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"Sometimes to see life clearly you have to open more than your eyes."

- Nicolai Seroff, from the movie 'Local Colors'

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News from the Studio

As I look out my window at six feet of snow, I dream of spring.  I know that many of you are reading this newsletter in parts of the United States, Australia, Tasmania, Mexico and Europe and simply cannot imagine our Canadian winter!  To keep my spirits up I paint.  I have just completed my latest commission "Wildflowers".  I love to do commissions because it gives me the opportunity to work one on one with my clients and provide them with exactly the painting they want.  Artistically it works for me, because it gives me the chance to paint something I would not have chosen to do and this always sends me in a completely new direction.  Some clients simply have a blank wall that needs to be filled, while others have special memories that they want put on canvas.  The wildflower painting was especially fun because my client simply asked for a painting of wildflowers on a certain size of canvas, but gave me free range to do what I wanted.  In the end, it paid off with a painting that both myself and my client is pleased with!  If you are considering a commission painting please send me an email to set up a private consultation via phone, email or Skype. 

"Wildflowers", oil on canvas, 24"X36", private collection, Calgary, Ab.

Lately the studio has been full of new art students.  It has been fun having new creativity coming out on the canvases.  Each student is so individual and it is wonderful to see them blossom.  Sometimes, I have to pull them through the frustrating bits too as oil painting is not the easiest medium.  We eventually get there and all my students walk out of the studio with a completed painting and a smile on their face.  I am fully booked for this week, but if you are interested in lessons, I have spaces available starting next week.  With this winter weather it is the perfect time to stay indoors and play with some oil paints!

Book of the Month

Jack Shadbolt by Scott Watson

Last spring I was visiting someone at the Vancouver General Hospital.  As I was on my way to the elevators I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw an incredible Jack Shadbolt painting!  I couldn't take my eyes off of it and what a blessing it was.  I was at the hospital with a very heavy heart and this painting instantly lifted my spirits.  How appropriate to have original art in a place of healing.  One thing that struck me at the time while I sat admiring this Shadbolt painting was that people were walking by and staring at me and were not even noticing this masterpiece hanging right in front of them.  I felt sad that they were missing the beauty that I was seeing. 
I am featuring 'Jack Shadbolt' by Scott Watson as the book of the month.  I have seen several original Shadbolt paintings through the years and have been following him for a long time.  I am sure that is why his painting had such a profound effect on me, especially in my time of need.  This experience makes me look at my own work in a different way.  I have done commissions for people who have cried when they saw the finished painting because somehow I was able to capture what they were feeling when they commissioned me. I personally experienced what an original painting can do.  Not all art is the same and it is different for everyone.  It is my hope that one of my paintings will in some way touch another in the way that Jack Shadbolt has touched me.  Jack Shadbolt is an artist from British Columbia who passed away in 1998.
An added note: in my last newsletter the book of the month was 'The Art of Emily Carr'.  After my newsletter was sent out, I received an email from one reader who told me that when her Mom was a little girl she lived in the same neighbourhood as Emily.  Can you imagine?  I know someone, who knows someone, who knew Emily Carr!  It's a little more than six degrees of separation, but I'll take it!

Thank You!

I am very grateful that each of you take the time to read this newsletter.  Please keep in touch and hopefully I will see many of you when the weather improves. 
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Lake O'hara Glory
"Lake O'hara Glory", oil on canvas, 11"X14"
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