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In Conversation with... Rachel Lockwood

At Pinkfoot, we are passionate about the artists we represent and we believe their work deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated by as many people as possible. Following on from the success of our first two 'In conversation with..." articles, we are excited to jump straight back in to our next 'In Conversation With...', where we talk to Rachel Lockwood about her life and work, ahead of her upcoming show 'North Norfolk, Moving Light' at Pinkfoot from 15th - 29th April, 2022. 

Rachel in her Studio making the finishing touches to one of her paintings

Rachel Lockwood SWLA

We went to visit Rachel in her studio which is nestled in the North Norfolk landscape on the edge of Cley. Over the last 14 years, Rachel has turned the fields surrounding her studio into a mini reserve, creating habitats for the subjects she enjoys painting; from barn owls, hare to deer and trees. 
Rachels work continues to evolve. Although her training was scientific illustration, she knew that this was just the beginning and that the benefits of this would allow her intense observation of the natural world around her. She moved through her former work as an illustrator knowing that there was something more beyond the hyper-realistic detail, and with patience and a continual absorption of nature around her, which included the vast skies of north Norfolk, she began to filter and transcribe it, letting it imprint on her memory. 

“I’m lucky that I’m able to spend so much of my time absorbing this incredible landscape, I have the skies, marshes and sea, the creatures within it; everchanging with the seasons and day to day weather."

542. Hare in Sunclocks, Summer 42x59.5cm, oil on board £2,250
566. Stag,  50x65cm, oil on board £2995 
569.  Cloud Study 80 , 72x81.5, oil on linen £3,500 
Rachel is never short of inspiration, but we wanted to know what's the fascination with clouds, "I see clouds as anchors in a noisy world. I enjoy watching them move slowly across the sky, as they provide me with a great sense of calm. I often see clouds as sculptures or blocks of colour, and I try to show that in my paintings often sculpting them into my work with a palette knife."  
547. Barn Owl, East Bound pm Sun, 38x46cm oil linen, £1,595
As well as the skyscapes, Rachel has several ‘creature’ paintings in the exhibition, when asked about them she replied, “I’m now able to show and respond to what I felt was missing in my earlier work as an illustrator. I can show movement and the sense of light in the landscape and the inbuilt natural instincts we all have when we sense presence of something wild in the woods. There’s something other that we tune in to and it can feel incredibly powerful. I don’t think it’s just me that feels such emotion when a large deer moves suddenly with such quiet grace, in a seemingly empty woodland setting.”
552.  Deer Turning to Watch,  60x73cm, oil on linen £3750
Rachel says that she can't help painting the creatures too,  "They want to break into the pictures and I have little choice but to paint them". Her work strives to be about the place, rather than simply illustrating it. Rachel says "When I wake up in the morning, and go to my studio with a certain plan, I sometimes can't help but painting something I've seen or experienced the previous day and until I've painted it, I can't move on. I am inspired by the memories and experiences I have daily by being outside, which is why my paintings are made up of brief encounters with wild animals, glimpses between trees and walks under the big Norfolk sky".

We asked Rachel how often she paints, “I work every day but the paintings don’t come thick and fast. There’s an element of gathering information that takes time allowing it to filter through to condense into each piece of work.”

Rachel Lockwood

North Norfolk, Moving Light

15 – 29th April 2022
You can
view the full exhibition online,
If you have any queries, please get in touch.

563.  Cloud Study 75,  60x73cm, oil linen £3250 
554. Cloud study 68, Hot Air Rising, 46x55cm oil linen  £1895
562.  Cloud Study 74 50x61, oil linen £ 2200 
543 In the Space of Hares51x76.5cm oil on board £2,650
538. Hare Warming Up II, 42x59.5cm oil on board £2,450 
531. Young Family,  54x65cm oil linen  £3200 


Still Lifes

Although not known for her still lifes, Rachel has always enjoyed painting this subject, (especially when it's raining outside)
492. Buddleja, 46x55cm, oil on linen  £1895 
490. Honesty (still life blue vase) 46x55cm oil on linen , £2495 
493 Last flowering poppy with Buddleja 38x36, oil on linen £1895 

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