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"In the arts, as in life, everything is possible provided it is based on love." -Marc Chagall

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What people are saying about the painting 'Arbutus Trees':

"This is a totally great painting! Congratulations!"
-Linda Johnson, Kimberley, BC

"Happy to see your inspiration of the Arbutus trees in Victoria come to life - its going to find it's collector very quickly." 
-Glenys Takala, Nelson, BC
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News from the Studio

Wow!  Hard to believe the summer is almost over.  Here in the mountains we can already feel fall in the air.  The month of August started out with a bang!  I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the two art markets in Kimberley at the beginning of the month.  I met many new people and I look forward to seeing you again one day!  There were plenty of visitors to the Studio as well.  I even had a visit from clients who bought a painting at my very first art exhibition in Calgary in 1998.  I had not seen them since opening night 16 years ago and I am thrilled that they still treasure the painting they bought.  Then just last week, another client who purchased a painting at my exhibition in 2002 arrived at the Studio.  She too still loves the painting she bought.  What a thrill for me to hear about the "lives" my paintings have been leading!
Life does have a way of changing in an instant when you least expect it.  That recently happened to me.  One minute I was at the art market and the next thing I know, my Mom is being rushed to Emergency in an ambulance.  A few days later, she was air lifted to Kelowna hospital and my brother and I were soon on our way as well.  All I can say is that it was an incredibly stressful two weeks, but after a lot of medications, my Mom is home again and she is fine!  Now it is just a matter of getting back into the swing of things.  I keep wandering into my Studio, but I am not inspired to paint.  I am needing a bit of quiet time and need to re-focus.  This was a huge experience and right now I just need to find my voice again.  Believe me, this is not the first dry spell I have been in and it won't be the last.  In my opinion, a good artist can't always have something to say!  Times of retrospection are very important and I know that when the time is right, my brush will start moving again.  In the meantime, I am spending a lot of time in the garden.  I am looking through my art books.  I am spending quality time with my Mom.  This is the best route to get out of this dry spell!
For those of you who tried to visit the Studio while I was away, my deepest apologies.  I am normally open almost every day during the summer, so it was very unusual for the Studio to be closed.   I can only imagine the number of visitors that I missed and I do hope you will make the effort to visit again.
Ironically, I had planned to introduce you to my family in this newsletter and due to recent events, it is even more important now!  All of my paintings are signed with the name Caprice and that name appears at the top of each of these newsletters, but there is a big support system behind that name!  Caprice Fine Art & Co is in fact a family business.  Many of you have met my Mom Elizabeth (Bette) and my brother David at the Studio or at the markets.  I certainly could not do what I do without them.  Believe me, I do not haul all of my paintings, easels, tent and table, etc to the markets on my own....not to mention all the other things that they do on a daily basis.   Mom and Dave really are just as much a part of this business as I am.   Mom is also my "second set of eyes" as sometimes I work too closely to my paintings to see them objectively and Mom is able to critique them with fresh eyes which is such an important part of the process!
I am looking forward to the last Saturday Art Market that I will participate in for this year.  I will be in the Platzl in front of the Downtown Deli from noon-4pm on September 6 (weather permitting).  I hope to see you there!  After that I will look forward to long days of painting in the Studio!


New Paintings

Now that fall is arriving, I am gearing up to work on commission paintings.  I am very grateful to have these paintings to focus on, as I love working with my clients and this will give me a good direction to hopefully break me out of my dry spell.  If you are interested in a possible commission painting, please email me for more details.
Prior to our "fun" times hanging out in the hospital, I did manage to finish off one small painting!   Hope there will be more paintings for you to see soon.  In the meantime, check this out:

'One Tree', oil on canvas, 10"X8", available for sale from .  Free shipping in Canada and no tax!


Happy Last Days of Summer!

Caprice Fine Art & Co Studio Gallery will remain open every afternoon throughout the fall.  I look forward to seeing many of you before the snow flies!
Until my next newsletter, I wish you a wonderful September.  If you like what you see, please feel free to share this newsletter!


Book of the Month

"Van Gogh The Life" by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith

One of my clients recently brought me a Van Gogh bookmark that she bought when she visited the St. Remy hospital in Provence where Vincent stayed when he was ill.   What a nice gift to have something from a place where Vincent actually spent time! 

I've been reading this excellent biography on Vincent.  It's not a quick read since it's 879 pages makes it too heavy to read in bed!  He lead such a sad and troubled life.  This book has helped me to understand him a bit better and I cannot imagine being able to be a good artist if you do not understand Vincent!

There are countless books showing his paintings, but the book in my collection with good color plates is called "Van Gogh: A Retrospective" by Susan Stein.
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