Oh, a couple of brief administrative notes:

1) The store is closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day. The day after (Sunday, in both cases) will be business as usual (11 - 4 PM). 

2) We will be open until at least 3 PM on the Eves. We may stay later if folks are shopping, but don't bet hard currency on it. 

3) Snow is projected for next week. The store may open late. It may not open at all. It depends on road conditions and the like. We err in favor of employee and customer safety. Check Facebook if you want to be sure before you leave the house. Or give us a call! 

Beyond that, Happy Holidays from the crew! Even the grumpy one on the right, who looks like he just came from the vet. 

Overheard At The Old Barn »»

COLBY: So . . . ?

ROLLO: I'm just about done. 

COLBY: Excellent. How about the library, Glom-Glom? 

GLOM-GLOM: The books are catalogued, and the cat and I have come to an understanding. 

COLBY: I knew you would. 

<SFX: Furious manual typewriter clacking. One final 'BING!'> 

ROLLO: That's it. It's all done. 

COLBY: All right. I'll sign it and then we'll be finished. 

GLOM-GLOM: Oh, goodie!

ROLLO: My paws hurt. It's been a lot of typing. 

COLBY: I know. I know. You can take some time off. 

SERA: Hello! Hello! What have I missed?

COLBY: We're just about done here, Sera. Did you mail the postcards? 

SERA: Some. I got interrupted with the whole beach party fiasco. 

COLBY: Hodge?

SERA: Podge. Well, both, kinda. 

COLBY: I can't tell them apart either. 

SERA: They're back at the store already. Doing community service. 

COLBY: I bet that's going over well.

SERA: I meant to stop by and check, but I couldn't find parking for my scooter. 

COLBY: It's okay. We'll be back soon enough. 

ROLLO: Colby? 

COLBY: Yes, Rollo? 

ROLLO: I feel like . . . 

COLBY: What is it? 

ROLLO: Well, all I did was paperwork, and . . .

COLBY: It wouldn't have happened with you, my friend. The Ministry runs on paperwork, and the auditors had their eyes on Stuck Valley. We had to get everything up to date. Otherwise, they would have taken it off the maps and, well, that would have meant no more Rosemary Hummilydingers from Tartoof's. 

GLOM-GLOM: Or Pistachio Plumpettes. 

SERA: I do like the hummilydingers. And the plumpettes!

COLBY: There you go. But we have worked hard this last year. I have been in so many meetings. You have written up so many minutes. So much collating! And thank you for all your help there, Glom-Glom. 

GLOM-GLOM: I don't mind the collating. 

COLBY: The press is ready. The critters are all curious. It's time to let them in. 

ROLLO: Well, hooray. 

COLBY: You are tired, little one, aren't you? 

ROLLO: So much typing. 

COLBY: Once we get back to the store, I'll see about getting a dictation module for that—what is it? 


COLBY: That big machine the otters got off Craigslist? 

GLOM-GLOM: Some sort of Whiz-magog. 

COLBY: . . . 

GLOM-GLOM: I don't do computers. 

COLBY: Anyway, we'll find a dictation module for you. No more long nights typing for the hedgehog. 

ROLLO: Yes, please. 

COLBY: Okay! Well, let's get going.

SERA: I'll get the lights!


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