign.”
“All day?”
“It’s a complicated sign.” 

4. Reorganizing the new release table so that it forms a blue and black checkerboard pattern. 

5. Planning our first book club meeting for the summer. When? June 3rd. In the evening when we can set up the firepit out back. Which book? J. G. Ballard’s High-Rise. Sure, it came out in 1975, but a film version is finally coming out (ooh, look! the trailer!). The book is still a timely examination of close-quarters living in a thoroughly modern society, and we’ll be sure to discuss the aesthetic choices director Ben Wheatley made in bringing the film to screen (*cough* Tom Hiddleston’s abs *cough*). 

This’ll be a ticketed event, and a copy of the book is included with your ticket, so stop on by the store anytime to get your copy of the book and start reading. Did we mention the firepit? There'll be a firepit. And marshmellows. 

6. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. In couples’ therapy. Yeah, sure, it’s just promotional material for their upcoming film The Nice Guys, but come on, it’s Ryan and Russell tag-teaming each other. Which a) demonstrates their on-screen chemistry, and b) reminds us that Shane Black knows a little something about buddy movies. He’s directing The Nice Guys, and he's responsible for some films you may remember in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s--most of them started with the letter ‘L.’

The first therapy session video is here. The others should auto-play in sequence thereafter. 

Also, the novelization of the film is being written by Charles Ardai and is coming out from Hard Case Crime in May. Just in case you thought we had forgotten this was a newsletter about books. 

Overheard At The Store »»

Colby: Do you practice the art of mindful acceptance? 

Bob: Acceptance of what? 

Colby: Things that might otherwise annoy you.

Bob: I’m practicing it right now. 

Colby: Is that why you make that face?

Bob: What face? 

Colby: The one where your eyes start to—yes, just like that!

Bob: No. That’s not why I make that face. 

Colby: I don’t think marmots can cross their eyes. We’re probably too intelligent to try looking to the right with our left eye and vice versa. We know better. 

Bob: Is that why we do it?

Colby: Did you know that pigs can’t look up? 

Bob: Didn’t we talk about this the other week? 

Colby: Why do all of our conversations end up being nothing but unanswered questions asked of each other?

Bob: I don’t know. Why do they?

Colby: You did that on purpose. 

Bob: Did what? 

Colby: You just did it again. 

Bob: What? Demonstrated the art of mindful acceptance? 

Colby: Sometimes I think you exist merely to vex me. 

Bob: That implies that you are more real than I am, marmot. 

Colby: I may be. At least people can find me when they visit the store. You? Poof. 

Bob: It’s part of my secret enlightenment training. I don’t exist when you don’t see me. That’s a song lyric, by the way. 

Colby: What is?

Bob: See. There you go again, asking questions. What kind of conversation is this? 

Colby: I am not very good at this magical art of mindful acceptance. 

Bob: You should read more. 



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