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TO:  All Members of the South Beach Association and Friends
RE:  Mobile Food Vendors on South Beach
DATE:  October 2, 2013

At the request of several City Commissioners, Peggy Arraiz, Code Enforcement Manager, has been directed to formulate an Ordinance and Resolution to allow Mobile Food Vendors, both trucks and carts, to set up within City limits.  This is not to be confused with the recent Food Truck Invasions where 10 or more trucks gather for a single, several hour event.  This Ordinance/Resolution would permit mobile food vendors to set up every day, all day at specific locations throughout the City.  All parks and their parking lots would NOT be included as potential locations.
At this point there are four locations on the beach that have been selected by the City:
  1. Mobile Food Truck – In existing parking space on the east side of South Ocean Drive in front of Surfside Beach and across A1A from Jaycee Park.
  2. Mobile Food Truck – In existing parking space on the east side of South Ocean Drive in front of South Beach Park.
  3. 2 Mobile Food Carts – On the sidewalk along the north side of Seaway Drive near the monument sign for South Causeway Beach Park.
South Beach is a unique blend of permanent residents, semi-permanent residents, short term rental properties, visitors from the mainland, tourists, service type businesses, very few motels and no hotels.  We differ from many beach towns in that we have a strong year round residential base.  City beach areas to the north and south of us do NOT permit Mobile Food Vendors on an every day, all day basis.
We have a strong commitment to our permanently based, tax paying restaurants and food service businesses on the Island.  Many of these have suffered greatly from the A1A project.  Now that it is finally nearing completion we do not feel that mobile food vendors should be permitted to compete with these existing businesses.
We are concerned about the safety of people and children crossing A1A from Jaycee Park to get to a food truck.  The food carts along the sidewalk at South Causeway Beach Park could become an issue with vehicles wishing to stop and purchase as there is only a bike lane available along the road.
For the above reasons, your SBA Board of Directors does not support Mobile Food Vendors on South Beach.  We are aware that other areas/communities/neighborhoods within the City may wish to permit them.  We believe that this should be a local area issue.
As soon as we receive the finalized Ordinance and Resolution we will notify you and make them available to you.
We will inform you as to when they will come before the Commission.
We will continue to talk with you and local businesses about the issue.
We would like to know your thoughts on this issue.  Please email Carole Mushier or call 461-0430 with your comments or questions.
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