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September - December 2016 Edition

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The Power of 5 – Part 2

Take these 5 steps and feel better in 5 weeks!

So you’ve now had 3 five-week cycles to practice the Power of 5:
1. Be present. Be aware.
2. Be grateful.
3. Create a new habit by committing to one “microdenial” every 5 weeks.
4. Be kind and let someone know you care.
5. Take 15 minutes a day to consciously breathe and flip on the “circuit breaker.”
Given the various holidays, back-to-school activities, and end-of-year zaniness headed your way, you may find practicing the Power of 5 both easier and harder depending on a given situation. If you have been diligent in taking the 5 steps, some of these actions may well have imprinted on your brain to become reflexive new habits or at least behaviors that are easier to incorporate into your life.
How have things been going? Let’s help you start off 2017 right by asking yourself the questions below once a week for the next 3 five-week cycles which remain ahead of you as you close out 2016. And remember, if something unanticipated has surfaced and life has gotten in the way, tomorrow is a new day, and it’s not too late to get started or recommit!
  • Do you feel less stressed or anxious?
  • Do you feel less frustrated or angry?
  • Do you feel more at ease and less burdened?
  • Are you more present each day?
  • Do you feel more in control and empowered?
  • Are your interactions with others more positive, enjoyable, or life-affirming?
  • Are you able to more clearly see the possibilities and opportunities which may exist within the challenges which may exist in the day-to-day?
  • Do you feel better equipped to deal with the various obstacles which are an inevitable part of everyone’s life?
  • Do you have a better sense of overall well-being?
  • Are you more relaxed and content than you were before practicing the Power of 5?
Two Bonus Resources to Consider:

As seen in the Harvard Authors’ Bookshelf of Harvard Magazine.

An entire year’s worth of motivation, resources, and activities with one goal in mind: Be Less Stressed. Choose better health, greater well-being, and more happiness!
Grab your copy.

The concept of IMG4 started at the Burton family kitchen table, as they began to learn the latest health and wellness benefits of gratitude. The research was so compelling and convincing that a greater emphasis and increased awareness of gratitude quickly became a family ritual. IMG4 connects you with the latest studies and resources that focus on the concept of gratitude and its applications in daily life. Along with these resources, IMG4 carries customized stationery goods and apparel in order to create a more personal and emotional connection to gratitude.

Wishing you all the best in your journey! And an early Happy Holidays and wonderful start to 2017!

All the best,

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