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January - March 2015 Edition

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Eyes Wide Shut: Are You Ready to Wake Up? – Part 1

Feel like your world is filled with chaos and spiraling out of control? Feel like the walls are closing in and you are trapped with no obvious way out? Feeling angry and resentful more and more often? Feeling anxious about world events and a seemingly (and rapidly) vanishing sense of humanity and any degree of civility between people and nations?

There are lots of real reasons you may be experiencing these feelings, and once you have this view of what’s going on, you notice even more.  However, there IS action you can take to help ease your discomfort and begin to gain a sense of greater control as you move through each day.  Although you may believe you are wide awake and seeing things clearly, might you actually be asleep and not paying attention to lots of little things that mean so much?  Are you ready to wake up?

Here are some Tweaking Tips:
  • It may seem counter-intuitive, but the first step to consider is to just STOP and be still. The world grows more complicated each day, and technology has increased the speed of change in our lives.  It’s unlikely that you can successfully organize, drink, or drug your way out of reality and preserve your health and well-being.

  • So…why don’t you take a moment to give yourself a break and just remove yourself from all the action?  You cannot stay in a constant state of vigilance if you want to be able to gain and maintain the energy and focus necessary to live your life in a way that will bring more joy and reduce the number of days spent in a twirl.  Five minutes spent alone in silence can be the difference between gaining enough perspective to tackle what lies ahead the rest of the day rather than feeling overwhelmed.  For those who find it really difficult, remember “doing nothing” is really doing quite a lot!

  • Next, take the time to acknowledge and honor your feelings.  In a world in which there is often an unfettered bias towards positive thinking and feeling bad is seen as a character flaw, you do yourself a disservice by not allowing yourself to actually feel your feelings.  The longer you suppress or ignore them, the longer you will actually be stuck in the feelings you don’t want to have.  As the old Diana Ross-Marvin Gaye song goes, “Stop. Look. Listen to your heart.”
More to come in Part 2.  In the meantime, you have a choice.  Keep your eyes wide shut or decide if it’s time to wake up.

All the best,

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