We're going to start off this week with Mark Manson's newest book, Everything is F*cked. Manson, as you may recall, wrote The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck a few years ago, and, well, it's been translated into thirteen languages so far and is a bestseller many, many times over. In fact, it's not even in paperback yet. 

And here he is with a new book. A book that is subtitled "A Book About Hope." Hang on, we'll go check. 

Just a sec . . . 

. . . 

. . . 

Hold on!

. . . 

Oh, what? Did we wander off? Sorry. We were just skimming—oh! Eighty pages? Where did the time go? 

Anyway, Manson, who has bummed us all out quite spectacularly with The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck (though he wasn't wrong in his assessment, by any stretch), has opted to be a little less of a downer this time around. Sort of. There is the Uncomfortable Truth of our utter insignificance that can't be brushed away, so yeah, we're all still quite f*cked in that regard, but Manson has some "hopeful" things to say about how we just don't seem to be inclined to get on board with that program. 

Yay, humanity!

Anyway, this one is blue. The other one is orange. We have both. Cheers!

Meanwhile, Michael Pollan's fascinating exploration of what science is doing with psychedelics is out in paperback. How to Change Your Mind is not about learning how to talk yourself out of that second donut on Saturday morning, but rather, transforming how your brain works altogether through the use of strange chemicals and natural ingredients. LSD isn't just for your job-dodging, couch-surfing, ex-beat poet uncle any more; professionals are taking it too! 

And speaking of secrets of the universe, Thames & Hudson has convinced Stephen Turnbull to put together all that he knows about ninjas into a handy pocket-sized volume. Ninja: The Unofficial Secret Manual comes with 122 illustrations, as well as handy guides for using knots to incapacitate your enemies, to how sneak into castles, how to achieve invisibility, and how to control the minds of your foes. Plus clothing guides, bujitsu diagrams, and useful everyday expressions that will confound people about whether or not you are a ninja. 

. . . 

Yeah, I think we're good. There's a bunch of other books that came out this week, but honestly, these are the three you need. 

Meanwhile, On the Bus  »»

BOB: Well, I think that's the last bookstore.

COLBY: Literally

GLOM-GLOM: Glom glom glom. 

BOB: I think we have enough books for the trip back. 


BOB: No, we're taking the Pacific Coast Highway. 

COLBY: I'm not sure I remember where we live anymore. We've been gone so long. 

GLOM-GLOM: Glom-glom. glom glom glomglom.

COLBY: Yeah, well, I'm not as tall as you are, so . . . 

[UNNAMED]: eep. 

BOB: Did you hear something? 

COLBY: What?

BOB: I thought I heard something. In the back. 

COLBY: You probably ran over a pigeon or something. 

BOB: I did not!

[UNNAMED]: eep. 

BOB: There. There is it again. What's that noise? 

GLOM-GLOM: glom.

COLBY: Yeah, it may be something in the mini fridge back there.

BOB: Would you go check already?

COLBY: Okay. Okay. I'll go. 

GLOM-GLOM: glom glom.

COLBY: I'll be careful of the books! 

BOB: Do I need to pull over? 

COLBY: No, it's fine. Just keep driving. 


COLBY: I'm NOT shuffling the stacks around! They're all in the same order. 

[UNNAMED]: eep. 

BOB: Did you hear that!?

COLBY: I heard it. I heard it. 

BOB: What's making that noise? 

COLBY: I'm still navigating the stacks! And watch it with these turns. These books could fall over at any—

[SFX: akin to an avalanche in the Alps]


BOB: I was watching the road! 


BOB: Your books are fine! Go check on Colby! Find out if he's been squashed. 

GLOM-GLOM: glom glom

BOB: I do not want squashed marmot in my bus. And you definitely don't want marmot on your books.

GLOM-GLOM: Glom glom glomglomglomglomglom. 

BOB: Is he okay? Have you found him yet? 

GLOM-GLOM: Glom glomglomglom. 

BOB: I can't pull over here. There's no shoulder. 

GLOM-GLOM: Glom glomglomglom. 

BOB: There are too many passes on I-5. Plus it's the desert. I don't want to drive through the desert. That's why I'm on PCH!

GLOM-GLOM: glom Glom glom glom. 

BOB: Just find him. Quit bellyaching about your books. 

COLBY: [muffled]

[UNNAMED}: eep. 

COLBY: [muffled]

BOB: I hear him!

GLOM-GLOM: Glom glom glom. 

COLBY [coughing]: I'm okay. I'm okay. It's just a copy of Steinbeck. Mice and Men. Not Grapes of Wrath. I'm okay. 

GLOM-GLOM: glom!

COLBY: My head is fine. And so is your book. Thanks for asking. 

[UNNAMED]: eep. 

BOB: What is that noise!

COLBY: Oh, that. That's—

GLOM-GLOM: Glom glom glom glomglomglom glom. 

BOB: A stowaway? What? 

COLBY: Yeah, it looks like we picked up a reader somewhere. 


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