Hello, and welcome to our extra edition of the newsletter. Why? Because there are a lot of new things in the Events column on the right there, and we thought we should take a little time and walk through them for readers old and new. Consider this the public service message you sit through at the movie theater before the main attraction. Like, you know, that silly M & Ms commercial where the yellow one says, "No, this is an envelope," and everyone in the theater rolls their eyes. Like that, but with less eye rolling. 

Anyway, as you may know, we have a re-occurring Write-in once a month, where we stick around in the evening hours, and the lights and smell of books attract all manner of writers. They come bustling in and sit in the corners and at the tables and make all sorts of writing noises for a few hours. If you are feeling that urge to make words, you should come join us for Write Time. Especially as we are hurtling toward November, which is National Novel Writing Month. Might as well get some practice in, right?

Also, we have our monthly book club. Typically that same week (usually the third one of the month), and typically on Thursday. We read an eclectic mix of stuff. We have snacks. And there is usually a signature cocktail. The cocktail recipe can, of course, be pasted into your A Good Book Book Journal. Almost as if it was designed that way! Who knew? 

Additionally, we are going to start a second book club in September. This one is affectionately known as "Bookslingers," because we are going to be reading Stephen King's The Dark Tower. That's right. The whole thing. Front to back (and back again, as it were). We'll be starting with The Gunslinger in September, and then we'll be rolling right along—like Blaine does—until we reach the tower, which should take us about eight months. This meet-and-greet-and-read will usually take place at the beginning of the month. Also usually on a Thursday. 

And speaking of Thursday, this week we are having our first Author Swizzle, which is our newest new-fangled newness. We're having an open house for local authors. It starts at 6pm. We'll mingle. Every half hour or so, one of these authors will have a few minutes to tell us about their book. We'll mingle some more. We're hear more stories. Mingling. Stories. Mingling. Stories. That sort of thing.

The hope here is to build a quarterly opportunity for authors and readers to find each other at—wait for it—their local bookstore. Because, we are the nexus of all things, aren't we? 

And lastly, we have our twice monthly Game Night, which starts at 3pm on Sunday. Bring your Dungeons & Dragons pals! Come play a new board game! Learn how to roll dice and role-play in, uh, a role-playing game. 

There's been an explosion of content and creativity in RPGs and board games in the last decade, and we think it's all part of that same creative community that is your local bookstore. 

So, there you go. That's what all those catchy event names and dates and times on the sidebar are all about. If you want more information on any of them, we have handy Facebook events for them. You can find them on our Facebook page (see that dark blue link on the right there). 

And remember, our first Swizzle is this Thursday at 6pm. We hope to see you there. 

Overheard At The Store, Late at Night »»

PODGE: zzzzzzz . . . 

HODGE:  flebbbbbbbebbbbebbbbbeeeeehhhbbbbb . . . 

PODGE: snork! . . . zzzzzzz


[sound of small feet pattering]

PODGE:  hmmenmmennnnemmm—tacos—hemmmeeennnnzzzzzz . . . 

HODGE: bbbbbeehbbbbbebbbbbebbb . . . whhhhhhhhhhooooosssshhhhh—

[sound of a book falling off a shelf, probably due to a train passing—like they do]

ROLLO: Eep? 

PODGE: zzzzzz . . . don't eat the taco . . . no, not the taco . . . zzzzzzzzzz

HODGE: Heh—bbbbebbbebbbebbbbebb—whooooooooossssssssssshhhh—

[sound of pages turning]


[more pages turning]

ROLLO:  . . . thhhhh—the—the! The oooh—oohnnnnn—leee. The only! Goooh. Goooh-lucks. Golux. Golux. The only Golux in the whiiiirrrlll—duh. The only Golux in the world.  hmmm . . . hmmm . . . "The only Golux in the world, and not a merrr—mere!—Device." hmmm . . . hmmmm!

PODGE: snork!


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